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Dirt Crits on the long, looong course

by Damian Grundy

Tuesday Evening dawned clear and fine. A perfect evening for some dirty fun at the MMBCC Mountain Bike Dirt Crit races at Riflebutts Reserve.
A good turn out of the usual suspects approached the start line for a Long Course extravaganza. Most trails in the Mountain Bike Park were involved on a combination of loops.
Early starters of the faster guys included Dan Friday Senior, Damian Grundy, Lee Noble, Bruce Halket and Matty Empey chasing 2 long laps and 1 short lap, then the intermediate lapper of Tom Hogan hit out a few minutes later for his 1 long and 2 short laps. The early starters were then followed a short time later by a large crew of riders doing 1 long and 1 short laps including David Bock, Dan Friday Junior, Talia Appleton, Jack Hogan (sadly destined to DNF), Rachael Grundy, Ruby Dobson, Bella Green, Alex Green, James Griffin, Elise Empey and Jason Parker.
Much tactical discussion prior to the start centred on what order might be best to complete the necessary laps; Short before long or long before short? In the end it became clear that the best strategy would be to ride FAST!! And to that end Dan Friday Junior was best at that and came away with the win on the day. David Bock rode super well and held on for 2nd followed shortly thereafter by Talia Appleton for 3rd and first female. Rounding out the top 5 were Dan Friday Senior and Rachael Grundy.
As always great fun was had by all. Here are the results.

Alain Guerin Memorial Handicap

by John Eisner

This week marks the fourth anniversary of the tragic death of our much loved member, Alain Guerin, and as usual for this week a memorial handicap was held in his honour.
Held on the challenging 29km Coombesberg course, over thirty riders entered including son, Jean-Daniel Guerin and several of his friends from Melbourne.
Judi Duke made an early move off the front of her group turning her race into a gutsy, solo effort. The chasing group of Alex Green, Di Condie, Dave Jagger, John Eisner, Craig Wilson and Janine Appleton worked well together until the fragmented remains of second block (Anthony Plummer, Cam Lachal, Rob Skinner and Kody Appleton) caught up on the final straight leaving each person to themselves in a blustery headwind.
The massive block group looked slick and menacing on paper but had all sorts of trouble working together with splits, regrouping and an attempt to chase down the sole scratch rider, Brendon Green, who worked through the whole field, catching Judi with two k’s to go and taking out the trophy for the second year in a row.
An impressive ride saw Kody Appleton take third with James Black and Cam Lachal fourth and fifth.

The riders then rode out on the Buller road to meet the rest of the Guerin Family for a tribute to Alain by his wife Coral.
Thank you to our crew of volunteers and to the Delatite Hotel. Here are the results and many thanks to Laurent Guerin for the pics.
Sadly the Police campaign this week highlights how many drivers continue to use mobile phones while driving. Hopefully technology, awareness and common sense will reduce the risk phones pose and reduce injuries and fatalities such as Alain’s.

Lacey Reeve - World’s Greatest Shave

Shave pic.jpg

Lacey Reeve is the sister of current road points leader Matilda Reeve and grand daughter of stalwart Rod Manning.
Lacey is turning 10 on the 11th of December and has decided to shave ALL her hair off to raise funds for cancer. She is a very determined girl and will not be persuaded to keep ANY of her hair at all. Please come join us on the 11th of Dec at 6pm at the Delatite Hotel to witness the removal of Lacey’s long hair.
The MMBCC has decided that all of the entry fees from the Graded Scratch Race on Thursday 22 November will be donated to Lacey’s effort. So if you haven’t raced for a bit, what better reason do you need to enter next Thursday?!

Club kit

Looks like we almost have enough people interested in buying club kit to get Seight to open the My Team Shop. We need a minimum of ten pieces of kit per order… and we’re almost there.
If anyone else is interested please email Bruce.

Sunday update

This week… some impressive results in Tassie, Thursday’s road race at Jamieson and the TNE film shoot.

Derby Enduro Results

Dan Friday Derby.jpg

Round two of the Shimano Asia-Pacific Continental Endure Series was held this weekend at Derby in north east Tasmania and a number of MMBCC members travelled across Bass Strait to compete.
Congratulations to Dan Friday who finished 64th in a red-hot Elite Men’s category, Dave Empey finished 19th in Masters Men, Matt Empey finished 4th in Junior Men and… drum roll please… Elise Empey won the Junior Women!
Round three will be held at Mt Buller on the first weekend of December.

Bakks pinches it!

The MMBCC ventured to Jamieson on Thursday 8 November for a handicap race out to Sailor Bills Creek and back. On a beautiful evening, they were lead off by the Limit group of Courtney Lynch and Tony Morris; a high-quality Scratch group of Dave Moore, Tom Macmunn, Mauro Brega, Damain Grundy and Steve Duke were the last to leave.
In one of the rides of the night, Lynch almost made it… being caught by Scratch with only a few hundred metres to go.
Dave Moore made the most of his recent good form to lead Scratch to the finish and seemingly had it won with a 20 metre gap and only 100 metres to go.
But Darren Bakker had other ideas!
He missed last week with injury, suffering plumber’s back after too much roofing work. A week later, after some rest and extracurricular shower work, and starting in the Block group, he had enough punch for a loooong sprint to take a crafty win.
Moore took second (and fastest) ahead of fellow back marker Grundy. Lynch proved her mettle by hanging on for a gallant fourth. Then came Brega, Allan Gerrans, Kody Appleton, Jarrod Appleton, Cam Lachal and Steve Duke rounded out the top ten. The results and an up-to-date points tally are here.
Many thanks to all our officials and volunteers, to the Courthouse Hotel for the post-race refuelling and to Tony Copland for the pics.
Next week is the Alain Guerin Memorial Handicap on the Whitfield Road, finishing atop the dreaded Coombesberg; entries by Wednesday 8pm the usual way please.

Ride High Country

This week Tourism North East are producing a campaign called Ride High Country which aims to promote NE Victoria as 'Australia's Premiere Cycling Destination.' They’re taking Paul van der Ploeg, a Mount Beauty local and former XC Mountain Bike World Champion, across the northeast to film MTBing, road riding, rail trail and gravel riding.
Here are a couple of requests (from TNE)
1) As it's a summer campaign, we would like everyone in short sleeves and legs (3/4 is fine);

2) Paul is wearing BLUE throughout the campaign, so ideally no-one else should wear blue; and
3) It would be great if each rider was wearing different kit/colour. If you can bring an alternative top that would be great.
If you can spare some time this week, please call Ric Williamson from Hand Cut Productions on 0434 815 358.

TNE shoot details.jpg

Cup Weekend News

Hope you’re all enjoying the ‘long’ weekend. Here’s the latest from MMBCC Towers:

- Dirt Crits Gravity Enduro;

- 32km Handicap Road Race;

- Photoshoot opportunity;

- A Simon Gerrans photo gallery;
- A new take on suspension forks; and
- The 2019 Giro d’Italia route announced.

A week of MMBCC racing

by Kody Appleton

First race for the the Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club last week was Dirt Crits on Tuesday night. It was a Gravity Enduro - basically a downhill race with a bit more pedalling during the race than a traditional downhill and competitors have to pedal back up between runs (unlike a DH race where competitors are transported by bus, or even chairlift!) Each racer had to complete a run on two different courses with the cumulative time of both runs deciding the winner.
There were three classes on the night, Women, Sport and Open.
Despite a couple of punctures and a couple of small ‘offs’ there was no claret spilt nor dummies spat.
Not surprisingly the Empey name was high on the results list, after competing at the Australian Nationals in Adelaide last week, Matthew took out the Open Class and Elise the Women.
They were separated by James Griffin taking out the Sport Class.
Now we just need to install a chairlift so we can host a downhill race proper!
Many thanks to Shannon, Kate, Mel, Dave E, Dave M and the other volunteers.
And many thanks to Jason Parker for all the pics… and here are the results.

The weather was warm on Thursday night when the roadies came together for the weekly race. The course was the longest in use, a total of 32km including the feared Coombesberg climb. The riders would travel out Mansfield-Whitfield Road, turn around at Sawpit gully, ride towards Mansfield then turn left onto Barwite Road, right onto Old Tolmie Road, over the Coombesberg and finish on Graves Road.
Once the race began, two large groups quickly formed at the front end of the race because of small handicaps, the latter of which contained Alex Green, Ian Conrick, Matilda Reeve, Kody Appleton, Tim Hall and Allan Gerrans. By the turnaround these two groups were within sight of each other but surprisingly were not gaining nor losing ground. 
There were complaints from the rear end of the race due to Mauro Brega pulling a 50km/h effort on the flats around the tomato farm corner which meant many strong riders started to struggle.
On the flats of Barwite Road, all groups started to close the gaps, with Alex Green pulling a huge turn for his group in a last-ditch effort to help Conrick, Reeve, and Appleton to pull across to the group in front which they caught on the crest of the Coombesberg climb. This was helped by some fracturing in the lead group with fatigue, uphill gradient and wishing-race-training-had-been-instigated-earlier likely causes.  
Bella Green and Judy Duke had managed to get away on the climb but were caught on the downhill by Matilda and Kody, joined by David Jagger and Janine Appleton, hanging desperately onto their wheel. Three of those riders finished together with Kody Appleton beating Matilda Reeve in the sprint for 1st. 
Final placings were Kody Appleton 1st, Matilda Reeve 2nd, David Jagger 3rd, Craig Wilson 4th and Janine Appleton 5th.  
And again, a massive thank you to all the volunteers for supporting the event and to Tony Copland for the pics. Here are the results.
Next week’s race is a handicap race at Jamieson with a late (6.30pm) start - entries via SMS to John on 0428 503 437 by 8pm Wednesday. Presentations and dinner afterwards will be held at the Courhouse Hotel.

Tourism North East photo shoot

On behalf of the club, Ben Annear has been talking with Ric from Hand Cut Productions about a film shoot for Tourism North East (TNE) on Monday 12 November.
Please take a look at the scheduled shoot list (below) - this is a guide only, and is possibly more than what they will be able to achieve in a single day.
We’re hoping that MMBCC members might be able to assist as ride talent for the shoot, or at least help Ric coordinate a group of riders for the vision required.
Unfortunately it seems they have no ‘budget’ for talent as such, other than the offer of a cup of tea/coffee or maybe a beer after your ride, so please understand that this would be a “love” job for Tourism North East. Please also note this is nothing to do with Buller or the RMB, we’re simply asking a favour for TNE.
If you’re available on the day, have a set of MMBCC club kit to wear and want to be seen on billboards at Tullamarine airport to help promote our region, please contact Ric on 0434 815 358 or club president Damian Grundy on 0411 045 771.


More on photos - this time Simon Gerrans

Pez Cycling News has a good little photo gallery looking at Simon’s career in the pro ranks.

Is this the future of suspension forks?

Some very interesting looking suspension forks. Not cheap though.

Giro route announced

The route for the 2019 Giro was recently released. Here are the five key stages, according to Cycling News, to help you plan your holiday to Italy next May.

Sunny Sunday update

This week updates from both Dirt Crits and the road ITT, news from the Preston Mountain Classic and other stuff.

Racing last week

Dirt Crits at Riflebutts MTB Park last Tuesday was a bit different to usual; the 18 starters were faced with a mass-start Irish Handicap. Usually, the handicaps dictate the start order, this time the handicaps added to times after the finish.
Perhaps this ‘backwards format’ produced the bump in the space-time continuum which saw Bruce Halket take the win ahead of Bella Green and Ruby Dobson. Then came Jack Hogan, Jason Parker, Alex Green, David Jagger, Damian Grundy, Peter Coffey and Georgina Landy (welcome along Georgina!) rounded out the top ten.
No one has yet explained how a rider finishing almost last after 6 laps, who hardly overtook anyone, managed to be awarded the win after most of the field had already finished.
However, accusations of bribery have been strenuously denied by all involved.
Here are the results.
Many thanks to Damian, Kate and the other volunteers.

DC 181023 IMG_1856 LR.jpg

The road race on Thursday was an Individual Time Trial, starting and finishing on Graves Road and including both sides of the dreaded ‘Coombesberg’ on Old Tolmie Road.
While this race was not a mass start race - each rider races alone and the fastest time wins - it too had handicaps included afterwards to calculate the real winner.
The ITT is supposedly The Race of Truth but the general consensus is that’s a lie. It should be called the Race of Pain and we had 29 masochists in Mansfield who entered for their dose of domination.
Showing great consistency, two of the podium placegetters on Tuesday also ‘medalled’ on Thursday - Ruby Dobson triumphing ahead of Bella Green and then Tilda Reeve. They were followed by Judi Duke, Justin Berry, Allan Gerrans, Craig Wison, Steve Curnow, Ross Hopkins and Rod Manning.
A dedicated team of officials ran the race very efficiently and safely… many thanks to Di, Donna, Cam, Robert and David. Here are the results and many thanks again to Tony Copland for the pics.
Next week’s race is a handicap race from the Botanic Park, up to Sawpit Gully Road and around to Graves Road - entries via SMS to John on 0428 503 437 by 8pm Wednesday.

Preston Mountain Classic

Congratulations to Josh Hopwood for a great result in the Preston Mountain Classic on Saturday, finishing 9th - only 36 seconds behind the winner. Congratulations too to two of our local officials for helping run the race: Di Condie was Chief Judge and Jodie Batchelor Chief Commissaire. However, it has to be asked… why didn’t they disqualify the first 8 finishers?!


The top three runs of the 2018 Red Bull Rampage.

A good wrap-up of the season of Mitchelton-Scott.

The 2019 Tour de France route has announced. Both Cycling News and Cycling Tips covered it in detail.

Rainy Day Update

In this issue:

  • Vale Ray Watson;

  • Mildly extravagant self-promotion;

  • VDHS now Tier 1;

  • Have your say about the Station Precinct;

  • Big news for ATC and local mountain bikers; and

  • Some other weird cycling-related news.

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 Ray Watson, on the right, riding across the Bonnie Doon bridge with his good mate George Chalk. This image is from a photoshoot organised by the Shire in 2011 to promote the rail trail.

Ray Watson, on the right, riding across the Bonnie Doon bridge with his good mate George Chalk. This image is from a photoshoot organised by the Shire in 2011 to promote the rail trail.

Vale Ray Watson

Long time club member Ray Watson passed away a week ago. Our thoughts go out to Ray’s family. He was an absolutely lovely bloke, who really enjoyed riding his bike.
Any club members who are available on Wednesday 24 October to attend Ray’s funeral at St Andrew’s Uniting Church at 1pm are invited to ride their bikes to the church to celebrate Ray’s love of his bike.
Pedal on Ray.

Mildly extravagant self promotion

By Nathan Pelling

The second road race for the season got underway with a strong field of 24 riders. The 25 km Handicap race along the Howes Creek Road course with it's undulating terrain kept everyone on their toes.
First group off the mark was Bella Green and Tony Morris with the respective groups starting afterward right back to Josh Hopwood who was in a lonely pack of one off Scratch. This wasn't going to deter The Juggernaut however, fresh off his Bronze medal performance at the Victorian ITT Championships he was in hot pursuit of the strong group of 6 riders a minute ahead of him.
The main action was happening a little further up the road where the group of three, Christine Hopkins, Nathan Pelling and Allan Gerrans were riding their own team TT to quickly round up the couple of groups ahead of them. This formed a large group that was now in good stead to hold off the quicker chargers behind them. The aforementioned trio continued to force the pace at the front of the pack rolling turns with the odd cameo appearance from a couple of others in the bunch. 
This group was able to roll along strongly and hold off the quicker groups for most of the return leg, the short sharp rolling hills took their toll on riders legs however with those who were still fresh enough able to push a bit harder and break the pack up a little.
This is where the blatant self promotion kicks in; I did exactly this on one of the last hills of the course looking behind at the crest to now surprisingly be in a breakaway containing only myself. 
Sitting there now lonely in my chamois there was nothing left to do but pedal as hard a possible as there were still a couple of early starters visible in the distance and only a couple of K's to go. Surely this is how Sagan, Froome and the like feel when chasing down the last of a breakaway! Fair comparison I feel, amateur hack in club race and the biggest stars of the sport.

Anyway enough suspense, the last of the riders up the road, Bella Green, was caught with only 50m to go making for a close finish. The final results being N. Pelling with a maiden win from Green and Tilda Reeve, followed by the fellow early pack leaders of Gerrans and Hopkins with the rest of the field closely behind.
Many thanks to all the volunteers we had at our race this week; great to see so many helping out including Gwen, Belinda, Deb, Janine, Kody, Jarrod, Tim, John, even Ben and Alistair! Thank you all.
Many thanks to Tony Copland for the pics - here are the results.
Next week’s race in an Individual Time Trial, starting and finishing on Graves Road. Entries via SMS to John on 0428 503 437 by 8pm Wednesday.

Mt Buller VDHS earns Tier 1

Our Mt Buller round of the Vic Downhill Series in now an MTBA Tier 1 event!
MTBA no longer organise a dedicated national series but allocate points from all events towards an overall points score called the National Cup. The ‘bigger’ events are listed as Tier One and award the highest number of points. This should mean we attract more visitors (and therefore, entries) to the mountain this summer.
More details about the National Cup calendar here.

Station Precinct Activation Project - have your say

Mansfield Shire are trying to find out what to do with the Station Precinct. The club was invited to put its two-bobs worth last week (about a possible club rooms and a multi-use trail linking the end of the rail trail to the centre of town, the Botanic Gardens and a loop of town - even up to Riflebutts Reserve.) Now you can too.
Use this link to have your say.

ATC wins tender to run Mt Buller shuttles

All Terrain Cycles have announced they’re the official Mt Buller Bike Park Gravity shuttle operator for this season 2018/19!
Plans for the summer include a discounted locals pass, an opening weekend / 10 year anniversary party on 1 December and a DIG for a PASS Program. More details on Facebook.


Some slightly weird cycling related reading for a rainy day.

There’s hope for us old bike riders yet… Andreas Tafi won Paris-Roubaix in 1999, aged 32. He wants to make a comeback and ride it again next year, as a pro, aged 52! WTF!
Hannah Jenkins is English but after a bike crash she speaks English only in the morning… in the afternoon it has to be German! More at the BBC.

Weekend update

Racing Round-up

First race of the Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club’s 2018/2019 summer was Dirt Crits at Riflebutts MTB Park on Tuesday 9 October. After a few rare drops of rain, the track was in mind condition.

The Reverse Time Trial is based on two short races. Results from a mass-start first race are used as the basis for a staggered start to the second, handicap race.

Winner of the first lap was Matt Empey, followed by Tom Macmunn and Dan Friday.

Last home was Ruby Dobson who was, therefore, first to start the second race.

Winner of the second race was Alex Green, followed by Jack Hogan and Jason Parker.

But points were also awarded for riders who’s two lap times were closest… so we didn’t end up with too many sandbaggers in the first race.

After Damian Grundy had finished with the abacus, the win was awarded to Matt Empey from Dan Friday and Tom Macmunn equal second, ahead of Grundy in fourth and Dave Moore fifth.

Kudos to Bella Green who had only 1 second difference between her first and second lap!

Next week is our Come ’n’ Try night! We’ll have loan bikes at Riflebutts for anyone who wants to come along and give mountain biking a go. Come along for a lap or two and find out what all the fuss is about!

The first road race of the season was held on Thursday 11 October. A handicap race on the Whitfield Road, out to Sawpit Gully Road and back, attracted 19 entrants. One of the 19 was Justin Berry, trying road racing for the first time. Welcome aboard Justin!

First to start, as the lone Limit rider, was Tony Morris; last to start was the Scratch group of Tom Macmunn, Lewis Dowie, Jock Brega, Damian Grundy and Cam Lachal.

A minute up the road, the Block group of Dave Moore, Steve Duke, Darren Bakker and Rob Skinner looked strong and likely to greet the judges.

Lachal was the first casualty, his Saturday morning bunch ride form didn’t translate to Thursday night and he got dropped on the first hill. Kieren Payne was having gear trouble and he was next to get dropped, just before the turnaround.

By Long Lane on the return leg, the groups were finally coming together but it was near the Barwite Road where the big changes were made; Moore and Duke caught the second Limit group of Di Condie, Justin Berry, David Jagger, Wil Wilson and Rod Manning and powered on to take the win; Moore ahead of Duke.

About half a minute later, Wilson took the sprint for third ahead of Jagger, Manning and Berry.

Another half a minute later, sprint of the night went to Darren Bakker who stormed to the line to take… seventh. (And then complained that the finish line was in the wrong spot!) Then came Grundy (in the fastest time of 41.36, just 4 seconds faster than winner Dave Moore), Rob Skinner and Jock Brega rounded out the top ten.

Many thanks to all our officials and volunteers. And also thanks to Shannon for the Dirt Crits pics and to Tony for the road ones.

Next week sees racing return to the undulating Howes Creek Road course - entries via SMS to John on 0428 503 437 by 8pm Wednesday.

Dirt Crits number plates

A few weeks ago we asked you about semi-permanent number plates for Dirt Crits. They’re about to be ordered.

If you’d like one, please email Damian with the number and name you’d like on your plate, or speak to him at Dirt Crits this coming Tuesday.


A good article from Neal Rogers on Cycling Tips on why we might see a few more pros riding on gravel in 2019.

Also on Cycling Tips, from Matt de Neef, some background on Wollongong winning the 2022 Worlds.

Not the Sunday afternoon news

Latest news:
- The Road Worlds back in Australia in four years;
- Dirt Crits start this week; and
- Road Racing starts this week too!


UCI Road Worlds back to Australia in 2022

Wollongong will host the UCI Road World Championships in 2022. Yes, that hotbed of Australian cycling… Wollongong! Read about it here.

Who woulda thunk it?

Also, have a read of the comments at the end of the Cycling Tips article about it… seems the NSW Government and police have some work to do. Anyway, can’t wait. I’ll be worth a visit to the Illawarra, that’s for sure!

Who’ll be leading the Oz team on a hilly course by then… Jack Haig, Rob Power, Lucas Hamilton? Or perhaps the old man of the team, Michael Matthews! Or maybe Alejandro Valverde will still be unbeatable…

Dirt Crits start this week… for big kids anyway.

Dirt Crits are moving to Tuesday nights and the new calendar has been published.

Dirt Crits starts this coming Tuesday 9 October for Adults.

Kids will start the following Tuesday 16 October… which is the Come ’n’ Try night. If you know anyone who is perhaps thinking about having a go at mountain biking, this is definitely the night to get them up to Riflebutts for a lap. All existing members are also invited to ride a few laps and help any newcomers feel welcome.

The Come ’n’ Try night is for both Kids and Adults. More details soon…

Road racing starts this week too…

The calendar is now up!

The first race will be held on the Whitfield Road / Sawpit Gully Road course (Course 5) this coming Thursday 11 October.

Mid-September Update


It’s been a little while but here is a bit of MMBCC News.
- Upcoming events;
- New Dirt Crits number plates;
- Sign a petition for NSW Police to enforce the Minimum Passing Distance laws; and
- Some motivation for girls thinking of trying XC mountain biking.

Upcoming Events

Sat 22 - Sun 30 Sep - UCI Road Worlds, Innsbruck, Austria.
Tue 9 Oct - MMBCC Dirt Crits start. More details and calendar to come soon.
Thu 11 Oct - MMBCC Road Racing starts. More details and calendar to come soon.
Thu 18 to Sun 21 Oct - Masters Nationals, East Gippsland.

New Dirt Crits number plates

Are you planning on racing Dirt Crits this summer?
Have we got a deal for you?!
We’re planning on getting customised number plates produced for you for the summer - with your name on your number plate! They’re a heavier weight plastic than the current ones, so should last you the whole summer.
They’ll cost $2 each for Juniors, $3 for Seniors.
We need you to tell us what name you’d like included and also which number you have a preference for.
Please email Damian with the name you want and the number you’d prefer.

Minimum Passing Distance laws in NSW

A Metre Matters is law in NSW. While the police there are rightly cracking down on drivers using mobile phones, they’re not enforcing the passing laws. In fact, they’re spending more time booking cyclists for riding without a bell!
This petition is to try to force them to do their job properly and protect cyclists from dangerously close overtaking.
Hopefully, one of these days, the Victorian Government will follow suit and legislate for A Metre Matters here too!

MTB girls - go out and ride your bike!

A little inspiring video of some of the women riding the World Cup.
BTW, Dirt Crits start soon. Come on girls… get out and ride your bike!


It looks highly likely Simon Yates will win the Vuelta a Espana tonight, giving the Australian greenEDGE team (Mitchellton Scott as they’re known now) their first grand tour win. A brilliant achievement!
Simon Yates is British (meaning all three grand tours have been won by Brits this year) so it’ll be interesting to see how the mainstream media in Australia reports it.
Will being part of an Australian team mean enough for the media here to treat Yates as a hero?
Or will it take an Australian on an Australian team for mainstream media to pay attention?

Sunday Update

DM Shimano wheels 3.jpg

Annual General Meeting

The MMBCC AGM is on this coming Tuesday 14 August, starting at 6pm, at the Delatite Hotel.
Please come along.

Wheels for sale

Dave Moore has some brand new Shimano carbon road wheels for sale. They’re a bargain!

A little Sunday arvo reading…

Team Sky’s biggest problem.

Street art at the Tour.

Finding Mr X.

Upcoming Events

Tue 9 to Sun 12 Aug - UCI MTB World Cup, Mont Sainte Anne, Canada.
Tue 14 Aug - MMBCC AGM
Tue 21 Aug - Sat 1 Sep - UCI MTB World Championships, Mont Sainte Anne, Canada.
Sat 1 Sep - Sam Miranda Gran Fondo - part of the Tour of the King Valley
Sun 2 Sep - Sam Miranda Kelly Country Road Race.
Sun 9 Sep - Fruit Loop Ride, Shepparton.
Sun 16 Sep - Amy’s Gran Fondo.
Sat 22 - Sun 30 Sep - UCI Road Worlds, Innsbruck, Austria.
Sun 4 Nov - Preston Mountain Classic.

Sunday update

wood-fire pizza.jpg

MMBCC Mid-Winter MTB Get Together

Come for a ride and a pizza!
When – The afternoon of Sunday 29 July. (Pizzas will kick off at around 5pm for an earlyish finish)
Where – Grundy’s@62 Borschmann Rd, Lima South.

The Block: 15km loop. A big climb (660m gain) and then a 30min descent including some fun single track.
Home Loop: 2km easy single track loop. A cool track. This is a very accessible trail. Definitely in the beginner sort of range though a little climb to start. Feel free to do repeats.
South loop: 4km slightly longer loop mostly single track. Some beautiful fern gullies.
There are a number of play sections amongst the boulders here so come and explore.
Fine print: This is your chance to explore some private ‘animal’ tracks in the back of the Grundy’s. The wombats here are most industrious

- Your own pizza toppings, we will provide the pizza base, pasatta (tomato stuff) and cheese;
- Your preferred beverage; and
- A seat.
There is plenty of warm space inside so, regardless of the weather, come on out.
Lima South can often have quite different weather to Mansfield so assume nothing. Bring the bike regardless!
If the weather looks ordinary and you have some cool MTB DVD’s then bring them with you...  maybe bring them anyway.
RSVP to Damian via SMS on 0411 045 771 or email.

Annual General Meeting

Now less than a month away, the MMBCC AGM will be held at the Delatite Hotel on Tuesday 14 August, starting at 6pm.
We need to elect a new President. Do you want to nominate? Or is there someone else you think would do a good job that you'd like to nominate?
Plus we’ll need a hand to organise next summer’s road racing, mountain biking AND there’s interest in more recreational riding. There’s also the VDHS at Mt Buller and the Mansfield Tour to discuss.
Please come along.


Friday update

Froome salbutamol giro.jpg

Le Tour starts tomorrow

Good luck to MMBCC Life Member Simon Gerrans who will be riding a lap of France in support of Tasmania’s Ritchie Porte. This will be Simon’s 12th tour. His last few have ended early but hopefully 2018 will see him get all the way around France with Ritchie taking yellow.
Standing (or sitting) in Simon's and Ritchie's way will be Chris Froome (aiming to win his fourth Grand Tour in a row, his fifth Tour de France) and his inhaler.

MMBCC MTB Mid winter RIDE EAT and CHAT get together.

By Damian Grundy

Here we are in the depths of winter half way between the last and the next summer of mountain biking.
I thought it would be a perfect time for an informal get together. It’ll also provide a chance to have a pre MMBCC 2018 AGM chat. You know… where are we going? What do we want to do in the future? Etc, etc…
You’re invited to ride our exclusive Grundy Trails (which are at their absolute mint best in winter) and then share in a pizza feast cooked in our woodfired pizza oven.
Interested? Then let's set a date and make it happen!
Options are: Saturday 21 July, Sunday 22 July, Saturday 28 July or Sunday 29 July.
The location will be Grundy's Farm, Lima South.
Riding will kick-off early afternoon. Ride options are extensive. Depending on who is interested, we can organise some various options of difficulty and speed. All will include plenty of single track.
If you want to come later for the pizzas only, that’ll be fine too.
Dinner will kick off early-ish… around 5pm.
We will provide the pizza dough and basics (tomato stuff and cheese) but you’ll need to bring your favourite toppings and drinks.
Topics of conversation will be the usual tales of trails tall or true, next season's Dirt Crits and any other topics of interest. My beloved family tell me that Trump and asthma medications are forbidden topics!
If you’re keen, please text me at 0411 045 771 with your name and preferred date.
I'll get back to everyone in good time with the final date.

Annual General Meeting Reminder

The MMBCC AGM will be held at the Delatite Hotel on Tuesday 14 August, starting at 6pm.
Wil has announced he’ll be standing down after four years as President, so we need a replacement. Plus we’ll need a hand to organise next summer’s road racing, mountain biking AND there’s interest in more recreational riding. And then we’ll need to discuss the VDHS at Mt Buller and the Mansfield Tour. Please come along to discuss it all.

Upcoming event

July-August - Sam Miranda Tour of the King Valley - website isn’t quite right yet but hopefully will be soon. In particular, the Gran Fondo and the Sunday road race are terrific!

1x drivetrains

They work brilliantly on mountain bikes and so they seemed to be a great idea for the road too. But Aqua Blue Sport on 3T bikes seem to have gone off the idea. Jarrod’s sent through an interesting article about why 1x drivetrains don’t seem to work as well on the road.

MTBA launch the National Cup

MTBA have launched a new points system which brings together all mountain bike races into the one Australia-wide, year-long series - The National Cup.

Rory’s law to close cycling injury loophole

TAC insurance will cover a cyclists involved in a collision with a moving vehicle. Hopefully, they'll soon cover us for more. Click here.


A few pics from Mansfield does Melburn Roobaix a couple of weeks ago. In case you can't guess, we 'skied' it.
And yes... Ben Ross rode the whole thing!
Rumours of Alex Green's impending career change to modelling have been strenuously denied by the Fashion Police.

Club kit closes today


Club kit orders now open again.

Been getting a bit chilly riding lately? As part of our available club kit, Seight also offer winter weight knicks and jacket. Here’s the link to order Seight MMBCC kit.
Email Bruce for the password.
Kit sales have been extended till midnight tonight (Sunday 1 July.)

More upcoming events

Sunday 4 November - Preston Mountain Classic - one of the best road races of the year. This used to be a winter race in late May or early June but is moving to a new date in spring.
More details to come.

Email subscriptions

Here at MMBCC Towers, it's come to our attention that some of you are still subscribed to the club newsletter through the old BlogTrottr service. The club no longer uses this and it will stop soon.
We highly recommend you subscribe through the current subscription service, on the club home page, which uses Mail Chimp.


Wintry weather update

 Quite a few local MMBCC roadies are currently in Bormio, in the north of Italy. About now they should be riding up the Passo Stelvio.

Quite a few local MMBCC roadies are currently in Bormio, in the north of Italy. About now they should be riding up the Passo Stelvio.

Annual General Meeting

The MMBCC AGM will be held at the Delatite Hotel on Tuesday 14 August, starting at 6pm.
Wil has already announced he’ll be standing down after three years as President (sorry, that should be four years! Sorry. Ed.) so we need to find a replacement.
Plus we’ll need a hand to organise next summer’s road racing, dirt crits, the Mansfield Tour AND there’s interest in more recreational riding. Please come along to discuss it all.

Congratulations again Jodie!

180617 Jodie SRV.jpg

Congratulations to MMBCC's very own Jodie Batchelor who has been successful in securing a scholarship of almost $10,000 from Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV)!
The money secured through SRV's 'Change Our Game Scholarship' has been awarded to Jodie to assist her climb through the cycling Commissaire ranks both at a National and International level.
As mentioned in the last news update, in April this year Jodie passed the Elite National Commissaire Road and Track course (held up in Queensland), making her the only female in Victoria at this Commissaire level. Jodie's goal is to now proceed to the UCI to sit the UCI Track course (held in November 2019).
The scholarship will help Jodie get the experience required to hopefully be the preferred candidate for Cycling Australia, to then travel to Switzerland to attend the UCI Track Course in November 2019.
Well done Jodie, we're all very proud of your achievement!

Club kit orders now open again.

Here’s the link to order Seight MMBCC kit. Email Bruce for the password.
Kit will be available for purchase till Sunday 24 June.

Winter is a great time for some ‘trainer-ing’

Now that the snow is falling and the roads are getting busier, it' a good time to either spend a bit more time on the mountain bike (so long as you don’t mind cleaning your bike afterwards - we’re taking to you Bruce!) or get on an indoor trainer.
With platforms like Zwift and SufferFest making indoor cycling much more interesting, smart trainers are getting more popular than your run of the mill trainer of old. Here are a few links of reviews in case you’re in the market for a new trainer.
(Some of these overseas models mentioned might not be available in Australia.)
Cycling Tips
Bike Radar
Road CC

Upcoming events

June (next weekend) - Melburn Roobaix - a hugely fun day through the Melbourne's back streets.
July - Tour de Beechworth - a Saturday morning ride around Beechworth, a mongrel climb up a steep, dirt hill for lunch, then a sensational French dinner at the brewery that night while watching the Tour de France on the big screen.
August - The Redback MTB Stage Race - experience Australia’s Red Centre by bike, ride endless km of single track, day after day in the warmth of the NT!
September - The Fruit Loop Ride - starts & finishes in Shepparton; a flatter 115km course than the old one that went into the Strathbogies. Now held the week before Amy's Gran Fondo.
September - Amy’s Gran Fondo - rumour has it that this’ll be the last one. (In that case, it'll be back to the Fruit Loop for 2019.)
October - CA Masters Nationals in East Gippsland - seeing as though our club has so many members who are ‘of a certain age’ this is a chance to do something about it.


Friday Update

Just a quick update this week...

Congratulations Jodie!

 Photo of all the Australian and New Zealand participants and instructors from the ENC course.

Photo of all the Australian and New Zealand participants and instructors from the ENC course.

Congratulations to the MMBCC’s Jodie Batchelor. Back in March she attended the Elite National Commissaire course in Brisbane. Last week she found out she’s passed!
Jodie is now one of only six Commissaires qualified to ENC for Road and Track (and one of only two women.)
Next up, she wants to be a UCI Commissaire - so look out for her in years to come at the Tour de France!

Club kit order

Is anyone keen on some Seight club kit? Here at MMBCC Towers we've had a few approaches but we need a minimum of 10 pieces for Seight to open sales.
Now that it's getting a bit chilly, it might be the time to order a pair of thermal bib knicks!
If you're interested, drop Bruce an email.

Mother's Day Sunday

All Terrain Cycles are having a women's clothing sale - 30% off the women's clothing rack! Ends Saturday.

Finally... have you subscribed to get this newsletter via email? Why not!


May the Fourth be with... someone

May 4th DV.jpg

Will the force be with Chris Froome and the rest of the 'Sky' Empire tonight when the Giro starts?

Strategic Plan Discussion

Following on from the first Strategic Plan Discussion last Tuesday, the next meeting - More People Racing / More People Participating in Events - will be held on Tuesday 8 May at 6pm at the Delatite Hotel.
See you there! All members welcome…

ATC Gravel Grinder race 2

Seven starters took to the All Terrain Cycles Gravel Grinder 2.
First away was Craig Wilson and he looked to have a good lead till he got to the cows on the long paddock (it was the gravel of Long Lane, actually) and promptly punctured.
Steve Flew, resplendent with musette bag and still on the club loaner bike, went past the stationary President and was never headed.
AJ Stepenson and Dave Moore filled the other steps of the podium.
Dan Purcell started on his own off Scratch and while he caught Bruce Halket and Tom Macmunn he couldn’t catch any others, despite riding fastest time.
Flew was awarded the ATC voucher for his win and Wil was awarded the Conrick Prize for getting a second puncture!
Results can be found here.

Speaking of Dan…

Good luck this weekend to Dan Purcell who’s racing Mens’ C-Grade at the VRS Tour of the South West in warm, wonderful Warrnambool. Give ‘em heaps Dan!

And more on gravel...

A few more pics have been uploaded from the Two-Up Ride on Anzac Day; scroll down after using this link.

Mansfield Tour

At the Presentation Night we held a discussion on the 2019 Mansfield Tour, particularly about how we plan to split up all the work necessary… so it’s not all left to just one or two.
Here is a first draft of a breakdown of the roles we need filled. Each role has it’s ‘busy period’ at a different time of the year. Most of the work will be computer-based, so you need to be proficient with emails and probably spreadsheets too.
We received a few expressions of interest on the night but this is for those of you who didn’t attend Presentation Night.
If the Tour is to go ahead in 2019, we need more of you involved. Have a read of the roles and then, if you can help, please email Bruce.

Mansfield Tour Roles.jpg

Thursday News

This week... news from presentation night, the club's Strategic Plan, our last road race of the season, the Mansfield Tour and details on yesterday's Two Up ride.

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2017/2018 Presentation Night

 Dirt Crits Series winners, from left to right: 2nd Damian Grundy, 1st Daniel Friday, 3rd Bruce Halket.

Dirt Crits Series winners, from left to right: 2nd Damian Grundy, 1st Daniel Friday, 3rd Bruce Halket.

 Summer Road Series Championship, from left to right: 2nd Talia Appleton, 1st Dan Purcell, 3rd, Bruce Halket.

Summer Road Series Championship, from left to right: 2nd Talia Appleton, 1st Dan Purcell, 3rd, Bruce Halket.

 Summer Road Series Womens’ Trophy: 1st Talia Appleton, equal 2nd Judi Duke. (Absent, equal 2nd Jodie Batchelor.)

Summer Road Series Womens’ Trophy: 1st Talia Appleton, equal 2nd Judi Duke. (Absent, equal 2nd Jodie Batchelor.)

 Alain Guerin Crossover Trophy, from left to right: 3rd Dan Purcell, Alain’s grandson Jett Guerin, Alain’s wife Coral Guerin, 1st Bruce Halket, 2nd Damian Grundy.

Alain Guerin Crossover Trophy, from left to right: 3rd Dan Purcell, Alain’s grandson Jett Guerin, Alain’s wife Coral Guerin, 1st Bruce Halket, 2nd Damian Grundy.

The All Terrain Cycles Good Sport Awards were presented to Damian Grundy, for organising and handicapping this season’s Dirt Crits, and will be presented to John Eisner, for handicapping the Summer Road Series (and also because we’ve all decided he desperately needs a pair of knicks that actually fit!)

Strategic Plan Discussion

Following on from the Strategic Plan Discussion at Presentation Night, the first meeting - More People Riding - will be held on Tuesday 1 May at 6pm at the Delatite Hotel.
See you there! And ask any others who might be interested.

All Terrain Cycles Gravel Grinder race 2…

will start this coming Sunday 29 April at 9am from outside Rodwell’s on the Buller Road. Registration will open at 8.30 and presentations of prizes, including the ATC voucher to the winner, will be held afterwards at the Mansfield Coffee Merchant.

Mansfield Tour

At the Presentation Night we held a discussion on the 2019 Mansfield Tour, particularly about how we plan to split up all the work necessary… so it’s not all left to just one or two.
Here is a first draft of a breakdown of the roles we need filled. Each role has it’s ‘busy period’ at a different time of the year. Most of the work will be computer-based, so you need to be proficient with emails and probably spreadsheets too.

Mansfield Tour Roles.jpg

We received a few expressions of interest on the night but this is for those of you who didn’t attend Presentation Night.
If the Tour is to go ahead in 2019, we need more of you involved. Have a read of the roles and then, if you can help, please email Bruce.

Two Up Ride

Anzac Day saw the second annual Two Up Ride held. Eleven MMBCC members set off from the Bot Park on a planned route of approximately 85km with plenty of gravel sections, as is tradition.
However, due to too many punctures taking too long to fix (Ian Conrick set a new world record for FIVE punctures in one ride!) this had to be truncated to about 60km.

Sunday update

2018 Black 'n' Tan

Race 1 of the All Terrain Cycles Gravel Grinder Series was held today, Sunday 15 April, on the famous (should that be infamous?) Black 'n' Tan, attracting eleven starters.
The much anticipated 'tan' sections were in perfect condition for racing after rain on Saturday and didn't really have an impact.
The rain then stayed away for Sunday. However, the windy conditions, and Bruce's ordinary handicapping, meant it was a back marker's day.
Dan Purcell and Josh Hopwood powered their way through the field and dropped even the last stragglers on the climb up the dirt on Mt Battery Road. Josh managed to get away at the finish to get the better of Dan.
Bruce was a long way back in third.
Ride of the day was shared by Darren Bakker and David Heatley, who both managed to hang on to Scratch until they accelerated up Mt Battery Road, and held on for 4th and 5th respectively.
Craig Wilson won the 'Sense of Direction Award' by taking a wrong turn onto Hallett's Lane, instead of Sculleys Lane and adding an unnecessary kilometre or two.
Here are the results and below are Alex Green's pics.

Don't forget... Summer Presentations this Thursday at 6pm

This Thursday 19 April the Delatite Hotel will host the MMBCC Summer Presentations at 6pm. Come along and congratulate all the winners!
It’ll be followed by a quick meeting about the Mansfield Tour, then the Strategic Plan discussion.
Why not come down for dinner and a chat...

2018 Yarra Blvd ITT Flyer.jpg

Amstel Gold tonight... #GoGerro

News of Friday the 13th

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Racing this Sunday

 From the archive: Steve Flew climbing up Mt Battery Road on his way to wining the 2012 Black 'n' Tan.

From the archive: Steve Flew climbing up Mt Battery Road on his way to wining the 2012 Black 'n' Tan.

The All Terrain Cycles Gravel Grinder series kicks off this Sunday with everyone’s favourite, the good ol’ Black ’n’ Tan. Starting from outside Rodwell's and finishing on Graves Road, registration will start at 8.30; racing starts at 9. Entries on the day.
(We’re short of a few marshals. If anyone has a spare hour to lend a hand, we’ll shout you coffee afterwards at the Merchant.)
On Sunday 29 April we'll be racing on the Long Lane Loop.
Winners of each race will receive a voucher at ATC plus the glory and kudos of a grateful nation.

Summer Presentations

Next Thursday 19 April the Delatite Hotel will host the MMBCC Summer Presentations. Come along and congratulate all the winners!
It’ll be followed by a quick meeting about the Mansfield Tour, then the Strategic Plan.
Why not come down for dinner and a chat?

Upcoming Events

Ride the Ranges next Sunday 22 April - 85km for $45 or 130km for $75, starting and finishing in Euroa.
Wangaratta’s Graham Daws Memorial will be held on Saturday 12 May and is now part of the Riverina Inter Club Racing Series.

Meanwhile in Europe…

This Sunday is the Amstel Gold Race. SBS will show it on Viceland from 10.30. Go Gerro!
And next time you take a drink in the bunch, especially on a wet day, spare a thought for Lawson Craddock, seen in this little ‘incident’ during the Vuelta Ciclista al Pais Vasco.

April Tour of Flanders Fools Day


It's Tour of Flanders Day.
April Fools!
No... really! It's Tour of Flanders Day. One of the best pro races races of the season is on SBS Viceland tonight from 9.30. In the meantime, here's what's been happening at MMBCC Towers, starting with the last two road races. (MTB details to come soon-ish.)

Penultimate Thursday

By Joop Van Hosterberg

Club racing focused on the short sharp climb of the Coombesberg on Old Tolmie Road with a “long tail” to a finish outside the showgrounds on Mt Battery Rd.
At this point of the year it has become very difficult for the fast ones in Scratch and 'Block to catch the outliers in the Limit groups, as they seem to have learned how to ride in a group! Smooth is fast folks!
This being the second last race of the Summer season, intense interest is focused at the top of the leader board and a good result from any of the top three will all but secure the aggregate trophy; Club President Craig “Wil” Wilson now well and truly out of the picture.
Talia Appleton, riding very strongly since her overall win at the Victorian Schools Cycling Competition, was looking to post a strong result as was Dan Purcell, resplendent in his Mansfield Tour ‘Sprint Leader’ jersey. Vice president Bruce, alas, was away for this race and this may prove telling in the final wash-up.
Handicapper Eisner would be happy with the way the race came together in the finish, but not so close that a bunch sprint was required.
The youngsters stayed away, mostly, with the exception of a very strong ride from Cam Dobson, who pulled away from his group to secure his first win.
An avalanche of junior talent followed Cam over the line with Matilda Reeve in second place, Elise Empey rounding out the podium, closely followed by Bella Green for fourth place.
Talia Appleton arrived in 9th place picking up a couple of valuable points in the aggregate race.
In late news the club “raced” up the Col du Tolmielet on Sunday morning in warm but wet conditions.
Damian Grundy prevailed, over Steve Duke and Judi Duke with the rest of the small field in age order, oldest coming in last!
Next Thursday is the last race of the summer series with a finish on Whitfield Road near the Botanic Park, the outcome of this race could determine the names on the coveted “Wooden Crank”.
Thanks to all our volunteers over the season and especially during the Mansfield Tour last weekend.

Down to the wire

By John Eisner

A strong field of thirty three cyclists fronted up for the final Thursday night race of the 2017/18 Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club’s Summer Road Series. The stakes were high for several riders with club championship points (and all-important sponsorship contracts) at stake.
Courtney Lynch, Bella Green and Elise Empey led the charge as Limit followed by the smooth and improved bunch of Di Condie, Judi Duke, Kieren Payne, Matilda Reeve, Rod Manning and Dave Bock.
Peter Ellett, John Eisner, Talia Appleton and Craig Wilson were next, followed by Alex Green, Kody and Janine Appleton, Allan Gerrans and the Steves (Flew and Curnow).
Dave Moore, Andrew Stephenson, Rob Skinner and Cam Dobson were next then Jock Brega, Jarrod Appleton, Darren Bakker, Steve Duke and 'rolling start' Aaron Peterson.
Bruce Halket and Damian Grundy made up the Chopping Block while Dan Purcell and Kian Lerch-MacKinnon were off Scratch.
As predicted it was a fast 25km out to Sawpit Gully Road and back. Wilson was energetic and rode off the front of his bunch but was unable to bridge the gap to the well organised Condie group. Similarly, Empey rode well, in her restricted gears, off her bunch to mix it well in the final ten. With lots of hard work most of the faster groups merged by the return to the Barwite hill leaving a few casualties along the way.
Up front Di’s group continued to ride smoothly and in a close finish managed to hold off the pursuing Scratch group by 24 seconds with Di taking out a good win.
Payne placed second with Manning third, Judi Duke fourth and Reeve fifth.
A big thanks over the whole season to our crew of helpers and to the Delatite Hotel.
Speaking of the Delatite, that's where the club will be be hosting the Summer Presentations at 6pm on Thursday 19 April. Winners of the Summer Road Series, Womens’ Road Aggregate, Dirt Crits and the Alain Guerin Combined trophy will all be announced.
Invitations are cordially extended to all members, family, friends and miscellaneous hangers-on.

Summer Presentations and Strategic Plan

As mentioned briefly above, you're all invited to the Summer Presentations at the Delatite Hotel at 6pm on Thursday 19 April to find out who's won.
Also... as mentioned in a previous newsletter, the club is developing a strategic plan and would like members to be involved. Being a small club, the plan will be used promote membership and organise events, communicate to our local community and the broader cycling community and use in conversations with potential sponsors and agencies such as local government and state government.
You’re invited to a meeting at the Delatite Hotel, after the Summer Presentations, to discuss and develop the plan in more detail.

To get in the mood for the Tour of Flanders...

Cycling Tips Preview plus Cycling News Preview and Top 12 Contenders. And, most importantly, here is your invitation to view the race in comfort and style... in Alex's shed.

Hell of the North (cote)

Next weekend is another of the best races of the season, Paris-Roubaix, the Hell of the North.
However, the even better* Melburn-Roobaix, the cobbled cult classic is on Sunday 24 June. All event information for the 13th 'Hell of The Northcote' can be found here.

* This one we can actually ride ourselves!

Don't forget...

We have two more road races left this season! We have our Autumn Gravel Series races (click here and scroll down a bit...) on 15 and 29 April.
Get inspired by the cobbled classics and get into it!


This isn't related to our local races, the Tour of Flanders or Paris-Roubaix. It's an interesting little film about Graeme Obree.