• Be part of a great club;

  • Contribute to cycling;

  • Help make Mansfield a ‘cycle-friendly’ town;

  • Insurance cover;

  • Find people to ride with; and

  • Join in on a regular schedule of riding events.

We’re proud of our club motto - the social club with a cycling problem.

The Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club aims to promote cycling as a healthy social, recreational and sporting activity and to make a positive contribution to the Mansfield community.

You’ll find MMBCC members:

  • Ride all types of bikes: racers, mountain bikes, hybrids, BMX, Track, etc;

  • Ride for fitness, sport, and transport!

  • Are aged between 5 to 85; and

  • Most importantly, enjoy the post-ride coffee and chat almost as much as the ride itself!

You can join the club to compete, to help out, or just enjoy a social ride. You can ride a long way, or not very far at all. You can join in on organised and/or informal rides.


Joining the Club

Pay a fixed $10 (for juniors), $20 (for adults) or $50 (for families) annual club membership.

Then ADD an annual cycling organisation subscription depending on the type of riding you plan to do (this provides the necessary insurance cover):

  • Cycling Victoria – if you want to compete on road bikes;

  • CV also offer membership for recreational/social road riders who don't want to compete;

  • MTBA – if you want to ride or race a Mountain Bike; or

  • BMXA – if you want to compete on BMX.

There are various family memberships, junior rates, and ‘value adds’ for people who want to be involved in several types of riding.  

For specific membership applications contact:

Road: Bruce Halket - 0419 533 120 -
MTB: Jason Parker - 0457 751 165 -


Road membership

Woohoo! Finally, all Cycling Australia road memberships are available online; Open, Recreational and Regional Discount memberships.

After October 1st, use this link. Just choose whether you want to renew or you're a new member. Then make sure you select Victoria as your state; then Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club as your preferred club.

Then choose the membership you want and away you go!

If you're a technophobe and want to fill out a form manually, you can still do it this way but it will cost you $5 more. To download the form, use this link and click on the 2017 Membership Application Form.

Download the form, print it, fill it out and then contact Bruce Halket and he'll let you know how much it'll cost. Cash or cheques made out to Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club Inc please. Again ... from January 1 onwards, you're not covered by the club's insurance if you don't renew. No valid card ... no race start! 



Membership options include:

  • 8-week trial

  • 3-month

  • 12-month

  • 3-year

Alternatively, a day licence may be purchased to participate in an event (see below).

Here are a few details on the different options available:


Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) is excited to introduce the Come ‘n’ Try Day Program in partnership with our affiliated MTBA Clubs, including the Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club.
The Come ‘n’ Try Day can be a race or a social event organised by the MMBCC. MTBA will provide insurance cover to all participants FREE OF CHARGE regardless of whether they are MTBA members or not.


If you want to experience the value of MTBA membership (without any commitment) then sign-up for an 8-week free membership trial today! The trial membership includes nearly all the premium features of a regular membership, including-

•    tailored 24/7 personal accident and public liability insurance,
•    access to coach and commisaire education courses, member’s only deals,
•    a fortnightly e-newsletter, and
•    the ability to enter nearly all MTBA-sanctioned events around Australia.
How to Qualify for the Free Trial
To qualify for the free trial, you must be a new MTBA member, or a past member who has not held membership in the last 3 years. Please note, you can only get this free offer once! Go to now to sign up.

Digital Membership Card
Once you have submitted the online free trial membership application, you will be emailed a link to your Free Trial Digital Membership Card that you can print or access at any time. Please ensure is in your email ‘safe senders’ list.

Which events does this cover me for?
Your Free Trial Membership is participation and competition endorsed. You may enter nearly all MTBA-sanctioned events around Australia without the need to purchase a day licence (excluding the National Championships and the occasional MTBA restricted event). Remember that your digital membership card is your passport to entering MTBA-sanctioned events and must be presented when registering, so please print it out and keep it safe.

Obligation Free
There is no obligation to join MTBA at the completion of your 8 week Free Trial Membership; however we strongly encourage you to do so if you enjoyed yourself & want the piece-of-mind of having Personal Accident & Public Liability insurance.

3-month membership

This is designed for two reasons:

  • As an alternative for participants who currently, or want to, participate in a short-lived series of club activities rather than purchase serial day permits

  • As a low-entry point to ‘come and try’ participants


  • It is not available to DirtMaster or Value-Add classes of membership.

  • This is only available to new members who have never been a paid MTBA member.

  • The 3-month member option is only available once.

  • A 3-month membership can upgrade to a full-year membership at any time before expiry.

The club fee for families is $50 per year. Memberships are valid for 12-months from the date of purchase.

3-year membership

This is designed to give a sense of ‘loyalty’ to MTBA members who wish to avoid the inevitable fee increases each year and get a discount in the process.
They are only available for Senior (19 years and over) and cost $300 + $60 (3 x the club fee) = $360
They are not available to value-add members.

Day Licence

A day licence provides the opportunity for a non-MTBA member to participate in an event. It is valid only for the day and event it is issued for.

Choosing a membership

To help you choose which MTBA membership is right for you, click here to download an info sheet which will help.


To check on prices of each type of MTBA membership, click here.

Club Fees
Adult club fees are generally $20. And it's usually $10 for Juniors, although some are just $5. The club fee for families is $50. Whichever membership you choose, the club fee gets added on automatically when you join the MMBCC through the MTBA website.

How to become a member

 If you're thinking of joining as an MTBA for the first time, you'll find lots of info on memberships here. To complete a membership application online click here to go to the Mountain Bike Australia website.


MTBA membership renewals

Firstly, you should get an email from MTBA when your membership renewal is due.

You can fill out a form the old fashioned way by downloading a Rider Membership form here or you can pick up a membership form at Dirt Crits on a Monday night - just see whoever is on duty… or Jason Parker.

 If you're thinking of changing your current MTBA membership when you renew, you'll find lots of info on memberships here.

The easiest way is to renew your MTBA membership is to do it online using this link.


Value-Add membership

If you want to combine two of these memberships together, you can get a discount on the second membership, called a Value-Add. For instance, if you already have your MMBCC membership for road racing and you'd like to try Dirt Crits, you can get a discount on the MTBA membership you need. This process can be a minefield so best to ring or email one of the people below so they can help you get the best bang for your buck.


Still more questions?

Road: Bruce Halket - 0419 533 120 -
MTB: Jason Parker - 0457 751 165 -

Secretary: Donna Stephenson - 0411 112 295 -