Morning Social Road Rides

Please note: these rides are NOT sanctioned club events.


Saturday & Sunday mornings - Road Ride

Group ride from the Mansfield Botanic Park, usually along the Mansfield-Whitfield Road. Everyone starts slowly together, then the bunch will split into two; one faster group, one a little slower.

Ride leaves at 8am. Yes, 8am... year round!

In Winter, even late Autumn, that might be a bit chilly but add a few layers and harden up. Remember, you're a bike rider, not a professional soccer player!
In Summer, if the forecast for Seymour is for 35°C or more we'll leave at 7am. (There's no official BoM forecast for Mansfield. Here's the link.... if this says 34°C or less, we leave at 8am. If it says 35°C or more, we leave at 7am. You can also check the SunSmart widget at the bottom left of the Home page - it's set for Seymour too.)

The ‘slower’ group will either turn right onto Barwite Road after about 5km, or head out to Broken River, do a u-turn, head back towards Mansfield and then turn onto the Barwite Road. This ride is usually about 35km.

The ‘faster’ one is an ‘out and back’ ride. It heads north at chatting pace (this is a social ride) and those who want to go harder do so from Sawpit Gully Road, or thereabouts.
The turnaround point is discussed on the way out; it could be Little House, the 20k mark, Spring Creek, Tolmie, Cambatong Road, the 35k mark, the Powerlines or even all the way to Whitfield!
After the descent, we wait at Bridge Creek and all ride back in together!
Some might decide to add a bit more on the way back, like going around the Barwite Loop, but we all wait at Bridge Creek first to make sure everyone gets down the descent safely.

Every now and again, someone might be sadistic enough to suggest going UP the Old Tolmie Road. Or if the level of Lake Eildon keeps dropping, the road to Jamieson might be quiet enough to use again… one day.

Of course, rides aren’t complete without the obligatory post-ride coffee!


Every now and again - Gravel Road Ride

Meeting at the Mansfield Botanic Park, an extra ride leaving with the above ride but which will include a fair bit of dirt.
Leaves at the same time as the above ride.


Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday mornings - Road Ride

Group ride from outside the Mansfield Hotel, on the Highett Street side.
Leaves at 6am. Then back to the Mansfield Coffee Merchant for some caffeine before work.