Almost-the-end-of-winter update

News from the Annual General Meeting

Here is a quick rundown on what happened at the AGM late last month:

AGM RDG IMG_4353.jpg
  • Rider Development Grants were awarded to three applicants: Maddie Smith, Bella Green and Ruby Dobson. Congratulations to all three!

  • One change to the Executive Committee with Ben Annear standing down from the Secretary’s role. Many thanks to Ben for his years of consistent, high quality work. Donna Stephenson nominated for the role and was elected unopposed. Congratulations Donna and welcome aboard!

  • The Road Race sub-committee is: Alex Green, Janine Appleton, John Eisner and David Jagger. Alex will represent them on the Exec.

  • The Dirt Crits/Mountain Bike sub-committee is: Shannon Rademaker, Damian Grundy, Kate Stonnill and Clarissa Leatham. Shannon will be the rep on the Exec.

  • The Recreational Rides sub-committee is: Jarrod Appleton, Donna Stephenson, Tim Ross and Katie Moore. Jarrod will represent this committee on the Exec.

  • The Mansfield Tour organising committee is: Bruce Halket, Jarrod Appleton, Dave Moore, Dave Jagger, Jason Parker and Alex Green. Bruce will sit on the Exec on their behalf.

  • The Junior reps on the Executive are: Matt Empey and Elise Empey.

  • The general members to sit on the Executive are: Katie Moore, Cam Dobson and John Lazarov.

A reminder that to keep up to date with what’s happening at Executive Meetings, all minutes are available for download here.

Bella wins!

BG ISS IMG_0319.jpg

No, it’s not cycling but this is a brilliant result nontheless.
Congratulations to recent RDG recipient, Bella Green, on winning the Interschools Div 2 SlopeStyle competition on the weekend.
Great stuff Bella!

One Cycling

The One Cycling Roadshow has been announced. The closest we’ll get is the Melbourne meeting on Wednesday 11 September, 6-9pm at a venue to be announced. Here is a link to register and get a ticket to the event. It will also be live-streamed. (Not sure if you need to register for a ticket to get access to the livestream though.)
The MMBCC has been pushing for this for years - one membership to cover road and mtb (and BMX) - so hopefully this is worthy of your vote.

Upcoming Events

Alfred 6-Hour MTB Race - Sat 21 Sep - Bright
MMBCC Summer Road Series - early Oct - details soon
Sam Miranda Strade Nero Gran Fondo - Sat 12 Oct - Oxley
Fitz’s Challenge - Sun 27 Oct - Canberra

One week to go...

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AGM next Tuesday.

The MMBCC Annual General Meeting will be held next Tuesday 23 July at the Delatite Hotel, starting at 6.30pm. Head to the pub at about 6 for dinner and let’s have a chat about the running of the club.

We need to vote on members of the Executive Committee and find some other committee members, hand out some Rider Development Grants, chat about road racing, Dirt Crits, Junior Development, the Mansfield Tour, the Buller round of the Vic Downhill Series and Recreational Rides.

See you at 6 next Tuesday at the Delatite!

Working Bee at Riflebutts MTB Park - Sunday 28 July 1-5pm


There is moisture back in the ground so it’s time to dig!

The plan is to overhaul Rubbish Run trail, realign one section and upgrade the rest of the trail to bring back the fun. Yew!

Bring hand tools, e.g rakes, shovels, rakehoes, etc. Plus eye wear, gloves and a hard hat if you have one. And, of course, wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

And please be on time as a Parks Ranger will conduct a safety brief prior to the working bee.

One Cycling

One Cycling.jpg

You probably received an email this week from either Cycling Australia, Mountain Bike Australia or BMX Australia about One Cycling. Here are the details, if you didn’t read the email.

Going by the timeline included, all members will be asked to vote on the negotiated proposal in October or November this year.

The MMBCC have been pushing for something like this for years! (Kudos to both Craig Wilson and Damian Grundy who’ve both worked hard on this too). It should be a great thing for MMBCC members who race both mountain bike and road.

Hopefully, it’ll be worthwhile.


As the Women’s Giro Rosa wasn’t televised, here is a link to catch up on highlights of each stage.

This is how to handle a bike! The winning run of the recent Les Gets round of the Downhill World Cup.

Ratification. Or just plain ratty?

First up… the Mansfield Tour

The Mansfield Tour committee are recommending the club hosts the event again in 2020 - but we need to ratify that decision at the AGM.

Ratify? No, nothing to do with our little mate below; think more along the lines of this.

rat 1a.jpg

We had a committee of six working on the Tour this year and we’d like a couple more for next year. With a couple of the existing committee unavailable for 2020, that means we’ll be after four more to join the current four members.

Have a think about what you could contribute and we can discuss it in more detail at the AGM.

If you’d like a chat in the meantime, send a note to Bruce or call him on 0419 533 120.

Speaking of the AGM… when is it?

Good question!

The MMBCC Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 23 July at the Delatite Hotel, starting at 6.30pm.

Head to the pub at about 6 for a drink, order dinner and let’s have a chat about the running of the club.

Of course, all Executive Committee positions will be declared vacant. Plus we need a new Secretary, some more members of the road sub-committee, plus the Dirt Crits sub-committee, Junior Development, Recreational Rides and General Committee positions to fill.

If you’d like to have a chat about what’s involved, send a message to Damian or Bruce.

Next up… the Rider Development Grant

We haven’t received an application yet!

The RDG application form is now available for download here. The club has had quite a successful year financially, so let’s find some promising junior riders to help out. The grant can go towards any of the costs involved in a rider developing further - travel/fuel costs, equipment, coaching, entry fees, etc.

Applications close on Friday 28 June; that’s less than two weeks. Successful applicants will be announced at the AGM on Thursday 23 July.

Finally, a little light reading on someone crashing a bike…

It seems Chris Froome’s crash was even worse than everyone initially thought.

What does it mean for Le Tour?

Maybe 2019 is Ritchie’s turn?!

AGM, RDG, MST and more...


The MMBCC Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 23 July at the Delatite Hotel, starting at 6.30pm.
Head to the pub at about 6 for a drink, order dinner and let’s have a chat about the running of the club.
The AGM is a little earlier this year to give the Road Sub-committee a chance to apply for permits in time for us to start racing in early October. We already have a few members continuing from last summer but we need a few more of you to help out.
We also need a new Secretary. (In case you didn’t know, Ben and Melissa are expecting. Congratulations!) Ben will likely be a little bit busier at home for the next while; therefore we need to find a replacement.
Plus there’s the Dirt Crits sub-committee, Junior Development, Recreational Rides and General Committee positions to fill.
If you’d like to have a chat about what’s involved, send a message to Damian or Bruce.

Rider Development Grant

The RDG application form is now available for download here. The club’s had a good year financially, so let’s find some promising junior riders to help out!
Applications close on 28 June.
Successful applicants will be announced at the AGM on 23 July.

Mansfield Tour

The 2020 Tour will be one of the topics up for discussion at the AGM. The 2019 Mansfield Subaru Tour was reasonablly financially successful so the committee are recommending we host the event again in 2020 - but we need to discuss it at the AGM and get the whole club to make that decision.
We had a committee of six working on the Tour this year and we’d like a couple more for next year. With a couple of the existing committee unavailable for 2020, that means we’ll be after four more to join the current four members.
Have a think about what you could contribute and we can discuss it in more detail at the AGM.
If you’d like a chat in the meantime, send a note to Bruce or call him on 0419 533 120.

Upcoming Events


Melburn Roubaix - Sunday 30 June - A ‘treasure hunt’ around the back streets and cobbled lanes of Melbourne’s inner suburbs. This is one of the most fun days you’ll ever have on a bike!

Tour de Beechworth - Saturday 27 July - A ride around Beechworth (on- and off-road) culminating with a French dinner at Bridge Road Brewers and a live cross to SBS’s Mike Tomalaris at the Tour de France.

Amy’s Gran Fondo - Sunday 15 September - Australia’s best recreational ride on closed roads, including the Great Ocean Road.

Finally, one for Strava users…


If you’re a Strava user, join the UCI Cycling Club, go for a ride this coming Monday and the UCI will donate bikes to World Bicycle Relief.
8am from the Botanic Park?
Click here to find out more.

Summer Presentations and Market Research

Summer Presentations

Congratulations to all the winners from our recently completed Summer of racing. Especially all our Junior Women who had to do a little weight lifting of trophies last night.

Dirt Crits

Ruby Dobson, Elise Empey and Dan Friday.

Ruby Dobson, Elise Empey and Dan Friday.

Points DC Final 190408.jpg

Road Racing (overall)

Ruby Dobson, Dave Moore and Steve Duke.

Ruby Dobson, Dave Moore and Steve Duke.

Points Road Final 190408.jpg

Road Racing Women’s Trophy

Talia Appleton, Ruby Dobson and Janine Appleton.

Talia Appleton, Ruby Dobson and Janine Appleton.

Points W Road Final 190408.jpg

Alain Guerin Memorial Combined Trophy

Bella Green, Ruby Dobson and Talia Appleton.

Bella Green, Ruby Dobson and Talia Appleton.

Points Combined Final 190408.jpg

Want to earn an $80 Gift Voucher?

A market research company has contacted the MMBCC. They want cyclists for an online discussion about advertising for the Tour Down Under.
- Have you got about 90 minutes spare at 5.30pm this coming Wednesday?
- Are you between 20 and 50 years old?
- Would you like an $80 gift voucher?
If yes, then call them on 1800 077 789 for more details.

More great results from Bright

The Oceania Championships were held in Bright over the last few days, just after the Nationals finished.
Congratulations to Ruby Dobson, who continued her recent good form to win the Bronze medal in the Under 15 Womens Cross Country.
Congratulations again to Elise Empey who also got onto the podium winning a Silver in the Under 17 Womens Downhill.
And big kudos to Matt Empey who rode himself into the top ten in Under 19 Men Downhill.


Don’t forget this Sunday night is Paris-Roubaix, the Queen of the Classics, the Hell of the North… the best pro road race of the year. SBS Viceland will show it live from 9.30pm.

MTBA Nationals Podiums and other news

MTBA Nationals in Bright

Cross Country
In Under 15 Women Ruby Dobson won the Silver medal and Talia Appleton finished 6th… a great result from both girls! Well done.
In Masters 5, past member and friend of the MMBCC, Brett Kellett won and is Australian Champion! However, it’s not all good news… Brett still barracks for Collingwood.
Matthew Empey finished 18th in the highly competitive Under 19 Men while Elise Empey won the Silver medal in Under 17 Women!

Final race of the summer is a cracker!

By Tom MacMunn

Perfect conditions for the last race of the Summer Series on Thursday night. It was a slightly smaller field with a bunch of juniors on their way to the Mountain Bike Nationals for the weekend. The smart money was on the handicapper, John Eisner, who started himself first. Bella Green and Craig Wilson joined him to make up the strongest looking limit group in MMBCC memory. A group of five old blokes (some older than others) followed them and chased hard all the way to the turnaround at Sawpit Gully Road, pulling back more than half of the two minute deficit.
Meanwhile Cam Lachal and Steve Duke were trying gamely to stay away from Bruce Halket, Dave Moore, Damian Grundy and Tom MacMunn. They had a three minute start but with only two riders it was always going to be a challenge. Both groups were together at the turn.
Josh Hopwood and Lewis Dowie had pulled back a fair chunk of time from Scratch, but with a tail wind on the way home the other groups had a good chance of staying away. Josh and Lewis were held up at the turnaround, with the marshals keeping them safe by holding them to let a car pass. At the end of the race they were calling it 10-15 seconds, by the time we got to the pub they were saying at least a minute.
It was a fast downhill, tailwind run for all groups back towards town. The front groups came together but thoughts of staying away were dashed just after the Barwite Hill. Dave Moore, likely series champion, played the ultimate team role and pulled a massive turn to catch everyone and allow Damian, Bruce and Tom to launch an attack, with only Steve Duke able to respond. The four leaders worked together to the final turn on to Mt Battery Road. Steve’s version of the sprint was that he decided not to win so that he wouldn’t have to write the race report. The author of this report feels the sprint was won fair and square. Tom from Steve, Bruce and Damian. Fastest time went to Josh in 39.30.
Thank you to all the marshals, commissaries, volunteers, the handicapper and the road committee. Thank you also to the other road users in the Mansfield District, particularly those who use the Mansfield Whitfield Road. This is one of the best places in Australia to ride and a big part of that is having a community who helps to keep our cyclists safe.
A final thanks of the 2018/2019 season to Tony Copland for the pics and here are the results.

General Meeting tomorrow

The usual MMBCC Exec Meeting will be held tomorrow, Monday 8 April, at the Delatite Hotel at 7pm. However, this time, all members are invited to come along to see how things run and to add more voices to the discussions.

Summer Presentation

This coming Thursday 11 April the MMBCC will host the Summer Presentations at the Delatite Hotel from 6pm. This is where we’ll award the Summer Road Series trophy, the Dirt Crits trophy and the Alain Guerin Memorial Crossover trophy.
See you there!

Lake Eildon Challenge

Apparently there’s a silver lining to every cloud.
A very dry summer means we might soon be able to ride out to Jamieson more often if the amount of traffic drops with the lake level.
But until the roads get that quiet, you can ride out that way with a bunch next Saturday… the Lake Eildon Challenge is on!
Unlike previous years, this year it’s not really an official ‘event’ just a fun day out. Use this link for the LEC website, have a read and let Liam Delaney know you’ll be coming along for the ride. I know of at least one local planning on riding to Eildon with a support driver picking them up.


We’ll have the final financial results of the Mansfield Tour soon. So far, it looks ok.
However, the largest cost of the Tour is the wages of the Qualified Traffic Controllers (QTC) we need to implement the Traffic Management Plans. This year we were lucky enough to enlist the help of the SES to help keep costs down. But we can’t expect them to be available every year.
So, the club is talking to Cycling Victoria about organising a QTC course some time in the next few months. The aim is to get about 10 volunteers qualified to help out next March for Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.
But we need non-MMBCC members, as MMBCC members will be busy organising the race itself, as most of you were this year.
Do you know anyone associated with another community group (Scouts, Apex, Tennis Club, Football & Netball Club, etc.) who’d be prepared to help out? We’ll not only pay them for their time at the Tour, we’ll also donate to their community group. Plus, they’ll get a qualification they can use to earn a good wage!
If you do, please get them to contact Bruce.

And don’t forget…

One of the races of the pro season tonight - the Tour of Flanders. Live on SBS Viceland from 9.30pm.

Here is the news

Battle around the Barwite Loop

By Talia, Janine and Jarrod Appleton

Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club road racers had perfect conditions last Thursday for the 22km handicap race which started at the BP Roadhouse. The race course went around the “Barwite Loop” and finished with an uphill sprint on Mt Battery Road outside the show grounds. This circuit includes the short but steep climb over the hill on Old Tolmie Rd which is affectionately know by local riders as the Coombesberg. It was guaranteed to break up the field and have a big influence on the eventual outcome of the race.
Ben Grundy was the lone Limit rider making the best of his five-minute start over the chasing group of Ruby Dobson, Rachael Grundy, Bella Green, Dave Bock and Talia Appleton.
They were followed by Steve Curnow, John Eisner, Dave Jagger and Craig Wilson.
Chasing them was Janine Appleton, Tim Hall and Jason Parker. Next off in the ‘Block group was Cam Lachal, John Lazarov and Rob Skinner.
Bringing up the rear of the field was a large Scratch group consisting of Steve Duke, Damian Grundy, Bruce Halket, Tom MacMunn, Dave Moore and Lewis Dowie who was still keen to race only four days after his great result at the Mansfield Subaru Tour.
Scratch had a disastrous start! Lewis dropped his chain which lead to confusion amongst the rest of the group as to the merits of waiting for him or heading down the road. Bruce and Steve waited to help pace him back to Damian, Dave and Tom. Steve paid dearly for his generosity. Lewis, no doubt determined to make amends for holding the group up, powered down the road. Bruce and Steve tucked into his slipstream and managed to hold the wheel. However, this huge effort caught up with Steve at the next rise in the road and he was dropped by the group leaving him to ride as lantern rouge for the rest of the race.
The race plan of attacking on the hill paid off for Ruby and Talia, leaving Bella, Rachael and Bocky in their tracks. They teamed up brilliantly and backed themselves for the remaining 14km, staying clear of the chasing group of Tim Hall, Dave Jagger, Steve Curnow and Janine Appleton.
Talia put her last 100% effort into the sprint after the Mt Battery corner, but it wasn’t enough to hold off Ruby, who dashed past to take the win in a time of 44.23 (corrected to 39.53). Talia a very comfortable second ahead of Janine in third to fill the podium with women.
For the first time ever, the MMBCC presented the First Unplaced Male to Dave Jagger.
Tom MacMunn won Fastest Time in 31.21.
Thanks to all the volunteers and Commissaires for assisting on the night.
Next week is the last road race of the summer, on our ‘traditional’ course on Whitfield Road out to Sawpit Gully Road and back.
Here are the results and many thanks to Antonio Coplandia for the pics.

Some snippets on the Tour...

Our website averages about 300 page views per month for most of the year. Not surprisingly, this goes up a lot in the lead-up to our Tour.
During March 2018 we had 4,980 page views, from 1,780 unique visitors, which we thought was really good.
But this March we’ve had 6,366 page views from 3,574 unique visitors!
That’s double the number of unique visitors from last year! So we’re definitely attracting more interest in the Tour; and we really hope this translates to more value for our sponsors.
Speaking of sponsors, more thanks again to Martins Garage, All Terrain Cycles, Torq Nutrition, Lezyne (and Cannondale), Krush and the Delatite Hotel. Please support those that support us (below is a page from the Tech Guide which appeared as both the inside front cover and the back cover).

Tech Guide 01-02&20.jpg

In case you hadn’t seen them, here are the Welcome pages from the Technical Guide that each entrant received.

Finally, here are a few more pics from the Mansfield Subaru Tour. There are heaps more from Ernesto on the Cycling Victoria facebook page.

MTBA Nationals

Good luck next weekend to a slew of MMBCC members who’ll be competing at Bright at the Australian Mountain Bike Championships. Good luck. Ride well.

Jersey for sale

Bruce ordered a Tour Souvenir Jersey in the wrong size. He should have ordered a Medium Club Cut but he ordered a Medium Race Cut by mistake. It’s basically a Small.
Price negotiable. Drop him a line…
Also, if anyone else wants one of these, we’re considering opening up for another kit order. Let Bruce know if you’re interested.

2019 Tour Souvenir jersey 1.jpg

What a week!

Mansfield Subaru Tour wrap-up

As that old saying goes, if you want to break a drought, hold a bike race!
With 280 entrants, the largest field in years, the Mansfield Subaru Tour kicked off under grey skies and the chance of showers on Saturday morning with the Individual Time Trial. But the unfamiliar wet stuff falling out of the sky wasn’t enough to dampen spirits or affect racing.
Saturday afternoon saw the racing start in the centre of town for the first time, adding a great atmosphere to an already spectacular event. The Martins Garage Subarus at the front of the A-Grade bunches really added to the event.
As expected, the Old Tolmie Road (the Col du Tolmielet) proved the hardest stage of the race.
A huge turnout at the Delatite Hotel on Saturday night saw the winners of Saturday’s races rewarded and thousands of prizes given away - most of them generously donated by Shannon and the team at All Terrain Cycles.
The weather did as was told and provided perfect conditions for Sunday’s race to Mt Buller which saw some fierce racing.
In Masters B, Dan Purcell sprinted for the All Terrain Cycles crown in Merrijig, to take the classification for the second year in a row!
Mens A-Grade saw a record broken - Simon Gerrans’ long held best time was beaten by Jesse Featonby who clocked 39:28, beating Simon by just over 30 seconds.
Josh Hopwood in Masters B broke away from the bunch at Changue Road and almost made it - riding alone up the mountain only to be pipped on the line and finishing second on the day. Confusingly, those of us at the finish line thought he’d won.
Many thanks to all the courteous Mansfield motorists - we apologise if you were inconvenienced on your travels over the weekend but we greatly appreciate your patience.
Thanks also to our local SES,, the Delatite Hotel, Martins Garage / Mansfield Subaru, All Terrain Cycles and all the members of the Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club who donated so much of their time to make the weekend a huge success. In particular, many thanks to the Tour Committee: Jarrod Appleton, David Jagger, Dave Moore, Nathan Pelling and Craig Wilson.

Mens A-Grade. GC: Sam Hill; ATC Sprint: Pat Eddy
Womens A-Grade. GC: Kate Perry; ATC Sprint: Alana Forster
Masters A-Grade. GC Tom Leaper; ATC Sprint: Dom Dudkiewicz

Notable local results:
Masters B ATC Sprint: Dan Purcell - 1st.
Masters B GC: Josh Hopwood - 6th, Dan Purcell - 23rd.
Mens C-Grade: Lewis Dowie - 16th.

A message from Perry Cummings…

For those that aren’t aware, there was a crash at Merrjig during Stage 2. For a little while, it seemed much worse than the eventual outcome. This is a message sent to Damian from the injured rider, Perry Cummings.

Hi Damian,
Just wanted to say thank you to your club members and volunteers who assisted me after my crash yesterday. They did an absolutely amazing job, I couldn't have been in better hands.
I got off fairly lightly in the end with a hole in my elbow requiring quite a few stitches and a grade 1 strain to my AC joint in my right shoulder. I should be back on the road within about 2 to 4 weeks.
Thank you again to all that assisted, you should be very proud of them all and the event that you run. Hope to see you again next year.
Perry Cummings

Dirt Crits Gravity Enduro

Surprise, surprise… Matt and Elise won. But so did James Griffin!
Here are the results. Thanks to Kate Stonnill for the pics.

The O’Hanlon Road Hill Handicap.

By Steve Duke

We had a perfect Autumn evening for last Thursday night’s road race. There were 20 riders, in six groups lined up for the start at Lords Ground.
Heading out along the undulating Howes Creek Road, Block Group which included John Lazarov, Jarrod Appleton, Rob Skinner, Cam Lachal and Steve Duke worked strongly together as a team. By the Campagnolos Road turn three groups had been caught leaving only the front runners Courtney Lynch and Dave Bock out in front.
Block successfully held off the Scratch group, Dave Moore, Bruce Halket and Damien Grundy who had a tough handicap, starting three and a half minutes behind Block.
By the bottom of the O’Hanlon Road hill the front runners were caught. It was then that Talia Appleton made what appeared to be the race winning move and swiftly passed through the riders to take the lead at the base of the climb.
Steve and John took off in hot pursuit with Steve passing Talia on the steeper pinches of the climb to take the win from Talia with John 3rd and Ruby Dobson 4th.
Damien was the first of the Scratch group home, well down the field in 13th, but with Fastest Time as some consolation.
Next week sees the MMBCC tackle the Barwite Loop, finishing on Mt Battery Road opposite the Showgrounds.
Here are the results. Thanks for the pics Tony!

Final pre-Tour update

Volunteer Roster

Here’s the volunteer roster for this weekend’s Mansfield Subaru Tour.
It includes all the volunteer locations, including the All Terrain Cycles sprints, start and finish times… everything you need really.
There have been some changes in the last few days, even since you received your ‘Lucky Duck’ email.
Click on this link to download yourself a copy of the PDF.

Tour Volunteers 2019 d2c.jpg

Please have a look through and find your name. If you have any questions, please call Bruce on 0419 533 120 for clarification.
A final thank you to both Jodie Batchelor and Tony Copland who are volunteering as Commissaires for Cycling Victoria this weekend.

Who’s racing in the 2019 Mansfield Subaru Tour?

The following article and pics was meant to appear in the Mansfield Courier this week. It was aimed at adding a bit of local flavour for Mansfield readers that aren’t MMBCC members. But the Courier ran out of space for it, apparently.

The Tour is round two of the Victorian Road Series, sponsored by the TAC’s Towards Zero campaign, and is the first multi-day tour of the road season. It’s attracted 280 riders and teams from most states of Australia and even overseas, with a team from New Zealand registered to race.
But for Mansfield residents, and members of the Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club, much of the attention will sit with three local riders who’ll line up too.
Lewis Dowie teaches at Lauriston Howqua and has proven over the last couple of summers he’s one of the strongest in our Thursday night races. For 2019 he’s entered Masters B-Grade, one of the most competitive grades of the race; it’ll be a big step-up for Lewis and we’re keen to see how he goes.
Dan Purcell has also entered. Now that he’s joined the Masters ranks (yes, even boyish Dan is getting older!) he’ll be looking to add the Masters B-Grade All Terrain Cycles Sprint crown to the B-Grade ATC Sprint Prize he won last year.
And it’ll be much more worth his while this time - with time bonuses on offer, as well as the cash!

Finally, there’s Josh Hopwood…
With all the recent fires, it seemed work at DELWP would keep Josh off the start line in 2019; which would mean he wouldn’t be able to defend his Masters B Time Trial win from 2018. However, he seemed to have pulled a rabbit out from his hat and has entered the Tour.
Despite having a couple of weeks off the bike while work consumed everything else, he’s almost matched last year’s TT times in training and appears to be in really good shape.
Good luck to Lewis, Dan and Josh. While most members of the club will be busy ‘running’ the race all weekend, we’ll make sure we all find our voice for a little encouragement when you ride past.
The Mansfield Subaru Tour will be held this coming weekend, on almost identical courses to last year. The Individual Time Trial on Saturday morning will start on Graves Road and complete the ‘Barwite Loop’ around to the Mansfield-Whitfield Road and back to town. This will include the ominous ‘Coombesberg’ at about one-third distance.
The road race for Stage Two on Saturday afternoon will start from Erril Street in the centre of town, turn left at a couple of roundabouts and head for Mirimbah and back; then climb the dreaded Old Tolmie Road
Sunday morning’s Stage 3, the Mt Buller Road Race, again starts at Erril Street and heads straight up the mountain.
Details of roads used and expected delays can be found in the Public Notices section of the Courier. (As long as they’ve managed to fit it in… )

A duck, dirt, Dave and dames

There’s a lot to get through this week…

Tour Volunteers

By Bruce Halket

By now you should have received your ‘Lucky Duck’ email from Wil. If not, please let him know.

Lucky Duck.jpg

We’ll have the final volunteer roster for you in a couple of days (hopefully Tuesday evening or perhaps Wednesday morning) in a news update. So please click on the link in the next newsletter to get yourself a copy and have a read - it will likely include some last minute changes.
If you’re on the roster, can I please ask you to come along to the Delatite Hotel this coming Thursday night after the road race presentations?
That’s when we’ll hand out your high-vis vest and give final instructions.
This is particularly important if you’re a Lead Car driver; please come along on Thursday night for a quick chat.
It’s all go for the Tour…
Sponsors prizes are arriving, we’ve tried out the huge Subaru arch, the jerseys have been shipped (that includes the souvenir jerseys many of you have ordered) and entries close tonight.
Locally speaking… Josh Hopwood, Dan Purcell and Lewis Dowie have entered. Go Mansfield!

Dirt Crits

Irish Handicap this week with Ruby Dobson tuning up for the National Interschools at Thredbo this weekend with a strong win ahead of Talia Appleton and James Griffin.

DC 190312 IMG_0164b.jpg

Here are the results.

Speaking of the National Interschools…

Ruby Dobson: 1st Div 3 Cross Country.
Elise Empey: 1st Div 2 Cross Country; 1st Div 2 Downhill; 1st Div 2 Flow DH and Overall Div 2 Champion!
Maddison Smith: 2nd Div 3 Downhill.
Matt Empey: 7th Div 1 Downhill; 12th Flow DH.
Zac Empey: 61st Div 3 Flow DH , 45th Div 3 Downhill and 20th Div 3 Cross Country.

Interschools E&M.jpg

Well done Team Mansfield! Killing it!

Buller Road Handicap

By Dave Moore

18 people lined up to race on Thursday night - the smoke haze possibly putting some people off, not surprising given the impending lung busting efforts.
First out of the traps were Talia Appleton, Bella Green and Dave Bock, a further 4 groups set off before Josh Hopwood who brought up the rear, 9 and half minutes later.
We were able to welcome a grandson/father team from Shepparton this week, with the grandson Nick Torney doing a pre-Mansfield Tour recce. Nick started in Block with Tom MacMunn, Anthony Plummer and Dave Moore, and it soon became apparent that he was too strong for all three. Nick managed to drop all three by shortly after Graves Road!
Josh then caught Dave and Tom who were able to latch onto the Juggernaut and get some sort of recovery before contributing a few short turns to reel Nick back in by about Glenroy Road. This group of four then caught the next group on the climb to Hearns Road with only Steve Duke and Cam Lachal able to make the jump across before the turn.
The return trip into town was fast and furious for everyone involved in the race - in particular Dave Jagger who took a detour onto the gravel at 55kph but held onto to it well to stay with his group!
Some epic turns by the Juggernaut and contributions from others saw the last group of Craig Wilson and Talia Appleton caught with only 2km to go - a sterling effort!

The final sprint was lead out by Steve Duke who seemed more surprised than anyone else by this fact, he maintained his sprint for a solid 300m only being pipped at the line by Dave Moore and Tom MacMunn, with Josh and Cam rounding out the top 5.
Thanks once again to all the volunteer marshals and Commissaires, the races couldn’t happen without you so THANK YOU.
Thanks once again to Tony Copland for the pics. Here are the results.
Next week’s race starts at the Lords Ground and finishes at the top of the hill on O’Hanlons Road. See you all there!

High Country Womens Cycling Festival

There is a group from Mansfield heading to Bright from Fri 29 to Sun 31 March for the High Country Womens Cycling Festival. They’d like to let other ladies know if they are interested and want to go, there will be a small group from Mansfield going for the three days. Let Donna know here.
For more details of the event click here.

Social Ride in the King Valley

Despite a fire starting at Rose River on Saturday afternoon, the social ride went ahead on Sunday to huge acclaim.
The roads were quiet, the air not nearly as smokey as we’d feared and the grazing platters at Gracebrook Winery were a winner!
Many thanks to Margaretanne for organising a great day out.

The “I don’t have enough space in the garage for all these” sale

Tim Ross has some bike-related items he wants to be rid of. 

A dead-heat and a dog

Tour Volunteers

We still need a few more volunteers!
Do you have a few hours to spare on the weekend of Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 March?
Please email Wil and let him know - we’d really appreciate it.

MMBCC cycling library at ATC

MMBCC Library IMG_0155.jpg

The MMBCC cycling book library is still up and running at All Terrain Cycles. In fact, there have been a few additions lately.
Remember, MMBCC members are welcome to borrow any of the books in the library… so long as the books get returned.

Social road ride King Valley next Sunday

Two groups leaving from Mansfield Botanic Park to ride to Whitfield; one at 8am and a slightly faster one at 9am.
Those wanting an easier shorter ride are meeting at the Whitfield General Store at 10am to ride out to Lake William Hovell and back.
Lunch will be at Gracebrook Winery. Menu will likely be a choice of grazing platters, depending on numbers. But you have to earn the wine! And the whine.
RSVP with Margaretanne Hood either via email or send her an SMS on 0417 389 249.

Dirt Crits Teams Race

DC 190305 IMG_0160.jpg

A ‘new’ format of teams race with each team having a six-lap rider who would be joined by team mates during the race to each complete the correct number of laps each - all ridden together!
It started with Damian, Dan, Cam and Bruce starting the race for six laps. Damian started strongly and opened a clear gap on Dan halfway through the first lap, with Cam and Bruce following. For some reason Dan moved over and allowed Cam and Bruce through.
Second lap saw Cam joined by Matt (who’d ride five laps) and Bruce had the lap of a lifetime!
He managed to overtake Cam and Matt near the top of Bogan’s Beginnings and then witnessed Damian walking down to the bench line. In his own words, he’d “had a brain fade”, took a wrong turn and was heading back to where he’d gone wrong to virtually start the second lap again.
This gave Bruce the lead! He was joined on his third lap by Ruby (to ride four laps), who had to be reigned-in a little to let the old bloke keep up. A lap later Alex joined in too.
The next three laps saw Ruby, Alex and Bruce ride smoothly (well… mostly) together to take the win ahead of Zac, Matt and Cam.
Here are the results.

Graded Scratch Races

By Tom MacMunn

Thank you to the commissaries and volunteers who oversaw the Graded Scratch Races from the Botanic Park to the turnaround at Sawpit Gully Road and then back along Barwite Road, over Coombes Hill to finish on Graves Road.
Despite a few attempts to break up the race from Bruce, Tom, Dave and Damian, the eight A grade riders were all together as they turned onto Barwite Road. Somehow Damian, Steve and Tom found themselves 50m off the front and, after a big double take to confirm the gap, they rode hard to stay away. Dave and Bruce led the chase but couldn’t pull them back.
Tom won the sprint from Damian and Steve.
B Grade wandered out the Whitfield Road to the turn around, and then realised that they had better ride so that C Grade didn’t catch them. Janine, Tim and Alex charged away from the bunch and rode hard to stay away. Jason told the rest that he wasn’t going to chase them down all by himself. Alex talked a big game, but couldn’t quite back it up. Janine won the sprint from Tim with Alex third.
Dave Bock had the unenviable task of keeping the young girls in check in C Grade. He managed to stay with them over the Coombesberg and then had a front row seat to the best finish of the night. Ruby was half a wheel ahead with a few metres to race. Talia was clearly ahead a couple of metres past the line. After checking with race officials and a blurry finish line photo, the result couldn’t be split. Ruby and Talia equal first, Dave in third.

Here are the results and many thanks to Tony Copland for the race pics. In the presentation pics, Tim Hall was unable to attend so his place was taken by, and his prize money given to, Leah the dog!

A few new items for sale

S-Works Roubaix - anyone 182cm or taller should look at upgrading to this bike. It’s a beauty!

Kurt Kinetic Trainers - get yourself sorted for winter training.

Results, rides and riser rings

Lots happening this week... and don’t forget to subscribe!

2019 Falls Creek XCO Mountain Bike Interschools

Last Friday 1 March a large contingent of Mansfield kids headed to Falls Creek for the Mountain Bike Interschools.
Highlights of the results include:
Div 4 Girls - Selina Green 2nd, Mika Smith 3rd.
Div 4 Boys - Charlie Dobson 4th
Div 3 Girls - Talia Appleton 1st, Maddi Smith 3rd. Ruby Dobson DNF due to mechanical
Div 3 Boys - Kevin Gannon 4th, Sam Mosley 11th & Zac Empey 18th
Div 2 Girls - Ruby Dobson 2nd (after being allowed to move up an age group after her DNF in Div 3), Elise Empey 3rd, Bella Green 4th, Mani Foubister 6th & Freya Valerio 8th.
Here are the results. All up great effort by all from Mansfield.

Dirt Crits

DC 190226 both IMG_0102.jpg

Two different lap lengths used to handicap and confuse.
Damian took the two long laps and one short lap grade from Dan and Lee.
Ruby took out the one long lap and two short laps grade from Elise and Talia.
Here are the results.

Social road ride King Valley - Sunday 17 March

Two groups leaving from Mansfield Botanic Park to ride to Whitfield; one at 8am and a slightly faster one at 9am.
Those wanting an easier shorter ride are meeting at the Whitfield General Store at 10am to ride out to Lake William Hovell and back.
Lunch will be at Gracebrook Winery. Menu will likely be a choice of grazing platters, depending on numbers. But you have to earn the wine! And the whine.
RSVP with Margaretanne Hood either via email or send her an SMS on 0417 389 249.

The Coombesberg

By Dave Moore

Six groups lined up on the last day of summer on what was a fairly hot and blustery Thursday night.
First off were the in form trio of David Bock, Tony Morris and Courtney Lynch who between them had claimed the win in the last 2 races –certainly a force to be reckoned with.
Last off was Josh Hopwood AND Lewis Dowie. Yes, yes… that’s right… Josh was not by himself for the first time all season!
The course for the night was out to Sawpit Gully Road into a reasonable headwind which played into the Scratch group’s favour; they caught the Block group shortly after Barwite Road creating a group of 6 who worked well together for the remainder of the night - even at the pub afterwards!
With no large groups forming at the front of the race, the Scratch/Block group were able to reel in everyone by the end of the Barwite Road before turning right onto Old Tolmie Road for the fabled finish atop the Coombesberg. Josh made his intentions apparent mid turn by cranking up the watts and therefore the pressure on those seeking to “steal” the victory.
As Soldiers Road was reached Tom MacMunn increased the pace but was swiftly caught and counter attacked by the Juggernaut (Josh), who continued this surge to the line pipping Dave Moore and his team mate Lewis Dowie to take a well deserved first victory of the season. Thanks to all the volunteers and Commissaires for their time and efforts once again.
Here are the results and thanks again to Tony Copland for the images.

Trainers for sale

At some stage, it WILL get wet and/or cold! Probably.
When it does, you’ll need a trainer. Jodie has a couple of them for sale.

Three Rail Trail ride opportunities to make a difference and make you feel good.

Over the coming weeks there are three fund-raising rides to be conducted exclusively on the Great Victorian Rail Trail. The first of these is the Tour de Trails, an offshoot of the Tour de Cure which has already raised more than $1.5 million for cancer research and which recently visited Mansfield. This is the premiere edition of the Tour de Trails and is held over the weekend of 23 and 24 March with rides from Alexandra to Yea and return Saturday and Alexandra to Yarck / Merton and return on Sunday.
(Of course, most of you will be busy that weekend helping the club run the Mansfield Tour, won’t you! - Ed.)
Next up is Cycle Dindi, held on Saturday 6 April, the first weekend of the Easter School holidays. This offers a range of rides from 40km to a very challenging 120km. Rides depart from Bonnie Doon, Yarck and Yea with lunch provided at Cathkin with Billy Tea available at Kanumbra and Devonshire Teas at Nutfield. Organised by the Rotary Clubs of Yea, Alexandra and Mansfield the funds raised are to benefit disadvantaged youth locally. Although all rides are return, a sag wagon will be available for those who only want to do one leg.
Finally, on Sunday 28 April the Mansfield Steiner School conducts the Ride for Venilale to raise funds for the Uai Laco School in East Timor. A shorter ride, ideal for families and those who want to get back into riding, it runs from Mansfield to Maindample, a total of 26kms return, with a BBQ lunch provided at Maindample.
Each of the flyers is included below for all details. Click the links below to download a larger, easier-to-read PDF version.

STOP PRESS: The Steiner School Venilale ride has changed to Saturday 4 May. MMBCC Towers were sent the wrong information but a new flyer is now available below.

Rail Trail Rides poster 2.jpg

Sunday arvo catch-up

Here’s the latest from the MMBCC...

Congratulations Jodie!

JB 778388p19047EDNmain43904Jodie (1).jpg

The MMBCC’s Jodie Batchelor has been awarded the 2019 Iris Dixon Women’s Cycling Champion of the Year by Cycling Victoria.
It’s been a big 12 months… first qualifying as an Elite National Commissaire, then being awarded a Change Our Game Scholarship to further her qualifications and experience and now this!
Read about Jodie’s award here.

Social road ride, King Valley - Sunday 17 March

Two groups leaving from Mansfield Botanic Park to ride to Whitfield; one at 8am and a slightly faster one at 9am.
Those wanting an easier shorter ride are meeting at the Whitfield General Store at 10am to ride out to Lake William Hovell and back.
Lunch will be at Gracebrook Winery. Menu will likely be a choice of grazing platters, depending on numbers. But you have to earn the wine! And the whine.
Either ride back or organise your own lift.
RSVP with Margaretanne Hood either via email or send her an SMS on 0417 389 249.

Dirt Crits Gravity Enduro

Two different courses used on Tuesday night in three separate timing classes; times for both runs were combined to give a total time.
Wins to Matt Empey, Adam Baker and Elise Empey. Here are the results and thanks to Jason Parker for the pics.

Bakker Plumbing Handicap

By Jarrod Appleton.

Last week’s MMBCC road race was a special event in our season calendar. The Bakker Plumbing Handicap is a 28km race from Jamieson past Kevington to the turn around at Sailor Bill’s Creek and back to Jamieson.
Participants were treated to ideal race conditions with perfect weather, great scenery and quiet roads.
The handicapping was very accurate resulting in all riders converging at the finish line over the space of two minutes.
Line honours went to Tony Morris followed by Courtney Lynch who were the outmarkers. Storming across the finish line only thirty-five seconds later was a large group of riders consisting of the Scratch and ‘Block groups.
The winner of the bunch sprint of this group was the sprint juggernaut of the season, Anthony Plummer, taking third place overall. He narrowly beat Lewis Dowie, relegating him to fourth and Tom MacMunn in fifth.
Lewis supplemented his fourth-place winnings by claiming the fastest rider cash.
After the race all participants, riders, marshals and commissaires (umpires) enjoyed the prizegiving over drinks and a meal at the Courthouse Hotel, Jamieson.
Here are the results and thank you to our budding, new photographer, Cam Dobson for the images (better at photography than navigation, apparently.)

End of the Japan hiatus update


Mansfield Tour volunteers

With the Tour only just over a month away, many of you may already have received an email from Wil, our Volunteer Harassment Officer/Coordinator.
Please respond to his email - or just send him one now!
If not, you might get a very unpleasant role - the role of ‘toilet cleaner’ is still to be allocated apparently.

Neutral Zones

It appears there was a bit of a ‘to-do’ in last week’s road race about Neutral Zones at U-turns. So we probably need to clarify the rules we use.
A neutral zone is about fair play; about keeping a race together in a slow section so no-one is disadvantaged by their positioning in the bunch - a rider up the front is likely to be faster around the u-turn than a rider down the back. Therefore we neutralise the turn so that the riders who enter the neutral zone together also exit the neutral zone together; and then racing starts again.
It’s particularly used in Graded Scratch races where you’re actually racing against the rest of your group for the whole race.
While a Neutral Zone in a Graded Scratch makes sense, we’ve never seen the need to police a neutral zone at a turnaround in a Handicap Race.
Some clubs do, others don’t.
It’s because of the old saying about Handicaps - Team mates till 200* or Team mates till 2k* - it doesn’t make any sense to drop anyone at a turnaround in the first half of the race; you’re all trying to work together, to catch the groups ahead and increase your chances of winning. Dropping riders from your own group at the turnaround probably decreases your chance of success.
Work together as a team, encourage each other, trust each other, call warnings for each other, help each other; then you’re much, much more likely to succeed.
Once you get close to the finish, it’s every rider for themselves.
However, with the confusion this has caused recently, we’ve taken the decision to include a Neutral Zone of 100 metres at u-turns from now on in ALL Handicap and Graded Scratch Races.
So now there’s no confusion at all.
One more thing related to a turnaround - a red flag means STOP. There is absolutely no confusion about that either.

* Don’t take the distances mentioned in these sayings too literally; it just means work together till near the finish.

Merida road bike for sale.

Mitch Greenway is upgrading and has his very well looked-after Merida up for sale.

Interschools Mountain Biking

Entries are now open for the Interschool Mountain Bike Event at Falls Creek on Friday 1 March. Entries are available online here.
This is a cross country mountain bike event and you do NOT need to be MTBA registered to enter, so it’s especially good for kids you know that ride but aren’t (yet) a member of the club.
8-12 yrs - 9am - 45 min race
12-13 yrs - 10am - 1 hr race
14-15 yrs - 11.10am - 2 hr race
16-17 yrs - 12.30 - 3 hr race
Accommodation is available for approx $40 per person per night at Howmans Gap, Falls Creek cabins on the night of Thursday 28 February. Please email Janine Appleton or give her a call on 0428 150 800 for more information.

High Country Charity Ride

This ride has been going for a few years now as part of the Tour de Cure; it’s 500km over 4 days from Wangaratta to Bright, Omeo, Mt Beauty and back to Wangaratta - yes that means climbing Hotham and the back of Falls Creek.
It’s not far away but apparently two entrants have had to withdraw, so there are now two spots available.
Here are the links for more information and entries.


DC 190207 IMG_8864a.jpg

Congratulations to Ruby Dobson for winning the first Dirt Crits race of 2019, starting the new year in similar form as 2018. Results soon…

Headline pic is one of a number of images shot by Tourism North East and sent out in a Ride High Country email last week. Other images from the campaign include billboards of Kian at Tullarmarine Airport and animated GIFs recently on Cycling Tips including Josh, Lou and Dan

More Friday Night News

Lots on this week…

Mansfield Tour volunteers

With the Tour fast approaching, and with so many sponsors getting involved, now’s the time to lock you in!
If you were involved in 2018 and you’re happy to repeat your role, please email Wil and let him know.
If you’d prefer a new role or you’re NOT available this year, email Wil and let him know.

New Tour Souvenir Jersey

2019 Tour Souvenir jersey 1.jpg

Speaking of the Mansfield Subaru Tour, we’re offering a souvenir jersey to club members.
As they have in previous years, our club kit supplier Seight Sports will produce the prize jerseys for the winners of the Mansfield Subaru GC and All Terrain Cycles Sprint prizes.
But for 2019, they’ve also agreed to offer a one-off, limited edition souvenir jersey. This will also be a bit of a fund-raiser for the club
These will be available at the reduced price of just $65 for Juniors and $80 for Adults. If you’d like one, contact Jarrod Appleton.

Moore hangs on by half a length

A strong, gusty southerly greeted entrants of the MMBCC Handicap Race on the Whitfield Road, out to Sawpit Gully Road and back, on Thursday 31 January.
Twenty riders started with a strong tail wind, beginning with Dave Bock as the lone Limit rider, back to Bruce Halket, Lewis Dowie, Tom Macmunn, Damian Grundy and Dave Moore 11 minutes later off Scratch.
The outward leg made everyone fast! The tail wind meant speeds were high, groups didn’t get caught as easily as usual, and Strava personal records were falling like flies.
However, after the turnaround, the headwind brought a reality check.
Most of the groups came together just after Long Lane with the remaining Block riders, Darren Bakker, Anthony Plummer and Steve Duke riding strongly.
Scratch had other ideas and Grundy lead the catch 1.5km from home. After a couple of questionable tactical decisions behind him, a group of five formed with Dowie and Halket leading out.
In a jaw-dropping move, Plummer used the momentum gained from the descent into town to blast past the lead five and head for home.
After finally closing their mouths, the leaders gave chase and Moore started his sprint from a long, long, 350 metres out.
The crafty Bakker responded and if not for a broken spoke in his rear wheel, may well have taken the chocolates. Moore managed to hang on by half a length from Bakker, with Halket third ahead of Dowie, Grundy, Macmunn and the scarily fast Plummer.
A few seconds later Steve Duke was followed in by Ruby Dobson and Talia Appleton to round out the top ten.
Dave Moore rode fastest time of 39.10.
Many thanks to all our official and volunteers for helping us race safely in the breezy conditions.
Next week sees the club race on Howes Creek Road, starting at the Lords Ground. For next week only, entries to Di via SMS on 0438 513 355.
Here are the results and thanks again to Tony Copland for the pics.

If you’re wondering how to make it easier to work out who’s won in a close finish, take a look at John’s little slo-mo phone video from last night.

Dirt Crits start again Tuesday

Don’t forget, with school going back we’re back off-road this coming Tuesday at Riflebutts MTB Park. Here’s the calendar.

Raise Money for the club by Volunteering at the Bike Buller MTB Festival

SBBF 19 logo.jpg

Event organisers Rapid Ascent are offering the MMBCC the opportunity to raise money for the club by volunteering at this year's Bike Buller MTB Festival.
Bike Buller MTB Festival is a 2 day festival of mountain biking races and events taking place at Mt Buller and surrounds over the Labour Day weekend on 9 and 10 March 2019.
Rapid Ascent will make a donation of $50/half day or $90/full day to your organisation based on how many volunteers your group provides. There is no minimum or maximum number of people required.
Roles include course marshalling, manning water/fruit points, competitor registration and administration roles, logistics and competitor services.
This is a great opportunity to raise funds with no behind the scenes work or pre-planning.  All you need to do is turn up and the club receives the money. The event is also a great chance for club members to have a fun weekend or day out with mates while helping others to have a fun weekend in our backyard.
All volunteers will receive an event t-shirt and lunch.
For further information please contact John Jacoby via email or on 0408 035 261.


When you've got time on your hands and need to improve your bike handling skills, you can be the next Matthew Empey.

Friday Night News

twiddling thumbs.jpeg

With all this heat there’s not been much happening lately.
No road race Thursday, no Dirt Crits till February. Just as well there’s other stuff.

Kieren into the top ten

Even though there was no race this week, there are some changes to last week’s results of the Rob Curtis Hillclimb. An adjustment to handicaps sees Kieren move up.
And we’ve also included the cumulative points tally… lots of juniors loitering just below the top of the ladder!

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race

At least there’ll be some road racing to watch on the box!
The CEGORR will be broadcast on Channel 7two at 12.30pm on Saturday for the Women’s Race. The Men’s race on Sunday will be on Channel 7 from10.30am and 7two from 1pm.
Both races will also be live streamed on 7plus.

A ride at Damian’s

Damian has an open invitation to everyone to go for a ride on his mtb trails on Monday morning at 8am.
62 Borschmann Rd, Lima South. Send Damian an SMS on 0411 045 771 to let him know you’re interested.

Saturday bunch ride time

The little SunSmart widget on the bottom left of the home page says tomorrow’s forecast top for Seymour is going to be 45!
As that’s just a little over 35, it means tomorrow morning’s ‘fast’ ride will start at 7am.

Sunday Night News

VDHS a huge success!


Our downhill race on the weekend up on the hill was a fantastic weekend… a record 298 entries!
A huge hearty congratulations to Ben Annear for doing so much work to make it a such a success!
Thanks also to the VDHS committee for allowing us to host the event.
And an absolutely HUGE thank you to all our members who volunteered their time, be it course setting, car parking, course marshalling… whatever.
Thank you to: Elise Empey, Matt Empey, Dan Friday, Dave Empey, Peter Ellett, Steve Duke, Judi Duke, Tim Hall, Bruce Halket, Kate Stonnill, Tim Ross and Jason Parker.
Another even bigger thank you to the following who volunteered for BOTH days of the event: Adam Baker, Allan Gerrans and Richard Plumb.
Finally, a massive thank you to the following who volunteered even though they’re not even members!
Andy (coty) Setchell, Craig Kappes, Peter Coffey, Nikki Coffey, Caleb Stoneman, Reece Stephenson, Gemma Ferguson, Nick Ferguson, Vickie Vanderhoeven, Jackson Vanderhoeven and Ariel Stava.
If you don’t already have one, there’s an MMBCC t-shirt coming your way!
Shannon Rademaker finished 4th in Vets, Dan Friday 3rd in Short Travel class, Elise Empey finished in 4th (just .03 secs off third) and an awesome 9th (top ten!) to Maddie Smith in Women.

2019 Mansfield Subaru Tour

We’re thrilled to announce that Dion Theodossi and his team at Martins Garage are the new Naming Rights Sponsor of our tour - the Mansfield Subaru Tour!
Plus we can also confirm that All Terrain Cycles are back on-board to sponsor the Sprint prizes.
But wait… there’s more! Torq nutrition are sponsoring too!
And we’ll be able to announce at least one more sponsor shortly.
We’re really excited that it’s going to be a great event. So, please contact Wil to let him know which job you’d like to volunteer for.

Oscar’s Time

An Individual Time Trial (ITT) is usually known as the ‘race of truth’ - there’s no where to hide in a bunch and no wheel to follow. Just each rider, alone, against the clock. 
It’s usually accompanied by aerodynamic enhancements such as time trial handlebar extensions, skin suits and aero helmets. 
However, the ITT held by the Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club on Thursday 17 January was the Rob Curtis Memorial Hillclimb - held on a course which kept speeds so slow that being ‘aero’ was virtually irrelevant. While it was only a relatively short 10km, it was all uphill.
Yep, all of it! (Just like Rob would have wanted.)
There is a suspicion that the Uphill time trial was the brainchild of Thursday Night Race Director Di Condie; who planned a 10km dose of pain because she knew she’d be away on holidays, watching the Tour Down Under in Adelaide. Thanks Di!

On a very warm evening 12 year old Oscar Hall, visiting from Benalla, started things off. With so many away on holiday, or out fighting fires, or worried about the heat, he was followed by only another 11 riders at 30 second intervals.
Even though Damian Grundy was the first across the line, followed by Oscar’s Dad Simon, it was Oscar who took the win with a time of 34.59, corrected to 19.59 on handicap. 
John Lazarov continued his transformation into a climber to take second in 20.28 with Judi Duke third in 20.44, ahead of the two Hall brothers, Simon and Tim.
Bruce Halket rode fastest time in 25.22.
During presentations back at the Delatite Hotel, Club President Damian Grundy announced that all entry monies would be donated to the Red Cross in Rob Curtis’ name.
Next week is everyone’s favourite, a 32km Handicap from the Botanic Park, up to Sawpit Gully Road and around the Barwite Loop to Graves Road. Entries via SMS the usual way by 8pm Wednesday.
Many thanks to all our officials and volunteers. Here are the results and thanks to Tony Copland for the pics.

CA membership renewals

It’s that time of year for Cycling Australia (road) memberships… again!
If you haven’t already, please make sure you renew before you enter your next race. Here’s the link you need to renew your membership so you can race in 2019.
However, not unusually, there seems to be some kind of admin glitch at CA. A few members have renewed but their name doesn’t yet appear on the CA membership list that we download. So please bring your renewal receipt with you to the next race to prove that you have a valid 2019 race licence.
Remember, no membership - no race!

Upcoming Events

Road racing continues this Thursday with a 32km Handicap from the Botanic Park, up to Sawpit Gully Road and then around to Graves Road (course 6). Please check the duty roster.
Dirt Crits is still a few weeks away, starting again on Tuesday 5 February. Here’s the calendar.


An interesting article on road cycling in the ‘mainstream’ media. Victoria needs to lift its game.

'Hot as buggery' news

While it’s so hot, stay inside and have a read of this week’s newsletter.
What? You haven’t subscribed?! Really…?

CA membership renewals

CA renew 2019.jpg

It’s that time of year for Cycling Australia (road) memberships again!
If you haven’t already, please make sure you renew before you enter your next race. Here’s the link you need to renew your membership so you can race in 2019.
We’ll print out a membership list later this week to see who’s renewed. If you renew after Wednesday, you’ll need to bring your receipt with you to the race to prove that you have a valid 2019 race license.
Remember, no membership - no race!

Road racing starts again this week

As it’s a little on the warm side at the moment, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the weather. If it’s too hot to race, we’ll let you know. The Heat Policy is on the Road Racing Info page.
Until then, the Rob Curtis Memorial Hillclimb is on!.
Entries to John as usual via sms on 0428 503 437 by 8pm on Wednesday please.
Please also keep in mind that we now have new marshal instructions. If you’re rostered on, please make yourself familiar with them (like everyone else does when they’re marshalling and YOU’RE racing!) so our races run smoothly and safely.
Also, the rostered Commissaire will contact marshals in the days leading up to the race to discuss what’s required.

Still need volunteers for next weekend’s VDHS

Yes, we still need a few more. Please email Bruce if you have time next weekend. Remember, it’ll be about 10 degrees cooler up on Buller, so escape the heat AND help out the club!

Are you on Instagram?

So is the club! To help promote the upcoming Mansfield Tour (exciting news to be announced about that shortly…) we’ve opened an Instagram account.
Please give us a follow - @mansfieldmtbullercc

Free to a good home.

LG shoes IMG_2031.jpg

George Chalk has a pair of Louis Garneau road shoes (size 42.5) and Look pedals which are surplus to requirements.
He’s giving them away to someone who needs them!
First in, best dressed.
Call in to All Terrain Cycles to have a look and try them on.


The Tour Down Under is on in Victoria on 7Mate from 12 noon each day this week, starting Tuesday. Highlight on Channel 7 late at night. Here are the details.
A good article on The Inner Ring about the year ahead in pro road racing.
And the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup calendar is here.

MMBCC farewells Robert Curtis


By Jason Parker

Saturday 5 January, members of the Mansfield Mount Buller Cycling Club held a memorial ride and morning tea, for one of their members, Robert Curtis.
Since buying a house in the area Robert and his wife, Sue, travelled up from Melbourne most weekends to enjoy spending time in the High Country, tending their farm and alpacas, catching up with friends, skiing and ski patrolling, and cycling. Robert also trained and raced with the Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club and became quickly know as ‘The Colombian’ due to his seemingly effortless climbing prowess.
After feeling unwell last year, Robert sought medical treatment and was diagnosed with Leukemia and then received intensive treatment in hospital. Robert died on December 27.


Before the ride started Jarrod Appleton spoke about Robert’s early life, schooling, sporting pursuits, character, passions, and pursuits. The group of around thirty riders set off, riding to Spring Creek, past Robert’s house and then completed the Barwite Loop, or part thereof. Afterwards, Robert’s family invited family and friends to share in a morning tea at the Delatite Hotel.
The MMBCC has named an annual race in Robert’s honour, the Robert Curtis Memorial Hillclimb, to be held on Thursday 17 January, from Sawpit Gully Rd to Spring Creek Rd.
Vale Robert Curtis.