MMBCC News - 8 November 2011

Hi Everyone,




A few of us have had a sensational few days away cycling 7 peaks in 7 days ( or part thereof). Check it out on Facebook (7 peaks 7 days). Thanks to Jen Sparnon and Roy Comerford for a heap of support and for Gerard McHugh and Rod Comerford for organising it.

As a result there were fewer than usual for the Thursday night event but there should be a few fitter entries for this week.


Dinner this week is at The Hotel Delatite, and Euan is the Duty organiser (Dave Clark has the boxes). CLICK HERE for the calendar.


Also don't forget Black & Tan is on in a couple of Saturdays so have a look at the web site for the new course. (or just CLICK HERE.)

...and there is a Melbourne crew doing a Jamo-Buller return this Saturday and Up Eildon Hill on Sunday. Details in the last newsletter - CLICK HERE.




The social ride is on this coming Sunday (13 Nov) starting 10am at the Tatong pub with a 27km ,50km and 70km option. Register with Jenny




Quite a lot from Tom this week so read on -



Please bring your MTBA licence to each race for the rest of the summer series. We will be required to sight licences at each race soon so we had better get into the habit.


Whipper snipping

If, at any stage, you have some time to get out to the reserve and do some clearing it would be much appreciated. Snakes have been regularly seen on the trail in the last few weeks and some sections of trail are difficult to ride with the amount of grass hanging over the trail. All trails need continuous clearing with this warm, wet weather. Clear 1m each side of the ride line and make sure rocks, logs, stumps are well cleared so that riders can see them in the grass. The committee is working on getting volunteer sheets so that club members can sign them for insurance purposes.



We have had a few near misses with unsupervised kids during the adults’ races. Could parents please make sure that there is an adult who knows they are responsible for your kids? Can we tell kids not to cross the track and to stay below the start/finish area? Can adults stay on the downhill side of the start/finish so that kids aren’t tempted to cross the trail? This will get dangerous if parents are not responsible for making sure their kids are supervised.



Kids Race Duty: 5:00pm with the race box (pick up from ATC)

Adults Race Duty: 5:30pm

Each rider will need to do duty at least once during the Summer Series. You can’t race and do duty this year – there are too many people and too much to do. At the end of the series each person will need to have done duty to be eligible to win the Summer Series. The Duty Roster is posted on the website (CLICK HERE) and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are on that list.

The Duty outline is also posted (CLICK HERE) as well as in the yellow folder. Please read over the sheet before Monday night so that you know what needs to happen when you are on duty.


Race Loops

The MTB committee meeting has decided on 4 different race loops for the rest of the summer series. There is a map on the way so I won’t try to describe them.


First Aid

We are compiling a list of club members with First Aid qualifications. If you have a current first aid qualification could you please see Uschi and let her know what qualification you have and when your qualification expires.






Cheers, John.