MMBCC News - 6 December 2011

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 Road membership renewals

There are two ways to join or renew:
1. Do it online;
2. Fill out a form and see Geoff Jones (with a cheque made out to MMBCC or the correct money!)  - his mobile number is 0409 176 944.
And there are three main types of membership: Open, 'Club' and Recreational. For more information on memberships, licenses, insurance and to download a printable membership form, go to:
All new memberships and renewals have a club fee added on: $20 for adults, $10 for juniors. If you renew online, this will be automatically added.
-    To renew your Open license (so you can also race at other CA clubs' events) you can do this online. This is the easiest way for the club as we have no admin to do, we just get an email from CA confirming renewals. This is the best way! This is the link you need:
-    If you renew but your card doesn't arrive by our first 2012 race in January, you can still race if you print out and bring along the confirmation email you receive when you renew.
Remember ... from January 1 onwards, you're not covered by the club's insurance if you don't renew. No 2012 card ... no race start!
-    Club Only memberships have changed … they're now a full licence but with a Regional Discount! (But you're still not allowed to use it at another club … this is for use at MMBCC road events only!) If you want one of these you need to fill out a form (you can't do this online!) To download the form, go to:
    The prices for Regional Discount memberships are as follows:
    - U19: $121 + $10 club fee = $131.
    - Elite and U23 (19 to 34 years old): $198 + $20 club fee = $218.
    - Masters (35 years old and above): $121 + $20 club fee = $141.
-    Once you've filled out the form, contact Geoff Jones -  or 0409 176 944 - cash or cheques made out to Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club Inc please.
Again ... from January 1 onwards, you're not covered by the club's insurance if you don't renew. No 2012 card ... no race start!

-    This has now had a name change; it's now called Cycling For All. If you want a Cycling For All membership, you can do this online at any time. It's a rolling 12-month membership. So whatever date you join online, your renewal will be due on the same date 12 months later.

MTBA membership renewals
Firstly, you should get an email from MTBA when your membership renewal is due. Same as the road memberships, there will be a $20 club fee added to adult memberships, $10 for juniors (13-18yo). DirtMasters memberships (kids 3-12 yo) of $30 will NOT have a club fee added!
-    You can download a Rider Membership form here:
    or you can pick up a membership form at Dirt Crits on a Monday night - just see whoever is on duty… or Uschi Steedman or Katie Mooree.
-    If you're thinking of joining as an MTBA for the first time, you'll find lots of info on memberships here:
-    But the easiest way is to join (or renew) online:

BMX memberships
Call Paul Fletcher on 0409 356 396. He has all the info you need.
You can get heaps of information and download a form from the BMXA website here:

Value-Add memberships
For If you want to combine two of these memberships together, you can get a discount on the second membership, called a Value-Add. For instance, if you already have your MMBCC membership for road racing and you'd like to try Dirt Crits, you can get a discount on the MTBA membership you need.
For any enquires on Value-Add memberships, email the club Secretary, Katie Moore - or for MTBA memberships: Uschi Steedman - or for CA memberships: Geoff Jones -

Still more questions?
Club Secretary, Katie Moore -
MTBA Memberships: Uschi Steedman -
CA Memberships: Geoff Jones -



Road Racing


 Cycling Tips paceline stalls tips
Here are some more great tips on improving your riding while 'doing turns' in a bunch -



Mitch has done it!! barely two weeks after the release of his 100% Mitch movie he has achieved his stated goal of beating Tom.  Now we need to find someone else Mitch can aim for.
Scratch Race next week on the medium loop.  Kerren McNamara and Rachael Grundy on Duty.

Results - CLICK HERE.