MMBCC News - 27 March 2012

Hi Everyone,



The Summer series is drawing to a close with the last of the mountain races last night (Monday) and the team time trial coming up on Thursday.


This year we thought we’d try something different to mark traditional end of season and have a picnic/bbq at Mirimbah on Sunday, April 15th around noon. We’ll flesh out the details but mark this date in your calendar. There will be dirt crits on Buller in the morning plus a ride down river spur and a road ride from Mansfield to Mirimbah with presentations for the season (Road and Mountain) done then.


The Autumn calendar will be out shortly. I’m hoping it will be entirely online on the website. The current version is very readable and printable, just doesn’t have duty persons.


This Sunday we have the first of the Autumn road races: Whitfield Rd./Sawpit Gully/Barwite loop and finish at Graves Rd. 33km Handicap. Starting at 10am at the Botanical Park. No need to text Di, Just roll up in time for Di to do the handicapping with your usual $4/$2.


Sharron Jones is commissaire, Tim Ross – second commissaire and duty is: Geoff Jones, Uschi Steedman and Will MacDonald.




Mountain Biking


We had a fantastic turnout for the Little Person/Big Person social race on Monday night with approximately 50 people gathered at Riflebutts Reserve, ready for a fun night of racing.


The Autumn Series will kick off on Sunday 22 April at 2pm at Riflebutts. Keep an eye out for more info on the website.


Upcoming events:

Sunday April 15 – Combo Social ride at Buller!

Saturday May 12 – Six Hours In The Saddle (SHITS) race at Beechworth.


CLICK HERE for the full report.




Road Racing


Thursday evening Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club riders contested the penultimate race of the summer season, a handicap race out the Whitfield Rd to Sawpit Gully Road and back, some 25km in all. 

A field of just twenty riders greeted the starter, perhaps an indication that club members were ‘cycled out’ after a busy weekend of riding.


In a hectic finish eleven riders hit the line pretty much together with Josh Hopwood beating Bruce Halket by a half-wheel with Stefan Vaivars a further wheel back in third place.  Rob Greenway and Mauro Brega made up the top five.  Ride of the night though was Darren Bakker who is in something close to career-best form at the moment


Special thanks to the very big band of willing volunteers including Rod Stewart and Gwenda Tait.  This week’s team time trial on Tolmie Road is the last race of the summer season.  Entries to Di Condie on 0438 513 355 by 8pm sharp Wednesday night.


CLICK HERE for the full report.




Other Stuff


This of interest from Caroline :

From: caroline page <>

Date: 23 March 2012 3:22:02 PM AEDT

Subject: press release for RHTBE


Dear Victorian Cycling Clubs,


Please forgive the group email.

Some of you may remember Warragul CC cyclist and lung cancer sufferer Karen Munro - she was one of the top female Masters track cyclists in Vic and nationally, and she almost single-handedly resurrected Warragul CC's track cycling component. She was also a strong roadie and had planned to get into MTB and Cx. She was a strong advocate for cycling in general and getting people into it.

She passed away in September last year but her cause Ride Hard to Breath Easy is being continued by a group of her friends.

Her mission was to raise awareness of the fact you don't have to be a smoker to get lung cancer and in order to continue this message, we've developed an online international month-long challenge during April using Strava.


This is a FREE challenge, unlike many others, and it it is simply designed to match Karen's mission to raise awareness for lung cancer and that you don't have to have smoked to get it.

Strava is like facebook for cyclists and you can get involved using a smart phone or a garmin.


As part of the challenge, we're asking cyclists of all levels to match or better Kaz's kms (800kms) she rode in 2011 from Adelaide to Melbourne while she was suffering from lung cancer. She did it in a fortnight, but we're asking people to do this over the month of April.


And it's perfect for the folk wanting to use it in the lead up to road or Cx season.

Shane Perkin's signed jersey is up for grabs as one of the many prizes.


Kind regards,

Caroline Page

Ride Hard To Breathe Easy





Cheers, John.