MMBCC News-26 April 2012

Hi Everyone,

This weekend

There is a bunch of us heading to Beechworth Saturday morning for a 'reccie' ride before the Six Hours In The Saddle race (12 May). A couple of hard core laps followed by woodfired pizza and a well-earned beer at the Beechworth Brewery. Anyone interested in joining let Katie ( 0415 369 297 ) know and we'll arrange a car pool. Sweet!

Below is a reminder for the Black and Tan race on this weekend. If you are planning to race, please be at the Roadhouse by 9.30 so we can do all the handicapping and preparations for a 10am start.

Sunday 29 April (this Sunday!) - the Black & Tan
Here is the course - /maps/mansfield-ride-maps/ - scroll down to number 9 - starting at the BP Roadhouse and finishing on Graves Road.
Total distance of 31km includes two 3.5km sections of dirt, so about a quarter on dirt, three quarters on tarmac.
Bruce has donated a prize for the winner: a free entry into the 2013 SHCCC including jersey and bib knicks. Thanks Bruce!!

Then when you’ve done that………….
Sunday 12pm
Love your Trail clean-up day prior to Dirt Crits. Starts @ 12.00pm at Rifle Butts Reserve. Bring a rake, gloves and a rakehoe if you have one. It’s mainly clearing sticks and stuff off the track.

Then at 1.45………….. Autumn series of Dirt Crits. Kids races: 1:45pm register for 2pm start. Adults races: 2:15pm register for 2:30pm start. Mix of “Irish Handicap” & graded scratch races. Compete in four races to be eligible for prize draw.

Next weekend

Sunday 6 May (Sunday week) - Eildon Social Road Ride
Slight change of destination - the only decent place we can find for lunch is the Dairy Cafe in Alexandra.
So, let's change the ride to start in Alex, stop in Eildon for coffee at the Eildon Bakery Cafe (got a nice looking balcony out the back) and back to Alex for lunch at the Dairy. Meet at the Dairy café , Mansfield end of the main street, for a 10am start (ie we’ll start riding at 10am). Please be mindful of the Café’s customers and park appropriately. If you are planning on going can you give Margaretanne a txt on 0417389249.

Here are the three options:.

Option A - 50km - difficult.
This uses the UT Creek Road from Alex to Eildon, so there' s bit more climbing and some sensational views over the lake. After a coffee, back along the relatively flat main road back to Alex. Or if you wanted to make it harder you could return via UT Creek Road!,+Victoria&daddr=-37.2058619,145.819052+to:Eildon+VIC+to:Alexandra+VIC&hl=en&sll=-37.2317,145.8115&sspn=0.178225,0.298691&geocode=FRmCyP0d7WGvCCmZerTfAgkoazEwdqAwpHkFBA%3BFZtIyP0drAWxCCmF1jO0LuAnazGQKScOpHkFEw%3BFZHZx_0dr2KyCClZbTCB53coazHgeqAwpHkFBA%3BFRmCyP0d7WGvCCmZerTfAgkoazEwdqAwpHkFBA&oq=al&gl=au&mra=ls&via=1&t=m&z=12

Option B - 50km - intermediate.
This uses the Eildon Back Road between Thornton and Eildon, then the main road on the way back between Eildon and Thornton.,+Victoria&daddr=-37.252949,145.8266069+to:Eildon+VIC+to:Alexandra+VIC&hl=en&sll=-37.2317,145.8115&sspn=0.178225,0.298691&geocode=FRmCyP0d7WGvCCmZerTfAgkoazEwdqAwpHkFBA%3BFauQx_0dLiOxCCmle6aC1AooazHwQs0OpHkFEw%3BFZHZx_0dr2KyCClZbTCB53coazHgeqAwpHkFBA%3BFRmCyP0d7WGvCCmZerTfAgkoazEwdqAwpHkFBA&oq=al&gl=au&mra=dvme&mrsp=1&sz=12&via=1&t=m&z=12

Option C - 25km - easy.
Park your car at Thornton, ride to Eildon via the back road, then the main road back to Thornton. Jump in the car and drive back to Alex for lunch.,+Victoria&daddr=Eildon+VIC+to:Thornton,+VIC&hl=en&sll=-37.23172,145.8115&sspn=0.178225,0.298691&geocode=FfaJx_0d4K2wCCn5OcX3bQsoazHwhKAwpHkFBA%3BFZHZx_0dr2KyCClZbTCB53coazHgeqAwpHkFBA%3BFfaJx_0d4K2wCCn5OcX3bQsoazHwhKAwpHkFBA&oq=thorn+VIC&gl=au&mra=ls&t=m&z=13

Also, this vital information………….
Also , From Wangaratta…….
From: WCC - Paul Lane
Date: 22 April 2012 9:02:18 PM AEST
To: Wang Ian Bott , Wang Jeff Little , Wang John Myles , Wang Allan Thrum Home , Wang Anne Woodley , Wang Mal Kay
Subject: Wang Cycling Club - Entries Open - Graham Dawes memorial race - 5th May

Hi all cycling clubs and friends,

Once again the gruelling 'Graham Dawes' memorial race is on as part of Wangaratta Cycling Club's Autumn series.

Raced around the tough - Glenrowan, Thoona, Warby Range circuit, it's a challenge worthy of the great man.

Could you please spread the word and pass on this flyer to interested riders at your club.

When : Saturday 5th May, 2012
Distance: 70km
Start Time: 10.00am at the Wangaratta Sale yards complex in Shanley Street South Wangaratta
Entry: $20.00
Includes light luncheon
Entries Close : 4th May
Contact Race Director - Ian Bott
03 5721 9927 or 0407 803 414
Entries to :

This race is an absolute cracker. Hope to see you there.
cheers and keep pedel'n

Paul Lane
Secretary Wangaratta Cycling Club Inc
0408 597 974

Cheers , John.