MMBCC News - 22 June 2012

Hi Everyone,

It’s pretty cold at the moment and I suspect that’s limited a bit of cycling activity although I hear it’s pretty nice in British Colombia at the moment. At least the Tour is not far away for a string of late nighters.

A few bits of interest have been posted to me and I’ve included them below.

I know Di is working on a winter race program so keep an eye on the website for that and check out our Facebook page for bits and pieces that are happening.

The Executive are still meeting monthly ( next meeting 18th July). We’re hoping to get some feedback on several issues prior to the AGM in August and again we’ll have some detailed requests coming out soon.

Bicycling Australia would like to invite the Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club to take part in our Every Second Counts Challenge—a global Strava Challenge that aims to engage with cyclists and motivate them to ride.
I was hoping you could pass on the following information to the club and encourage them to take part.
As you may be aware, Strava is a social media for cyclists, allowing them to record, upload and share rides and also take part in global competitions.
The challenge is to ride 1,788km in a month starting straight after the Tour de France. From 23 July to 21 August riders from all over the world will be competing for ultimate bragging rights and their name in Bicycling Australia’s Honour Roll, Nov/Dec issue #178. Plus for Australian residents only we have over $19,000 worth of prizes to give away through our Facebook page promotions.
So why 1,788Km? Since the First Fleet dropped anchor at Sydney Cove in 1788, it’s as if Australians have been fulfilling some innate mission to achieve.
From brothers Richard and Clarence Smith inventing their stump-jump plough, to the development of Internet Wifi by John Sullivan’s CSIRO team, many remarkable Australians have realised their ambition, with dogged determination and style. To be sure, every moment of the past 224 years is crammed with unheralded personal achievement or famous inventions.
Agriculture and technology aside, Aussies have a proud heritage of glorious achievement on two wheels; Opperman, Mockridge, Peiper, Anderson, Meares, and the outstanding Cadel Evans, to name just a few.
Strava is a great way to sharpen your resolve, to make the most of every moment in the saddle, whether charging along the flats or stomping in the hills—alone or in a bunch. It’s a great way to train, compete, improve and succeed.
Together let’s celebrate the ‘noblest invention’ and sheer bloody-minded determination in Bicycling Australia’s Every Second Counts Challenge.
Just for joining Every Seconds Counts, every rider will receive a digital copy of Bicycling Australia magazine. There are also great prizes for completing each 25%, 50% and 75% milestone.
If you’d like to get involved please sign up to the challenge at and invite your friends through our Facebook event
The start date of the Every Second Counts Challenge is 32 days away, which leaves plenty of time to make plans around this event. Get involved in four ways.
· Start an Every Second Counts Bunch Ride.
· Print and display the Every Second Counts Challenge poster.
· Include the logo and link about the Every Second Counts Challenge in your weekly email newsletters, or on your Facebook page.
· Encourage your club members to join and prepare for the Every Second Counts Challenge.
$19,000.00 in Prizes
· Two sets of ENVE wheels, one pair road, one MTB, total value $7200
· Schwalbe tyres, total value $2500
· Oakley Radarlock sunglasses, total value $4500
· Garmin Edge 500s w/HRM & cadence, total value $5000
The prizes are part of a photo and video competitions for Every Second Counts Challenge riders, so the rider with the biggest legs or most time on their hands won’t necessarily win!
Thanks for your support. I hope you enjoy the Every Second Counts Challenge.

Cycling Victoria is looking for Commissaires to become assessors and help increase the number of Commissaires throughout Victoria.

I apologies for the late notice, however there is a Facilitator and Assessor Training Programs: on this weekend the 23rd of June

The course run by VicSport is aimed at your Coach/Official Course Presenters who will deliver cycling
accredited courses. Attendees will leave with a much clearer understanding of the skills of a facilitator and will
have plenty of opportunity to hone those skills.

• Courses will be held at Victoria University from 8:30am to 5:00pm
• Cost will be $150 but Cycling Victoria will cover the cost for the day
• Maximum of 20 people per program so make sure you notify us as soon as possible of the
number you wish to put through the programs.

Please reply by the 21/06/2012 !!!!!!! if you wish to part take in this course.

Also let me know your interest in becoming a commissaire assessor and we will put you through the course at a later date.

Kind Regards,

Alan Mok
Development Officer

Hi guy & girls,

I know there's still a few roadies up there in Mansfield, so here's one for you...

Please let your Open-aspiring/ hungry Juniors & their parents know about this great event.

It is also combined with a 3-Stage Women's Tour across some of the best roads in the State.

Full traffic control provided, to give all riders the right-of-way while racing.

Everyone'll love it - AND it'll be great practice for the Damian McDonald RR on 23rd September.

Feel free to JOIN the BBN facebook group - to receive all updates.

Entries via CV Website...hope to see you there!



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