MMBCC News - 7 August 2012

Hi Everyone,


Hopefully we'll see most of you on Thursday night at the AGM. (6.00pm at The Produce Store).

Tim has sent me a draft version of the financials to post for your perusal prior to the AGM. He has done a lot of work to present the figures in both a profit and loss format for 2012 and a comparative receipts and payments format for the last 3 years. Thanks Tim. The figures are a draft version subject to an external audit being carried out currently. (See the end for details.)


Also of note was another great road race in the winter series last Saturday.  Euan Friday made a guest appearance and found his previous handicap mark tough going but still achieved a top ten placing. John Lithgow similarly was lulled into ninth by the pleasant afternoon sun. Darren Bakker, Jock Brega, Tom MacMunn and Bruce Halket worked hard to fill 8th to 5th respectively, with a solid sprint to the line for Bruce to head that bunch. Steve Plummer, having dropped Lithgow and Friday, worked alone and hard to try and catch the limit group of Cam Lachal, Craig Wilson and myself, but with smooth rotations it was too much to ask.

Finally Will completed a good turn and thanks to some remnant of road tactics (and generous handicap) , I was able to hold off Cam with Will quietly sneaking up on Cam as well for a good second place. Big thanks again to Di, Tim, Jen and to the rest of the crew for support. It's on again this Saturday, 1.30 for 2pm at the Botanical Park.


CLICK HERE for Financials.

CLICK HERE for agenda etc from last weeks post.


Cheers , John.