MMBCC News - 28 June 2013

Hi Everyone,


Bruce has done a great job getting all the permits we need to race for the next ten months. We do have a winter racing calendar up for alternate Sunday mornings but we need your help. A lot of people are busy over winter, executive included, and we need a few volunteers to coordinate the mornings, officiate and commissaire. The dates are June 30th , July 14th and 28th, August 11th and 25th and September 8th and 22nd. Please text me if you are available otherwise there will just be the morning 9am rides as usual and no racing.


The AGM is coming up on August the 8th so please have a good think about our club and what you would like to see happen, what (if anything) we should spend our fair (approx $13k) reserve on and if you want to be involved at an executive level.


Note also the form is out (on the website) for the rider development fund so check that out soon for club funded development. CLICK HERE.


Enjoy the Tour (Go Simon),


Cheers , John.