MMBCC News - AGM. Thursday 8 August 13.

A reminder that the MMBCC AGM is this Thursday 8 August at the Mansfield Regional Produce Store. Formalities will get underway at 7pm but The Produce Store will be serving dinner from 6.15.

Ask not what the MMBCC can do for you… but what can you do for the MMBCC?

We have a couple of positions on the Executive Committee that need to be filled:
- Vice President; and
- Secretary.
If you'd like to discuss either of these positions, please discuss them with John Eisner on 0428 503 437. Or if you know someone who might be interested, please pass John's number onto them.
Remember, no Executive Committee means no club!

We'll also be calling for members to help out with the following sub-committees:
- Dirt Crits;
- Road Races; and
- Recreational/Social rides - both mtb AND road.
We'd love you to be more involved with your club! You know… share the workload, don't always leave it to the same people, etc.
These sub-committees don't meet too often, so we hope they won't feel like a burden.

The club always wants to know your ideas on how to improve things and the AGM is a great forum for those ideas.
But joining one of the committees is an EVEN BETTER FORUM for those ideas! You can have a real say in how the club is organised and run.

See you for dinner at 6.15 on Thursday!