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Great Victorian Bike Ride Fundraiser - Phone recharging

The Mansfield & Mount Buller Cycling Club is likely to gain $700-800 for providing volunteers in the phone recharging tent for the Great Vic Bike Ride on the afternoon/evening of Thursday 5 December. The Mansfield Swim Club will be manning the tent (at the Showgrounds) on Wednesday 4 December. 

It is a really easy fundraiser - no food preparation or money handling. We just need 3 volunteers per 2 hour shift.  We will teach you what to do. 

If you are interested in one of the vacant shifts below, please contact Janine Appleton via email - - with your mobile number.  I will be on the tent for the first 2 shifts each day, so will be able to handover “what to do" after the first shift - then each shift will be able to learn from the previous shift.

The event is less than 2 weeks away, and I need to fill the 10 vacant spots ASAP.  I need definites - NOT maybe's please. 


1.30 - 3.30pm      1.........................

                               2. ......................

                               3. Janine Appleton


3.30 - 5.30pm     1............................

                              2. ..........................

                              3. Janine Appleton


5.30-7.30 pm        1. ............................

                                2. ............................

                                3. ............................


7.30 - 9.30 pm     1. ...........................

                               2.  ..........................

                               3.  Bruce Halket


MMBCC Christmas/Social Get Together Luncheon

Amongst the Sticks, Bayside Boulevard, Goughs Bay, Saturday 13 December, 2014 12:30 p.m.

Ride or Drive to Goughs Bay. More info in the coming weeks on where we'll be meeting; there'll be both Road and Mountain Bike ride options available.

Relax and enjoy a Platter style lunch that will include gourmet style pizzas, homemade ricotta, salads, grazing platters with fresh bread, pates, meats, cheese and condiments, toasted turkish breads, vegetarian options will be included. Water on tables and drinks at bar prices. 

Option to eat indoors or outdoors.

Adults $25.00 per head and children free (MMBCC will pay for Children.)

Payment required week prior (no later than Sunday 5 December to Julie Dolling tel. 0418 106 173) to enable confirmation of  numbers.


Register of Incidents

After the unfortunate incident involving Alain last week, the club thinks it's time we re-introduced our 'register of incidents'. If you're out riding on the road and you have ANY kind of incident with a vehicle, the police (and the club) want to know. 

As soon as you get back from your ride, email a brief description of the incident including time, date and location to Bruce via (No SMS - only by email please.) Even include a description of the car and/or rego number if you can.

Bruce will put together all the incidents into a spreadsheet and give this to the police every few months. This way they'll have a record of any patterns of behaviour or certain sections of road which seem to be causing trouble.

We've done this for the police in the past and we think it will be useful to do this again… for everyone's safety.


Club knicks runout

We've decided we've been hanging on to the club kit for too long. Besides, during our ride for Alain last week, it was good to see so many out in MMBCC kit. There should be more of it!

Bib knicks have been reduced from $130 to now just $75.

Standard knicks have also been reduced from $120 to just $60!

Plus you'll get a free pair of MMBCC socks with each pair of shorts you buy!

Contact Fiona Greenway on or 0458 316 465 to get yours now!


Here is a wrap up of the latest mountain biking news.

 Dear Dirt Critters, 

The Passing of Alain Guerin 

Alain was a member of the Mansfield cycling community who was tragically killed recently while riding on the Mount Buller road.


On Thursday 13th November a road ride for solidarity was held in Alain’s honour from the Botanic Park out the Whitfield road and back. More than 80 cyclists, including members of Alain’s family, participated in the ride.


Last Sunday a celebration of Alain’s life was held at the Delatite Hotel.


Dirt Crits Race 6- Long Course 

Cam ran the ‘Long Course’ event last Monday night, which consisted of two or three laps of a course which used both the front and back parts of the MTB Park. Twenty-five riders turned up to race with a large contingent from Mt Buller joining in.


The field was divided into an ‘A’ group and a ‘B’ group. ‘A’ group riders completed either two or three laps of the ‘longer’ course and ‘B’ group riders completed two laps of the ‘shorter’ course.


In Group A Ethan Lee was fastest (51.55), 2nd place was Aaron Sargeant (53.17) and 3rd place was Jem Davies (54.45). Group B was taken out by Frank David (53.37) 2 laps, 2nd place was Anthony Plummer (58.02) 2 laps and in 3rd place was Ryan De La Rue (1.00.23) 3 laps!


Dirt Crits Race 7- Enduro 

It was looking fairly bleak an hour before the start of the senior event this week. However, the weather cleared up and the track soaked up the rain nicely.


Shannon ran the Enduro event, assisted by Dave and Tom MacMunn. The riders were able to ride two laps of the downhill course with both times being combined to create a total time. The riders were split group ‘A’ and ‘B’.


Group ‘A’- 1st place was Ryan De La Rue, with Foley coming home in 2nd place and Kian rounded out the podium. Cam L, Mike D, Brett S, Tom Emery-Evans, Anthony P and Andrew W filled 4th-9th place.


Group ‘B’- In 1st place was Aaron Sargeant, 2nd was Dave Bock and 3rd was Jem Davies. Harry Retief and Noah Lachal finished next and Rod Sargeant completed one run of the course.


It was great to see Bella MacMunn back on the bike as well.


If style points were given out this week Aaron Sargeant and Jem Davies would have won hands down- nice work boys!


Current Dirt Crits Series Standings

The current standings for the series (as at the end of Race 7)- 1st Jem Davies 193 points, 2nd Aaron Sargeant  184 points,

3rd Mike Davies 173 points


Next Week’s Race- Irish Handicap

Next week it’s back to the Irish Handicap format.


Duty Roster

Will MacDonald is on duty next week.


By Jason Parker