MMBCC News - 18 March 2014. ******** IMPORTANT UPDATE *********

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a little while since I wrote an actual newsletter ( as opposed to the weekly race reports) and thanks to Mark and Bruce and Jason for putting up bits of info on an ongoing basis.

I’ll partly blame the fact that there has been a lot going on and it’s great to see that the weekly races are being attended with enthusiasm.  I made it to a dirt crits night last week and it was good  to see lots of kids having a crack as well as the adults. Similarly, Damian Grundy’s kids road race initiative a few weeks ago was a lot of fun and a good format for future similar events.

It was a while ago now but thanks again to Tina and Macca for putting on the Christmas party out at the maze – it was a very relaxing day. Have a look at the website for details as the end-of-season event will be held on Sunday the 6Th April at the Grazebrook winery in the King Valley. Thanks to Steve for organising this. Check out the separate info – there are various road and MTN events planned with a lunch and presentations at the Winery. Note that it’s NOT a BBQ as the venue has plenty of food. CLICK HERE for further details.

Well done to our younger club members Mitch and Kian. They have done really well at a number of recent national events and it’s great that the club can help them in a small way to achieve these results. Well done also to our other club members – Shannon , Dave Empey et al who have also been right up there at various events . I’m very proud that Simon Gerrans  has been going so well also and I think there will be plenty of members keeping a keen eye on him as the European season continues.

Finally, for the moment, there is a lot happening this week starting with the clubs film night tonight. The Scody High Country Cycle Challenge kicks off as well on the weekend and the club’s highlight events – the Mansfield Criterium and Road Race start Saturday afternoon. A very big thanks to Di Condie and the team for putting this together. It’s a lot of work and we are very lucky to host a terrific set of events in our spectacular home town.



For all volunteers (and other interested members) could you please have a look at the following information for Saturday and Sunday.

Traffic Marshalls - CLICK HERE.

Volunteers List - CLICK HERE.

Race Handbook - CLICK HERE.





Cheers, John.