MMBCC News - 11th May 2014

Hi Everyone,

A few bits of news:

We had a first attempt at the winter road series last Sunday and athough there were enough keen starters we didn't have enough volunteers to run it safely.

The next race is on the 15th of June and we really only need a commissaire and a couple of others to make it work. It is a busy time of year for a lot of people but if you are keen to race regularly it'd be good if you could invest in one weekend to volunteer marshal or round up someone who can. If you are happy to do this please let Bruce or myself know so we can put it on the fixture.

Thanks to Steve who ran around and got the new club trailer and along with Bruce, sorted out the contents. Well done.


This from Lou Bretherton:


As some of you may or may not have seen, I have just started a new fitness class in Mansfield called, Metafit.


Metafit is a 30min bodyweight workout- High intensity Interval training session.

 It is designed to

-work major muscle groups functionally

-deplete glycogen stores

-create a metabolic disturbance

-Increase RMR (resting metabolic rate)

-Increase fat burning


With the weather not always favourably at this time of year, which means road riding is not always possible, although mountain bike & BMX is ideal at this time it is great to be able to have another option to maintain your bike fitness in terms of leg strength and cardio vascular fitness.


I would like to offer the MMBCC followers an exclusive class once a week. This is not just for females, believe me all you male riders out there would well and truly benefit from this class, it is your own workout so you can take it very much at your own pace.


Take a look at the below youtube clip, even come along to my current Tuesday 5.15pm or Thursday 7am class held at the sporting stadium to see if its for you. If we can get enough people together we will run a cycle club session.


private message me on facebook or call/text your interest.

Lou 0403 476 087





Hi Everyone,


Bruce has done  magnificent job getting the Autumn race series underway ( indeed applying for permits for the whole of the next season - massive effort well done) and here it is:




 Safe riding,