Road membership renewals

Woohoo! Finally, all Cycling Australia road memberships are available online; Open, Recreational and Regional Discount memberships.

Here's the link: Just choose whether you want to renew or you're a new member. Then make sure you select Victoria as your state; then Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club as your preferred club.

Then choose the membership you want (yes, you can get a Regional Discount membership) and away you go!

If you're a technophobe and want to fill out a form manually, you can still do it this way but it will cost you $5 more. Here's the link for the form:

Download the form, print it, fill it out and then contact Julie Dolling <> and she'll let you know how much it'll cost. Cash or cheques made out to Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club Inc please. Again ... from January 1 onwards, you're not covered by the club's insurance if you don't renew. No valid card ... no race start! 




Still more questions?

Road: Bruce Halket - 0419 533 120 -
MTB: Jason Parker - 0439 108 832 -
BMX: Paul Fletcher - 0409 356 396 -

Secretary: Ben Annear - 0424 453 789 -