MMBCC End of Year Update

Welcome to the last MMBCC News of 2015. Lots to get into... Road, MTB and BMX.

Happy New Year!

Integrated Cycling Facility (including the BMX track)

We've finally had some good news on the BMX track at Wither's Lane. Here's a quote from an email we received from Ian Geer, Mansfield Shire's Tourism & Economic Development Manager: "Councillors and CEO are supportive of the project moving forward at Withers Lane (subject to the consideration and granting of a Planning Permit and tenure arrangements with MMBCC)."

Congratulations and thanks to Craig Wilson, Bruce Halket and Damian Grundy for putting together the presentation that Wil gave to the Councillors. Well done Wil! And a particular thanks and congratulations to Paul Fletcher and Adam Baker for all their persistence and tenacity for getting us this far. (Not forgetting Laurie, Uschi, Shannon and many others who've helped out in the past!)

Now the hard work begins!


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MTB News

On the weekend of 23-24 January, 2016, the MMBCC will host round 3 of the Victorian Downhill Mountain Bike Series at Mt Buller, in conjunction with Bike Buller.

We need YOU to help out! We need marshals on the downhill track on both Saturday and Sunday. Please contact Damian Grundy on 0411 045 771 or email to let him know you're available or for more details of what's involved.

For further details on this event head to the Vic DH Series website.

More MTB News

Dirt Crits will start again in late January. Make sure you subscribe to this newsletter to stay up to date.

Road News

The Mansfield Tour is on again this coming 19 and 20 March, 2016. And yes, we need more volunteers! Contact Di Condie on 0438 513 355 or email her on to let her know you're available or for more details of what's involved.

We already have the club website set-up with Tour information; click here.

More Road News

Road races start again on Thursday 21 January with the Barwite Loop. Click here for the calendar till the end of March… there are a few new courses. We'll be adding the duty roster shortly. Make sure you check back soon to see when you're rostered on (did you notice that was not 'if' but 'when'?!)

There are a few new courses and start times this year too. Click on the maps section to see the new courses. It includes a Handicap race at Jamieson starting a little later than usual to give you time to get out to Jamieson. And, check out Course 16… it's a doozy! Look out for it on Sunday 7 February. (Yes, a Sunday morning race!)

Yet More Road News

It's Road Membership Renewal Time! With the first 2016 race scheduled for 21 January, you'll need to make sure you renew your Cycling Australia membership to be able to race. No renewal, no start. Please make sure you bring your 2016 CA membership card (or online receipt) to the first race to make sure you're allowed to start.
Here's the link to the membership page to renew.

Mountain bike for sale

Jodie is selling her extra small Giant (no, that's not an oxymoron!)