Early Autumn News

MTB News
All Terrain Cycles are hosting weekly night rides up at Riflebutts Reserve. Charge your lights and meet at the reserve at 6pm every Wednesday.

Autumn Road Series begins
Our first road race since finishing the Summer Series is set for this coming Sunday. It'll be on the Whitfield Road, out to Sawpit Gully Road and back (course number 5 on the club listing).
Entries will be taken on the day from 9.30am (please don't be any later than 9.45!) and we'll start at 10 sharp! Entry is $5 for adults, $2 for juniors.
If you have a spare hour or so and don't feel like racing, please come along and help out so we can put on a safe race. The club will shout you a coffee at The Produce Store afterwards, plus you'll have the gratitude and appreciation of all the racers.

Summer Series results
The Cycling Club held its Summer season break-up at with a barbecue at Mirimbah Park on Sunday 29 March.
Trophies were awarded for the riders who scored the most points over the season in Mountain Biking, Road Racing and in a new “Combined Award” where the rider with the best combined score in both Mountain bike and Road disciplines is awarded the trophy.
In Mountain Biking Aaron Sargeant won the trophy showing a clean set of hills to the second place getter, Ethan Lee and third place David Bock.
Bruce Halket took out the Road Race Summer Series, second was the ever-competitive Darren Bakker and in third place Josh Hopwood.
The new combine trophy was one by 'Mr Consistent' David Bock; he was happy to accept the new trophy designed and constructed by Ash Perrin.
Thank you to our helpers and commissaires throughout the season.

MMBCC President Craig Wilson, Dirt Crit series winner Aaron Sargeant and Dirt Crit Co-ordinator Jason Parker.The three winners (L to R) Bruce Halket, David Bock and Aaron Sargeant with their trophies.

Here are the top ten in each competition and the top five in the combined.

MMBCC Dirt Crits 2014/2015
Aaron Sargeant                316
Ethan Lee                         290
Dave Bock                        274
Jem Davies                       272
Brett Stevens                    255
Rod Sargeant                    236
Cameron Lachal                236
Kian Lerch-MacKinnon       197
Matthew Empey                178
Peter Coffey                     155

MMBCC Road Race Summer Series 2014/2015
Bruce Halket                     112
Darren Bakker                    88
Josh Hopwood                    70
Kian Lerch-McKinnon          66
David Bock                        59
Foley Lachal                       52
Will MacDonald                   50
Mauro Brega                      47
Mitch Greenway                 44
Tony Williams                     34

MMBCC Combined Trophy 2014/2015
David Bock                         333
Kian Lerch-McKinnon           263
Bruce Halket                       261
Cam Lachal                         244
Will MacDonald                    204

Cobbles, frites and Belgian beer
Get out your Belgian Beer and your pommes frites… Paris-Roubaix is on this Sunday night! One of the best road races of the year, it combines normal roads around the north of France with 27 sections of nasty, uneven cobble stones, or pave. It'll be shown on SBS One from 9.30pm. Click here for a preview.