Mid June update

2016/17 Rider Development Grant

The Grant provides financial assistance for talented MMBCC cyclists aged 25 and under. It's designed to encourage and support the development of promising young riders at varying levels in their cycling careers.
Please click here to download a copy of the Guidelines for the 2016/17 MMBCC Rider Development Grant.
Applications to reach us before Tuesday 12 early July. Details of where to send the application are in the PDF.
Successful applicants will be announced at the AGM at The Produce Store in August.

Club kit order still open - size samples

After an address mix-up with the Seight size samples, in which they came to Mansfield but then got sent back to Sydney, wtf?!, they're due to arrive Wednesday 15 June. Call into All Terrain Cycles in the afternoon if you'd like to try some on. If this isn't giving you enough time to make a decision, we can extend the sale window.
There's been an update on the casquette design too.

Kian's new website

Kian has started his own website so you can track what he's up to while racing over in Europe in the lead-up to the World Championships. Have a look here.

Riding in winter

Finally, here's a good article on Cycling Tips on what to wear to be seen on the road in winter. Worth a read.

Last thing...

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