Racing Season Starts Soon

Road Racing and Dirt Crits both start next week.

We were hoping to start road racing this week but it looks like we won't have our permits in time. Road racing will start on Thursday 12 October with Graded Scratch Races around the Barwite Loop, starting at Rodwell's on Buller Road, finishing on Mt Battery Road near the Showgrounds. Here is the road race calendar - please check for when you're rostered on for race duty.

Entries for all Thursday road races to John via SMS on 0428 503 437 by 8pm Wednesday.

However, the club's first racing of the summer will be Dirt Crits at Riflebutts MTB Park next Monday 9 October. Here is the rest of the calendar and here is some general information about Dirt Crits.

Here is the link for the Join Now page with links for all types of MMBCC membership. Remember that your 2018 CA membership includes October to December this year as well.