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Tour de Dirt

Monday’s Dirt Crits saw stage 1 and 2 of the Tour de Dirt.
Stage 1 was the Hillclimb; entrants were handicapped by completing a different number of smaller laps, then finishing off with a climb up to the ‘top’ of Riflebutts Reserve.
Dan Purcell was first to the top, closely followed by Tom Macmunn and Kian Lerch-Mackinnon.
Stage 2 was a downhill from the finish of the hill climb to the main finish area.
After handicaps based on previous results, James Griffin took the win; Dan Friday and Dave Moore tied for 2nd.
With one stage to go this coming Monday, Tom Macmunn leads the general classification ahead of Dan Friday and Damian Grundy.
Here are the detailed results.

Road Racing update

Thursday night’s Team Time Trial had to be cancelled due to an administrative issue between VicRoads in Benalla, Victoria Police Event Planning Unit in Melbourne and the MMBCC road race sub-committee chair regarding Public Liability insurance.
The result was proof that the Event Planning Unit and the MMBCC vice-president can’t read! It’s now been resolved and the permit for our final race on Thursday 14 December will be issued early next week.
Our final race will be a handicap at Jamieson (with a late start, 6pm rego for a 6.30 start) with presentation and dinner afterwards at The Wrong Side Brewery (the old Jamieson Brewery). The Wrong Side will be awarding a t-shirt and 6-pack to the winner and rumour has it the road race sub-committee has asked for a little more prize money than usual.
To decide on your prize, check out The Wrong Side.

Thai Yoga Massage discount offer for MMBCC members
... so you can do more miles with ease

US massage.jpg

Uschi Steedman is offering all MMBCC members a discount on Thai Yoga Massages until the end of January. Simply mention the bike club deal when you book and you'll get the following discounts
    •    1.5 hour treatment for $110 (usually $125)
    •    2 hour treatment for $130 (usually $160)
Thai Yoga Massage is very effective for fascial release and relieving tightness that can arise due to repetitive movements and postures (like sitting on your bike and using the same muscles for hours!)... and it's brilliantly relaxing!
Treatments involve facilitated movement and stretches, as well as more traditional massage using hands, feet and elbows. Uschi can also give you yoga and pilates exercises to take home with you after the treatment.
Interested? For more details and testimonials click here.
To book call Uschi on 0484 540 362.
Christmas Gift Vouchers are also available for the same price (massages must be booked and received before the end of February).