Friday Update

Just a short one this week before the Editor goes away for 7 Peaks in 7 Days:
- Summer Presentations;
- Dirt Crits;
- Talia wins again;
- Something for the Spring Classics; and
- A race you might like to try... next time.

Summer Presentations

Presentations to the trophy winners this summer will be held in the front bar at the Delatite Hotel on Thursday 6 April from 6pm. We'll be awarding the following:
- Dirt Crits Summer Series winner;
- Road Summer Series winner;
- Road Series Women's trophy; and
- The Alain Guerin Memorial Trophy for combined Dirt Crits and Road.

Monday Dirt Crits

Monday 20 March saw Damian introduce a new format - a Team Relay with a Difference. Each team had a collection of riders of differing speeds but they all had to ride together.
The winning team saw Ruby Dobson start strongly on the first lap, Rachel Grundy and James Griffin rode really well for another two, then Bruce Halket finished off with another two.

Thursday Road Race

The second last road race of the summer saw Talia Appleton win for the second week in a row. At this rate she'll be riding off Scratch before Winter!
Next week will be the last Thursday night race for this season; and it's a beauty - Lord's Ground, Howes Creek Road, MacMillan Point Drive and finishing on O'Hanlons Road. Yep... THAT hill!
Don't forget to enter with John by 8pm on Wednesday on 0428 503 437.
Here are the results and thanks once again to Tony Copland for the pics.

Spring Classics - The Cycling Podcast

If you're a fan of pro road cycling, the next month will be corker! The Spring Classics are some of the best races of the year.
A great way to keep up with what's going on is The Cycling Podcast, a free, weekly podcast by three British journalists. Here is the website.
If you become a Friend of the Podcast (for 10 Pounds) they have a Spring Classics series which has just started. An upcoming highlight is an interview with last year's Paris Roubaix winner, Matt Hayman, while he watches a replay of the SBS coverage on YouTube, commentated by Robbie McEwan and Matt Keenan.
Sounds like it'll be great!


The Indian Pacific Wheel Race is currently underway.
Some of you might remember Christie Hamilton who came over and raced with us on the road a couple of times last summer. She's currently racing, unsupported from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific. You can keep an eye on how she's going - and all the other lunatics, err... competitors - by using this link.