Weekend update

Racing Round-up

First race of the Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club’s 2018/2019 summer was Dirt Crits at Riflebutts MTB Park on Tuesday 9 October. After a few rare drops of rain, the track was in mind condition.

The Reverse Time Trial is based on two short races. Results from a mass-start first race are used as the basis for a staggered start to the second, handicap race.

Winner of the first lap was Matt Empey, followed by Tom Macmunn and Dan Friday.

Last home was Ruby Dobson who was, therefore, first to start the second race.

Winner of the second race was Alex Green, followed by Jack Hogan and Jason Parker.

But points were also awarded for riders who’s two lap times were closest… so we didn’t end up with too many sandbaggers in the first race.

After Damian Grundy had finished with the abacus, the win was awarded to Matt Empey from Dan Friday and Tom Macmunn equal second, ahead of Grundy in fourth and Dave Moore fifth.

Kudos to Bella Green who had only 1 second difference between her first and second lap!

Next week is our Come ’n’ Try night! We’ll have loan bikes at Riflebutts for anyone who wants to come along and give mountain biking a go. Come along for a lap or two and find out what all the fuss is about!

The first road race of the season was held on Thursday 11 October. A handicap race on the Whitfield Road, out to Sawpit Gully Road and back, attracted 19 entrants. One of the 19 was Justin Berry, trying road racing for the first time. Welcome aboard Justin!

First to start, as the lone Limit rider, was Tony Morris; last to start was the Scratch group of Tom Macmunn, Lewis Dowie, Jock Brega, Damian Grundy and Cam Lachal.

A minute up the road, the Block group of Dave Moore, Steve Duke, Darren Bakker and Rob Skinner looked strong and likely to greet the judges.

Lachal was the first casualty, his Saturday morning bunch ride form didn’t translate to Thursday night and he got dropped on the first hill. Kieren Payne was having gear trouble and he was next to get dropped, just before the turnaround.

By Long Lane on the return leg, the groups were finally coming together but it was near the Barwite Road where the big changes were made; Moore and Duke caught the second Limit group of Di Condie, Justin Berry, David Jagger, Wil Wilson and Rod Manning and powered on to take the win; Moore ahead of Duke.

About half a minute later, Wilson took the sprint for third ahead of Jagger, Manning and Berry.

Another half a minute later, sprint of the night went to Darren Bakker who stormed to the line to take… seventh. (And then complained that the finish line was in the wrong spot!) Then came Grundy (in the fastest time of 41.36, just 4 seconds faster than winner Dave Moore), Rob Skinner and Jock Brega rounded out the top ten.

Many thanks to all our officials and volunteers. And also thanks to Shannon for the Dirt Crits pics and to Tony for the road ones.

Next week sees racing return to the undulating Howes Creek Road course - entries via SMS to John on 0428 503 437 by 8pm Wednesday.

Dirt Crits number plates

A few weeks ago we asked you about semi-permanent number plates for Dirt Crits. They’re about to be ordered.

If you’d like one, please email Damian with the number and name you’d like on your plate, or speak to him at Dirt Crits this coming Tuesday.


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