Friday news

Hot one tomorrow so bunch ride at 7... plus it's Tolmie Sports Day. So it’s a good day to be off the roads a little earlier than usual.

Summer Sunday Series starts this week

Don't forget... road race Sunday morning, starting on Ogilivies Road (near Dundas Court) at 9am - rego at 8.30 and we'll do the handicapping on the day.
If you're racing, or even if you're not, please bring a friend. We need a few more corner marshals than usual. And we'll be doing four (perhaps five) laps, so you'll get a good view of the race from that corner!

Dirt Crits

A relatively small list of entries saw a race over two long laps with a ‘secret’ handicap.
Turns out there was a ’win’ up for grabs for the fastest lap, and another for the two laps closest in time.
Bruce won both, being first back after two laps and with only four seconds difference between his laps.
Realistically however, for Bruce to be able to win, a number of his competitors needed to suffer from problems. They duly delivered. There were two punctures, a number of navigational issues with guide dogs and some found it difficult to keep their white sticks out of their spokes!
Here are the results.

Debbie does disappearing

By John Eisner

Despite the heat and the prospect of a cruel hill finish, plenty of riders put up their hands for the weekly Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club race last Thursday.
Kian Lerch-MacKinnon and Dan Purcell once again had the tough assignment of chasing down the rest of the field with two and a half minutes to the next, harshly handicapped pair of Bruce Halket and Rob Curtis.
At the Limit end Deb Sala Tenna had to fend off the remaining twenty odd competitors.
The groups worked well together and at the turnaround it was looking close but with the quick run home Dave Jagger's bunch didn't catch Bocky and Judi Duke until the final bend. A bunch of riders also caught up shortly thereafter and all had Deb in their sights at the bottom of the O'Hanlon's Road hill.
Luke Olver leapt off the front and in a strong finish was able to overtake all the group in front. But he still didn't catch Deb who had disappeared up the road long ago. After riding the whole race on her own, Deb stayed away to take a very well-deserved win.
Dan and Kian ripped through everyone as well but had to settle for third and fourth respectively, Dan also taking fastest time.
Lewis Dowie made a late charge from the 'Block end and placed a good 6th just behind Steve Duke who rode smoothly up the final pitch. The rest of the field was not far behind with more than a few wondering if this hill finish was really Halket's idea of fun!
Thanks to our crew of helpers and the Delatite Hotel for a tasty dinner.
Here are the results and below some pics from Tony Copland.