Public Holiday Update

Fairless follow-up

To start off with this week, this may be of interest to those of you that went to the movie night last week. Here is the YouTube video to watch Steve Fairless win in Denmark in 2015, after just missing out in Slovenia in 2014 (in the movie).

Dirt Crits

While the results are still in the ether somewhere, we do know that Bella Green won followed closely by Ruby Dobson and Dan Friday (junior).
Results link will be here soon... ish.

At least Bella's smiling...

At least Bella's smiling...

The Handicapper’s eye view of Thursday night.

By John Eisner

Wednesday Night, 8pm; most of the entries have been SMS’d for the Howes Creek/O’Hanlons Hill finish on Thursday. Just after 8, Craig Wilson and a few others receive a reminder, boosting the start numbers to a healthy 33.
Over coffee the next morning the groups are looking good. Josh Hopwood pleads lack of race practice and is placed straight into the formidable looking Scratch group with Bruce Halket and Lewis Dowie.
Jock Brega, Tom MacMunn and Jarrod Appleton looked like a solid Block unit while Matt Empey, Dave Moore and Steve Duke looked good in group three.
Janine Appleton and Mel Green are a bit in no-man’s land but form a dynamic duo questionably helped by the addition of Alex Green.
On recent form, there was no real reason to split the next nine players – Jason Parker, Steve Flew, Ian Conrick, John Eisner, Jodie Batchelor, Peter Ellett, David Jagger, Wilson and Kieren Payne and similarly Di Condie, Rod Manning, David Bock and Donna Stephenson looked good in the penultimate group.
Elise Empey and Bella Green made up the young, Limit bunch but what to do with Talia Appleton? Great recent form, a couple of missed Thursday nights and probably likely to be run over by the Conrick bunch (possibly literally). Thinking Di will be a good mentor.
Thursday night as the race unfolds, Hopwood “menaces” the rest of the backmarker groups who formed one unit, fairly rapidly eventually catching Rob Skinner, AJ Stephenson and Nathan Pelling.
The Conrick group worked like a machine despite its size and finally caught up with the Condie crew to be subsequently caught by Mel and Janine.
With the race coming together at the bottom of the final hill, Talia made the most of her power to weight ratio and according to one observer, “danced off the front” to take a good win.
Acting somewhat like a chromatography experiment, the hill separated out the rest of the bunch with Hopwood putting his fiddle back in its case and crossed the line second. Manning and Donna Stephenson did well to come 3rd and 4th with Bruce Halket 5th.
A big thanks to our crew of helpers and to the Delatite Hotel for another fine dinner.
Here are the top ten results and also the season point scores… it’s close at the top!
Plus... here is the last kilometre or so seen from the Juggernaut's Cycliq headlight/camera.

On board with the Juggernaut in the final.

And here are Tony Copland's pics of the night.


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Oh! One last thing...

If you've put your hand up for the Mansfield Tour and you haven't spoken to Bruce about your role yet, please give him a call in the next day or two. (You've got his number...)