Club kit closes today


Club kit orders now open again.

Been getting a bit chilly riding lately? As part of our available club kit, Seight also offer winter weight knicks and jacket. Here’s the link to order Seight MMBCC kit.
Email Bruce for the password.
Kit sales have been extended till midnight tonight (Sunday 1 July.)

More upcoming events

Sunday 4 November - Preston Mountain Classic - one of the best road races of the year. This used to be a winter race in late May or early June but is moving to a new date in spring.
More details to come.

Email subscriptions

Here at MMBCC Towers, it's come to our attention that some of you are still subscribed to the club newsletter through the old BlogTrottr service. The club no longer uses this and it will stop soon.
We highly recommend you subscribe through the current subscription service, on the club home page, which uses Mail Chimp.