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Tour Volunteers

We still need a few more volunteers!
Do you have a few hours to spare on the weekend of Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 March?
Please email Wil and let him know - we’d really appreciate it.

MMBCC cycling library at ATC

MMBCC Library IMG_0155.jpg

The MMBCC cycling book library is still up and running at All Terrain Cycles. In fact, there have been a few additions lately.
Remember, MMBCC members are welcome to borrow any of the books in the library… so long as the books get returned.

Social road ride King Valley next Sunday

Two groups leaving from Mansfield Botanic Park to ride to Whitfield; one at 8am and a slightly faster one at 9am.
Those wanting an easier shorter ride are meeting at the Whitfield General Store at 10am to ride out to Lake William Hovell and back.
Lunch will be at Gracebrook Winery. Menu will likely be a choice of grazing platters, depending on numbers. But you have to earn the wine! And the whine.
RSVP with Margaretanne Hood either via email or send her an SMS on 0417 389 249.

Dirt Crits Teams Race

DC 190305 IMG_0160.jpg

A ‘new’ format of teams race with each team having a six-lap rider who would be joined by team mates during the race to each complete the correct number of laps each - all ridden together!
It started with Damian, Dan, Cam and Bruce starting the race for six laps. Damian started strongly and opened a clear gap on Dan halfway through the first lap, with Cam and Bruce following. For some reason Dan moved over and allowed Cam and Bruce through.
Second lap saw Cam joined by Matt (who’d ride five laps) and Bruce had the lap of a lifetime!
He managed to overtake Cam and Matt near the top of Bogan’s Beginnings and then witnessed Damian walking down to the bench line. In his own words, he’d “had a brain fade”, took a wrong turn and was heading back to where he’d gone wrong to virtually start the second lap again.
This gave Bruce the lead! He was joined on his third lap by Ruby (to ride four laps), who had to be reigned-in a little to let the old bloke keep up. A lap later Alex joined in too.
The next three laps saw Ruby, Alex and Bruce ride smoothly (well… mostly) together to take the win ahead of Zac, Matt and Cam.
Here are the results.

Graded Scratch Races

By Tom MacMunn

Thank you to the commissaries and volunteers who oversaw the Graded Scratch Races from the Botanic Park to the turnaround at Sawpit Gully Road and then back along Barwite Road, over Coombes Hill to finish on Graves Road.
Despite a few attempts to break up the race from Bruce, Tom, Dave and Damian, the eight A grade riders were all together as they turned onto Barwite Road. Somehow Damian, Steve and Tom found themselves 50m off the front and, after a big double take to confirm the gap, they rode hard to stay away. Dave and Bruce led the chase but couldn’t pull them back.
Tom won the sprint from Damian and Steve.
B Grade wandered out the Whitfield Road to the turn around, and then realised that they had better ride so that C Grade didn’t catch them. Janine, Tim and Alex charged away from the bunch and rode hard to stay away. Jason told the rest that he wasn’t going to chase them down all by himself. Alex talked a big game, but couldn’t quite back it up. Janine won the sprint from Tim with Alex third.
Dave Bock had the unenviable task of keeping the young girls in check in C Grade. He managed to stay with them over the Coombesberg and then had a front row seat to the best finish of the night. Ruby was half a wheel ahead with a few metres to race. Talia was clearly ahead a couple of metres past the line. After checking with race officials and a blurry finish line photo, the result couldn’t be split. Ruby and Talia equal first, Dave in third.

Here are the results and many thanks to Tony Copland for the race pics. In the presentation pics, Tim Hall was unable to attend so his place was taken by, and his prize money given to, Leah the dog!

A few new items for sale

S-Works Roubaix - anyone 182cm or taller should look at upgrading to this bike. It’s a beauty!

Kurt Kinetic Trainers - get yourself sorted for winter training.