Ratification. Or just plain ratty?

First up… the Mansfield Tour

The Mansfield Tour committee are recommending the club hosts the event again in 2020 - but we need to ratify that decision at the AGM.

Ratify? No, nothing to do with our little mate below; think more along the lines of this.

rat 1a.jpg

We had a committee of six working on the Tour this year and we’d like a couple more for next year. With a couple of the existing committee unavailable for 2020, that means we’ll be after four more to join the current four members.

Have a think about what you could contribute and we can discuss it in more detail at the AGM.

If you’d like a chat in the meantime, send a note to Bruce or call him on 0419 533 120.

Speaking of the AGM… when is it?

Good question!

The MMBCC Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 23 July at the Delatite Hotel, starting at 6.30pm.

Head to the pub at about 6 for a drink, order dinner and let’s have a chat about the running of the club.

Of course, all Executive Committee positions will be declared vacant. Plus we need a new Secretary, some more members of the road sub-committee, plus the Dirt Crits sub-committee, Junior Development, Recreational Rides and General Committee positions to fill.

If you’d like to have a chat about what’s involved, send a message to Damian or Bruce.

Next up… the Rider Development Grant

We haven’t received an application yet!

The RDG application form is now available for download here. The club has had quite a successful year financially, so let’s find some promising junior riders to help out. The grant can go towards any of the costs involved in a rider developing further - travel/fuel costs, equipment, coaching, entry fees, etc.

Applications close on Friday 28 June; that’s less than two weeks. Successful applicants will be announced at the AGM on Thursday 23 July.

Finally, a little light reading on someone crashing a bike…

It seems Chris Froome’s crash was even worse than everyone initially thought.

What does it mean for Le Tour?

Maybe 2019 is Ritchie’s turn?!