MMBCC MTB Results - Round 1

There was a great turnout for the first round of the Summer MTB Series on Monday night.  21 kids lined up for the first race of the evening everyone setting a time that they will try to beat throughout the season.  Some of the bigger kids will be encouraged to race with the adults over the next few weeks - so look out C and D grade.

D Grade  - Lachie Opie is one of those kids who has recently made the transition to racing with the adults.  He fooled the handicapper with his size (tiny) and speed (fast) and won in great style.  Nick Howland rode strongly in his first race, welcome Nick,  to finish third.

C Grade - Uschi Steedman reeled in Paul McNamara's early lead and finished very strongly to win C Grade.  All 8 riders finished within 5 minutes of the winner so the curses thrown at the handicapper by some were misguided.

B Grade - After Cam Lachal's lightning first lap, Laurie Harding and Isaac Heppell took over the front of the race and were within 10 metres of each other at the end of each lap.  Laurie had enough legs on the last lap but Isaac seems to have done enough to shake the 'downhiller' tag.  Mick Durham took a tumble (again) and Jason Parker was polite enough to ride around and not over him.

A Grade - Steffan Vaivars took one look at the start list and started licking his lips.  He took the lead from the start but Foley Lachal early on, and Chad Meek later in the race, kept him honest.  Steffan managed to stay away and deserved his 20 second win over Chad with Foley just staying clear of Bruce Halket.
In all 26 adults raced across 4 grades.  Well done all.
For full results and points click here.

AND a bit of housekeeping:
1.  Keep an eye on the MTB page on the website.  There are a couple of changes to race formats and duties for each race that will be posted later in the week.
2.  Please bring a current MTBA membership card to the race next week and each week after that.  We need to see these to ensure that everyone is covered in case of an accident.