MMBCC MTB Update 5 March 2012

MMBCC MTB Update 05/03/12


A snazzy new race format was unveiled on Monday night by Dave Moore : The graded handicap combo race! Unlike a normal handicap race this format meant that D-graders only had to race 3 laps of the course, while C – A graders raced 4 laps, making it more inclusive and fun for all involved. It took a fair bit of initial organising and mathematical calculations, but the overall feedback was that it was a success!


It was interesting to see A graders and D graders setting off at the same time, racing each other but keeping in the back of your mind that the A graders had to do an extra lap in order to beat their starting competitors.


Big congratulations to the ever improving Jem Davies. At just 12 years old he took out the win holding off the charging Tina McDonnell and Laurie Harding.


1st: Jem Davies (3 laps) 28:37

2nd: Tina McDonnell (3 laps) 28:43

3rd: Laurie Harding (4 laps) 29:44


Lots of smiling faces at the end and we finished at the respectable time of 7pm! There was even time for a socialise at the end (and time to see Tina in her beasty 4x4  wrench Frank’s car out of a ditch!)


A winning format all round and one that we will continue with for the rest of the summer series, which concludes at the end of March. Next week will see an extra twist to the format with A-graders to complete 5 laps of the course.


The Autumn series and calendar is due to be confirmed this week at the MTB sub-committee meeting. So, stay tuned!


Kate Empy and Cam Lachal on duty next week. Please be there before 5:45pm to register.


Enjoy the week ahead and all the best to all those racing at the Bike Buller Festival this weekend! There will be quite a few of us heading up there so get in contact if you would like to take part in the festivities.


Katie Moore

0415 369 297