MTB - Tolmie Sports

Saturday saw the sun come out in just as much force as the locals at the Tolmie Sports Day. The whole day was a hustle and bustle of activities that tickled the eyes and underarms of all ages.

Axes were swung in the centre ring with vigour all day while kids smashed spuds as they rolled off the table. Others whittled little twigs, while some little miniature farm machines bailed hay to the amusement of all that saw. A talented bunch of horse riders tackled an obstacle coarse side by side and some extraordinary dogs showed that fences really are no obstacle for a bounding hound.

Just when you thought your eyes where full of good ol' county town entertainment the announcement came "The Three Man Challenge is about to begin"! I'd never seen an instant amalgamation quite like it. Everybody squashed by the sidelines to see the event unfold.

Beginning with the woodchoppers, who by this stage in the day must surely have tiered shoulders. They swang and chopped with more power and enthusiasm than you would see for the national title! Once chopping their block into pieces each axeman lumbered over with unstoppable momentum to tag their team mate. Off the runners went, in a tight bunch of chaos. Each arriving at a 35kg sack of happiness which they had to charge down a race and over the Tolmie Tavern truck, bumping and pushing and tumbling each other while attempting to scramble over the tray before dumping the sack and sprinting back down the race to tag the third and final challengers.
That's were our team of cycle powered expeditionaries were waiting in anticipation of tackling the almighty Tolmie Sports Ground Super Crits MTB Criterion Trail. With the race warming up it was that little green frog in the ATC top Foley Lachal to tag out first with not more than a second or two gap before the other ATC shirts of Cad Meek and Shannon Rademaker came bellowing up from behind.
Foley somehow managed to fend off the two giants through the back section until the final climbing bend where in front of the HUGE crowd Chad Meek made his most impressive passing blunder to date! Clipping the rear wheel while attempting a gentleman’s pass he sent himself sliding into the grass giving Foley the chance of a lifetime to perform his magic. Taking the win for his team in the black bibs, followed by Shannon Rademaker and Chad Meek managed to remount his bike and take out third for his team.

Well done to all the competitors as it truly was the spectacle of the day!

Cheers ATC for sponsoring the event, and the members of the MMBCC for participating and helping to make a fantastic day for all!
Words by Hjalmar "Yully" Arnold