20 October - Graded Scratch - Benalla Rd


It seems that the promise of good weather and some improved confidence saw a big field of cyclists in four grades take to the road last Thursday night for the third graded scratch race in the Mansfield MtBuller Cycling Club's spring series.
Leaving first, Stewart Goodings, Dave Clark, Daryl Rielly and Sue Hall sustained a leisurely pace in D grade and not long after the turnaround were mown down by the A grade train. Shannon Rademaker, Josh Hopwood and Tom MacMunn set the pace in the middle section of the race in A grade and maintained this order in a mass sprint finish with Darren Bakker coming a handy 4th and  Mitch Greenway 5th.
Not long after Stewart Goodings held off Dave Clark in a close sprint to take out D grade.
B grade was also a close fought affair with the bunch sticking together until the final sprint. Euan Friday edged out Mark Calvert-Jones on the line with Will MacDonald moving up from C grade to take third. John Lithgow had a rush of blood and crossed the centre line rather than the finish line with Max Fricke and Steve Silver making up the top five.
The large C grade field was spurred on by several attacks by Ian "Lance" Conrick, all of which were suppressed by the field and in a calculated finish, Steve Plummer returned to form with a couple of lengths win over David Bock with Tony Ryan and Conrick close behind.



A GRADE: Shannon Rademaker, Josh Hopwood, Tom MacMunn
B GRADE: Euan Friday, Mark Calvert-Jones, WIll McDonald
C GRADE: Steve Plummer, David Boch, Tony Ryan
D GRADE: Stewart Goodings, David Clark, Daryl Rielly

Results - Click Here.