Handicap Race, Whitfield Road (Sawpit Gully Rd) Thursday 31 March

1.   Dan Purcell                     48.34                (corrected to 38.34)
2.   Mauro Brega                  s.t.
3.   Mark Calvert-Jones       s.t.
4.   Bruce Halket                  s.t.
5.   Dave Moore                    s.t.
6.   Luke Olver                      s.t.
7.   Will MacDonald              s.t.
8.   Will Calvert-Jones         s.t.
9.   John Eisner                    s.t.
10. Aaron Peterson              s.t.

13. Josh Hopwood               48.54   Fastest    (corrected to 37.04)

16. Belinda Cipa                   First unplaced female

Final points tally will be announced at the end of season presentation. And it'll be close! We've just realised that points for the February 7 race up the Old Tolmie Road hadn't been included; now they have!