Handicap Race, Whitfield/OT/Graves Rds (Long Ln), Thu 15 Mar

1.   Bruce Halket
2.   Damian Grundy
3.   AJ Stephenson
4.   Steve Duke
5.   Lewis Dowie
6.   David Jagger
7.    Kody Appleton
8.   David Empey
9.   Matt Empey
10.  Jarrod Appleton

12.  Matilda Reeves          First Unplaced Female

15. Dan Purcell                 Fastest

Here is the updated points score after this race. Remember, only the best 12 results count.
This is the last time we'll publish these until the Season Presentations on Thursday 19 April.
Can Purcell hang on?
Can Talia be the youngest winner ever?
Can the crafty veterans make it with a last minute lunge for the line down?

180315 cumulative scores.jpg