Thursday 14 November - Handicap Race

Handicap Race - Howes Creek Road - 14 November


An impressive field of thirty cyclists lined up for the Howes Creek Rd 25km Handicap last Thursday. First off were Rachel Greenway and Zoe Coghill Followed by Loretta Armitage and Sue Hall. Six more bunches set off until finally Foley Lachal and Mitch Greenway departed as the scratch group with a fifteen minute handicap.
In a solid headwind, Rachel and Zoe held the pursuing bunches back until just before the turnaround where the bunch of Di Condie, Julie Dolling ,Geoff Jones, Tony Morris, Daryl Riley and Janine Appleton caught them. At the rear of the field , Jock Brega faced mechanical difficulty and settled in for a cruise with James Black while Josh Hopwood sat up to wait for Mitch. Together these two worked through the field that was slowly consolidating into a large, fast finish towards Malcolm street.
In a consistent effort, Janine Appleton rode off the front of her bunch to take out a good win with Tony Morris riding well to finish 17 seconds behind. In a mass finish forty seconds later, Mitch Edged out Stefan Vaivars who rode well tactically in the final k's. Julie , Di , Josh , Darren Bakker, Cam Lachal and Steve Plummer made up the top ten.
Thanks to our crew of volunteers and officials and to our sponsors, The Deck and The Alpine Butchery.