MMBCC Mountain Bike News - 27 April 2011

Hi All,


Autumn Series

Kicks off this Sunday.  Shannon and I went for a few laps of the reserve this morning and it is riding really well.  Tell your mates.  The more crew we get up there to race (and watch) the more fun it will be.
There have been heaps of mozzies in the reserve over Summer but they seem to not be so bad at the moment.  I will be bringing some repellant for Lani though.


Hopefully this series will be heaps of fun and just racing in it will be reward enough but as an added incentive there are a bunch of great prizes on offer.  The prizes are almost locked in.  At the moment there is well over $1000 worth with the overall series winner getting $500 to spend at All Terrain Cycles.  Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places at the end of the series (more explanation below).  The other prizes (3 substantial ones at this stage) will be randomly drawn from all those who compete in at least 4 of the 5 races.
There may be other prizes given to the person who can find Andy Setchell, get Dave Empy to race or get Bruce Halkett to race in the wet.


The points system is attached. Click Here.  Most (3 out of 5) of the races are Graded Scratch Races and winners from each grade will receive 30 points (2nd - 25 points etc).  Because everyone is involved in the handicap timetrial the winner will receive 50 points.  The elimination races require more explanation which might happen on Sunday.  Riders best 4 results will count towards their series points.  If riders are tied then their 5th result will be used to split the tie (if they are still tied we could use something like MTB jousting to decide the winner).


There will be 4 people allocated to duty each week.  We might do this on Sunday so that we can work out who can be there on which weekend.  Those on duty will be able to race.  We will get 2 people from A or B grade and 2 from C or D grade so that when two of the people are on duty the other two can be racing.  I'll explain the process to everyone on Sunday at the end of the races.  If people can rock up a bit early this week and be prepared to help out a bit then we can organise a duty roster from there.


The plan is to race a slightly different course each week.  We have roughly worked out what these will be so each week we should be able to explain the course for the following week.  Then those who are really keen can practice during the week.  This weekend we will be racing the loop that we have used for the last couple of races.  Kids races will be on the same track each week and kids can choose to ride 2, 3 or 4 laps.

Race Length

Scratch Races - C and D Grades - 30min, B Grade - 40 min, A grade - 50min.  We should be able to achieve this by timing the first lap and then working out how many laps will give us the correct time.  This should mean that we finish up at about 3:30 and have time for a beer and a chat (which is what Sunday afternoons are meant for after all).  Elimination race - each grade will race three ten minute races (it will all make sense) so we should finish up not too long after 4pm.  Handicap race will involve everyone at the same time - you should be racing for between 20 and 40 min.  There may be some movement between grades if riders are smashing it or have had too many Easter eggs in the last few weeks.  Just make sure you register by 1:45 or you will be racing A grade.
Hmmm...just a short note.