MMBCC News - 29 April 2011. Wedding Day.

G'day Everyone!

“If there was a god, I’d still have both nuts.” Lance Armstrong


Club kit

We're about to place an order for wind vests and long sleeve fleece tops. If you want one of them, email Tim <> and place your order.

We're also considering ordering some arm warmers if anyone wants a pair. I reckon they're the best arm warmers I own!


Second last chance - subscribe to website updates

This is the second last newsletter email you'll get from me. You can now subscribe to the club website and you'll be notified when a new newsletter has been posted.

To do this, go to and type your email address in the box on the right and hit the button below it. (The top one is for the Latest News updates, the second one is for other special updates like a last-minute change of time or venue. You'll need to do one, then the other.) This will take you to the Blogtrottr website. They'll send you a message to the email address you entered. When you receive the Blogtrottr email, click on the link within it to confirm your subscription. And that's it!

From then on, you'll receive Latest News and website updates from Blogtrottr. After the next email, you'll only get them from Blogtrottr, not from me. 


Traffic Managers

We've made it to 7 … unfortunately, it's still not enough. We need more.

During the recent Tour de Flavour festival road races, we almost didn't have enough 'lollipop people', so the Sunday morning road race was in doubt just a few days beforehand. So for the events to go ahead in 2012 we need you to get qualified.

Mansfield Shire have offered to pay for you to do a one-day course to become a Qualified Traffic Controller. The club needs about 12 of you to get qualified. Once I get the numbers, I'll approach the Shire and find out what dates are available.

To make sure the Criterium and Road Race can be held next March (and to even help out other community groups in case they need it sometimes) please email me - - as soon as you can.


That's all for now … see you out there. 


Bruce Halket.