MMBCC MTB - Autumn Riding at it's Best

29/5/2011 race results - on the results page.

What a day for a MTB race.  Great racing and lovely sunshine.  Highlights included Dave's OTB (Over The Bars) whilst trying to get around Bruce on the last corner, Laurie's sensational sprint for the line...on the second last lap and D Grade deciding that lap 1 was a good time to catch up on the weeks gossip.

Next week we are planning to race a few different courses.  D Grade will race the short loop again – 20min, C grade are going to race one lap of the full loop (the one that goes up to the top of the reserve and over the other side) and then one lap of the loop they raced today – 30min.  B and A grade will race the full loop – probably 2 laps for B and 3 laps for A.  See if you can make space in your calendar for a beer and a feed and some presentations at the Delatite Hotel.  Meet there at 4:00 or 4:30.  Have a think about what we want to do about racing over winter/spring and we can have a chat about it at the Delatite.  At this stage next week will be the last MTB race until Monday October 10th 2011.

Now for those of you who are points conscious, Bruce has come up with a way of making the series points fairer.  The points table - a behemoth of a document which can be accessed via the MTB Results page - now makes provision for riders who have been asked to move up a grade during the series.  Riders who are competing in a higher grade have received a 40% loading on their points.  For example because they have both moved up a grade Tina received 29 points for coming 4th today and Yully received 30 points for his 3rd, 2nd, 3rd in last weeks elimination races.  Kerren received 30 points for winning D Grade because she started the series in this grade.  So by my reckoning there are 11 people still in the running for a top 3 finish depending on what happens next week.  Remember if you race 4 or more races you will be in the raffle for the major prizes.