MMBCC MTB News 24th May 2011

Elimination Race Results - on the MTB Results Page.

Thanks to everyone who came and raced on Sunday.  Perfect conditions for the Kids, for D grade, for C grade and...until half way through the B grade race.  A grade raced every lap with eyes closed to keep out the mud.  Maybe the drought had an upside.

Hopefully the storm hasn't frightened too many people away for the next two rounds.  Remember that everyone who competes in at least 4 rounds is in the draw for three great prizes - Pilates with Positive Moves Pilates, Gym Membership with Mansfield Gym and an entry into the High Country Challenge AND your best 4 results will count towards series prizes.  We have done this to help people stay motivated for a few more weeks.  So come out on Sunday and have a race (or just have a look).  Kids at 1:30pm, adults 2:00pm - Riflebutts Reserve.

If anyone has some photos from Sunday send them through to Tom, and we'll see if we can get a couple up on here.