MMBCC News - 19th November

MMBCC News- 19.11.2013

MMBCC members have travelled to Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT to participate in events recently.

Training Camp
Foley Lachal and Kian Lerch-Mackinnon attended a training camp at the Australian Institute of Sport.

The Highland Fling
Club members travelled to Bundanoon in the Southern Highlands for the Highland Fling MTB Marathon.
• Foley and Kian competed in the Half Fling (50km) event in the Open Male category
• Foley finished in 7th place in the category and Kian finished in 8th place
• Cam Lachal stepped up to compete in the 100 mile event and finished 9th overall in under 8hrs and 45mins

Buxton Boot Camp
• Some club members competed at the Buxton Boot Camp last Sunday week
• Mitch Greenway raced very well to finish 8th overall in the Open Category in the 3hr event, completing 4 laps of a tight and twisty course
• Matt Young and Jason Parker completed 3 laps of the course
• Aaron Sargeant and his cousin, Liam Grey, competed as pair and won the 3hr Junior event

Bright Mountain Bike Festival- Round 3 of the Elevation Series
Round 3 of the Elevation Series was held as part of the Bright Mountain Bike Festival on the weekend-
• Shannon came 2nd and Tom MacMunn was 3rd in the VETS category
• Dave Empey won the Super Masters category
• David Moore came 6th in the Open category
• Matthew Empey came 2nd in the U/13 category
• Trevor Arnold and Mitch Greenway also competed
• Matt Young competed in a different race

Shannon reported that there was a good atmosphere at the race and everyone competed well.

Also, on the weekend, MMBCC members Chad and Skye Meek tied the knot. Congratulations Chad and Skye!

Hellfire Cup- Tasmania
This week some Club members will be travelling to Hobart to compete in the Hellfire Cup. The event is a 4-day stage race starting this Thursday 21st November and finishes on Sunday 24th November. Mitch Greenway and Shannon Rademaker will compete as one team, and Dave Empey and Nick Viahandreas will compete as another team.
• Day 1
o Stage 1- 25km race
o Stage 2- team relay race over a single track course
• Day 2 Stage 3- 45km MTB loop
• Day 3
o Stage 4- 17km time trial
o Stage 5- King of the Mountain race
o Stage 6- Night pairs’ race
• Day 4
o Stage 7- one rider in each pair competes in the Tuff Torq Hill Climb, called the ‘Widow Maker’ followed by a DH descent
o The other rider in the pair races 4 laps of a 3.5k dirt crit course
o Presentations

Shannon said that he will try and give us updates on Facebook when he can.

Round 4 of the Elevation Series @ Mt Buller
The next round of the Gravity Series will be held on 7th – 8th December at Mt Buller.