Weekend Update

With the editor away for a few days over last weekend (riding trails in Derby, Tasmania and yes... it was brilliant!) there's a lot to catch up on. Sit yourself down and have a good read about all that's going on with the MMBCC.

Junior Dirt Crits Monday 21 November

Monday saw the second week of the new format for juniors. Although a hot night the Sprocket Rockets set off at 4pm ready to crack their times from their previous week, riding two laps of Bogans Beginnings and the newly named “Squiggle” into “Home Run”. All riders smashed their times from the previous week. Archie Hall was commended for staying on track this week. Josh Taylor was first taking a minute off his time, with Chloe Campbell and Thomas Day battling it out for 2nd and 3rd.
The Chain Gang then hit the track next also racing the same as previous week but with more laps. Times were varied possibly due to the wild weather that started mid race. Half of the riders improved on their previous times, with Nick Taylor and Sam Davies both improving by over two minutes. Finn Baker blitzed the field again this week, followed by Ethan Nealon and Charlie Hutchinson.
Finally, the Trail Blazers were set to also battle the wind and rain. They repeated last week’s format racing up “High Rise” and finishing down “The Ramp”. Charlie Hall showed no hesitation this week on The Ramp therefore taking two minutes off his previous time. Taycia Roche also showing a huge improvement with over two minutes off last weeks’ time for the four laps. The race winner was once again Kevin Gannon being chased down by Ned Hall and Zac Empey.
All riders were rewarded with icy poles this week due to the heat.
With two weeks to go before we break for the year there are a few dates to remember:
5 December: Skills and games night at Botanical Gardens starting 4:30pm for everyone, we will need extra hands on deck so if you are available, let us know.
12 December: Delatite Dash break up, ride from Carters Road to Mirimbah. The littlies will need an escort and we will also be able to transport 18 kids and their bikes in the ATC bus and trailer; thanks Shannon. We will need RSVPs for this one.
30 January: First night back after School Holidays.
Finally check out the new jerseys we are doing!
We really want to keep costs low so $20 each is just below what it will cost to produce them. $20 for the first jersey and $15 for any orders after that!
Please email back your sizes and quantities, payment of cash is due by Monday 12 December.
Let us know if you have any questions.
See you Monday at the Botanic Park!

Road Race report - Thursday 24 November

Another solid field of 30 cyclists rolled up for the second tour of the season of Howes Creek last Thursday.
In a gusty headwind Bella MacMunn headed off first with Di Condie, David Bock and Steve Kurnow off next with Kody Appleton joining them at the 20k mark. Grinding down a six and a half minute gap was the smooth turning group of Craig Wilson, Gus Muscara, Steve Flew, Janine Appleton, Ian Conrick and John Eisner. Allan Gerrans, Will MacDonald, Mel Green and Jason Parker were off next only a minute behind with Tim Hall, Dave Moore, Anthony Plummer and Damian Grundy chasing them. Tim Ross had the pleasure of joining Jarrod Appleton, Aaron Peterson and Rob Skinner in the de facto block group while Dan Purcell, Luke Olver, Mauro Brega, Darren Bakker and Ross Hopkins made up the actual block group. For his sins, Josh Hopwood started off last into the same gusty headwind and a big ask of a minute to gap.
Steve was the first on a list of “being dropped” casualties for the night, finding the long haul at the 5k mark rather tricky with less race experience so far this year. Despite the aforementioned smoothness, the Wilson bunch were somewhat surprised to find themselves caught at the turnaround by the merged Grundy/Green group and a surprise attack by Damian saw everyone put under pressure and the casualty list grow. By the caravan park there was only Damian, Janine, Anthony, Allan and John left.
Out the front however, Di, Kody, Steve and Bocky were working well together and overcoming last second handicapping trepidations, Di contested a well timed sprint to take out a good win over Steve Kurnow and Kody. Bocky was not far behind in fourth and in a great solo effort, Bella powered in for fifth.
Not far behind that the pressure was still on for minor points with Damian making a break up the last hill. This was countered by Anthony who had also done a heap of work out the front, and in a close finish Anthony got up for sixth with Allan cleverly hanging in for eighth and Janine ninth after a strong ride.
Thirty seconds later the remnants of Block and BlockBlock came in with Dan Purcell recording the fastest time of the night.
Thanks again to our crew of volunteers and the Delatite Hotel for hosting the subsequent presentations. Results can be found here... although hopefully more details results are on the way.

Dirt Crits race report - Monday 28 November

With high levels of motivation and fearless attack the Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club mountain bikers took on two downhill runs of the Riflebutts Reserve trails.
Young and old, men, women, boys and girls all competed on the fun and challenging, but not too extreme, downhill courses.
Riders were put into teams of four and the times from the two runs were added together for a team result.
In the end it was the team Friday’s Funtastic Foursome comprising Dan Friday (the elder), Zac Empey (the youngest competitor), Dave Bock and James Griffin with a combined time of 36min 37sec winning the team’s overall ahead of Not the 4 Tenors comprising Ollie MacDonald, Jarrod Appleton, Kevin Gannon and Matt Empey with a time of 37min4sec and in third was the team of Girl’s Rule! No! Boys Rule! with Rachael Grundy, Mike Davies, Bella Green and Will MacDonald with a time of 37min30sec.
Fastest overall combined times individually in the Women was Rachael Grundy
And in the Men it was Dan Friday Senior.
Thanks all riders for turning out.
Full results are here.
Great to see some old/new faces.

Call for a 'hand' on Sunday

Is there a pair of MMBCC mountain bikers who might be able to ride with an adaptive MTB rider (off road hand cycle) Sunday morning at Mt Buller, for a few hours. Please call Ben on 0424 453 789 if you can assist.

Almost there...

A couple of little videos to keep you entertained. Firstly, how to ride up a hill if you have a problem with your front wheel and the team car is too far back, then one on how to make sure you get noticed by drivers.


Pics and report on Thursday 1 December's road race to come soon. And get well soon Jodie.

Plus... good luck to Josh at the Tour of Bright this weekend.