Update to the Weekend Update

Handicap Road Race, Thursday 1 December

by B. Geste

On an evening that the Bureau of Meteorology forecast as “Thunderstorms” for North East Victoria, 23 riders embarked on the long course, Whitfield Rd, Barwite Rd, Old Tolmie Rd and finishing on Graves Rd. Limit group of five riders set out 14 minutes ahead of Scratch rider Kian Lerch-MacKinnon (in his return to road racing this season) and if they could work together this group would be difficult to reel in.
Limit group was followed by a big group 7 minutes back, of Jason Parker, Will MacDonald, Jodie Batchelor, Janine Appleton, Ian Conrick, Mel Green, Gus Muscara and John Eisner.  A further 2 minutes back was Anthony Plummer and Dave Moore, who reportedly chased “Willy Mac” all night.
Jarrod Appleton Aaron Peterson, Tim Ross and Rob Skinner made up the next group and Block was made up of Bruce Halket, Mauro “Jock” Brega and Luke Olver.
At the turn around it was clear that Limit was indeed working well together but the general consensus was that they would be caught by the next group. Stoically sticking to their work, the Limit group were still ahead turning onto Barwite Road but the pace dropped off a bit and being caught was becoming a distinct possibility.
In what could be considered a brave move, if not stupid, Craig “Wil” Wilson launched a flyer off the front of the remainder of the limit group of Di Condie, David Bock, Steve Kurnow and Kieren Payne. With 8 km to race this was indeed an interesting choice.
Wil held the group at bay to the start of the Coomsberg. Still working hard he was surprised by Steve Kurnow who cruised up and past him near the summit of the Coomsberg... like a Camel in the Sahara!
Steve's gap increased to several hundred metres by the time Wil crested the rise and the chase was on in earnest, but the gap proved to be too small as Wil descended like brick from a building site, caught and passed Steve and time trialled to the finish and the win.
Wil attributed his win to his motto “Never waste momentum” a generous handicap (Thanks John) and a group that worked well.
Steve arrived in second place with David Bock third and Di Condie in 4th place and winner of the first unplaced female prize.
The main bunch arrived some time later with a vigorous sprint won by Anthony Plummer. Kian Lerch-Mackinnon had a very hard day at the office as did Tim Ross and fastest time was recorded by Bruce Halket with a time of 52:45. Results can be found here.
Thanks to all our volunteers and supporters. Next week is a Team Time Trial with the usual presentation at the Delatite Hotel from about 7pm. Come and join us for a rehydration session and check out the Alan Guerin Memorial Handicap trophy on display in the bar/clubroom.