Barbecue update

We didn't get many responses to attend on Sunday, so we've decided to postpone it.

With this being the middle of the school holidays, this Sunday obviously doesn't suit a lot of people. So… we need to find out when it does suit you. And where. We have a few trophies and prizes to hand out so we need to do something...

Give us an idea of what suits - let's use Facebook as a forum to discuss this:

Some ideas include:
- Lunchtime Sunday 10 April at the Botanic Park for a BYO everything barbecue;
- Afternoon tea on Sunday 10 April at the Delatite Hotel (club sponsor);
- Evening snacks/drinks, say 6pm, on Thursday 14 April at the Delatite; or
- A fund-raising movie night at the Mansfield Armchair Cinema.

We don't know, we're just throwing around ideas.

What do you think?

Please let us know.