Sunday news

End-of-summer barbecue

A discussion has been started on the club's Facebook page about what and where to hold a 'get-together' to award this summer's trophies. (By the way, the final results for both Dirt Crits and Road Racing are VERY close!)
Please join the discussion and give us your ideas. Alternatively, send Wil a text message with your ideas on 0417 596 288.

Final road race of the season

By John Eisner

Last Thursday saw the final race in the Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club’s Summer Series for 2015/6.
In perfect Autumn conditions, Di Condie set off first on the 25km Sawpit Gully return race. Four Minutes later Andrew Clark, John Eisner and David Bock followed with Peter Ellett, Mark Calvert-Jones and Will MacDonald pursuing a minute behind that. Belinda Cipa and Will Calvert-Jones were next with Aaron Peterson, Luke Olver and Dave Moore starting on the eight and a half minute mark. Looking sharp, Bruce Halket, Mauro Brega and Dan Purcell took off followed by Tom MacMunn. Kian Lerch-MacKinnon and Foley Lachal had a few technical difficulties on the start line, leaving Josh Hopwood to start next, until they composed themselves and started last with a 14 minute deficit.
Working well and smoothly, Will MacDonald’s group caught the Bock bunch on the return past the tomato farm and together with Di, the larger group didn’t make things easy for the pursuing bunches.
The groups of Halket and Moore combined just prior to the turnaround with Will Calvert-Jones managing to stay in touch. Josh Managed to catch Tom and together they looked like a chance at the turnaround. With the late start, Kian and Foley resigned themselves to the tail end.
In the closing kilometre, the two bunches combined to make for a large, fast and desperate sprint finish.  Dave Moore maintained a solid line knowing the result could alter his season’s overall standing. Bruce pulled off to the left as there was a potential clash of wheels while Will MacDonald made the most of an opening on the right side. In the end Dan “Mark Cavendish” Purcell dug deep and held on to take out a good win with Mauro Brega coming in a well contested second. Mark Calvert-Jones made a run from the back of the pack to place third and Bruce recovered nicely with some tactical lines to place fourth with Dave Moore holding on to fifth.
Further back Josh and Tom just couldn’t bridge the gap but did well to reduce the final gap to twenty seconds. Only slightly further back, Di and Belinda had a light-hearted (but deadly serious) sprint with Belinda getting the edge.
Thanks to our numerous volunteers and to the Delatite Hotel for post race refreshments.
Results can be found here.

Club kit

Two new designs of club kit have been sent to Seight Custom Clothing, both should suit on- and off-road use. Once we get back the final Seight versions of the layouts, we'll have a 'vote' on which one will go into production.
For details on Seight, who produce the prize jerseys for the Mansfield Tour, go to their website.


With many thanks to Paul Fletcher, who did all the hard work, the club will receive a defibrillator from Sport and Recreation Victoria. (This could prove very handy when some of our older members push themselves a little too hard!)
As part of the grant, we'll receive training on how to use it… for up to 20 members. When we find out when it's being delivered, we'll ask for volunteers who'd like the do the training.

A recent message to the club Facebook page from Matt Aldridge...

Next year I'm doing a charity bike ride for Soldier On called The Coo Wee Ride. We're venturing up your way. Would you guys like to get involved and ride the Mansfield to Buller and back leg? And if anyone was keen over to Beechworth from Mansfield? Would be great to have you guys involved!

Ronde van Vlaanderen

The Spring Classics continue tonight with the 100th edition of the Tour of Flanders. Brilliant race. SBS will broadcast it tonight from 10.30pm.


Some serious reading from the Velominati on making sure you look good on the bike and not taking yourself too seriously, rules and all.