Midweek news - we want you!

We want you - defibrillator training

The club's new defibrillator arrives this week.
It includes a couple of hours of training from St John's so we can use it safely. This will be at the Delatite Hotel from 1pm to 3pm this Saturday 17 September.
We need club members to come along and do the training so we can take delivery of our new defib unit. Please send Paul Fletcher an email and join the list.

Road race calendar updated

The calendar for the first half of the Summer Road Series is now available here.
It includes a brand new course on Howes Creek Road, another race out at Jamieson and the duty roster. In particular, a quick shout out to David Jagger, Kieren Payne, Tom MacMunn, Dave Moore and Rod Manning who are rostered on to one of the first two races. And to Tony Copland, John Eisner, Bruce Halket and Di Condie who are the Commissaires for the first two races.
Please have a good look through and check to see when you're on duty. If you're not there,  let Bruce know and he'll include you next time. If you are rostered on but you're not available, this page contains the info you need (scroll down to Race Duty.)
Racing starts on Thursday 6 October.
(If you have a 12-month 2016 road race membership, it's still valid until 31 December.)
Work has also started on the 2017 calendar which will include a Sunday morning series (which won't be part of the usual summer series, but a separate 'climbers' series) plus the Black 'n' Tan as a stand-alone event, also on a Sunday morning. More details as soon as we get the permits.

We want you - Junior Development

The club is after someone to look after development of our junior members. We currently have a strong Junior Dirt Crits scene but want to help kids develop beyond this. We envisage skills clinics for both mtb and road, travel to some other races, perhaps even some track racing.
It's really up to you.
Please contact club President Craig 'Wil' Wilson to discuss.

We want you - Women's Riding

The club is also after someone to help encourage more women to participate in MMBCC events. We want more women to ride, race... just get involved. Cycling Victoria have a plethora of resources to help the club but we'd like someone dedicated to the cause.
Can you help?
Please contact club President Craig 'Wil' Wilson to discuss.

Bunch ride times

As Daylight Savings will begin again shortly, so Saturday and Sunday morning road bunch rides will change too. As of Saturday 1 October, weekend bunch rides will start at 8am.

One more thing...

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