End of the month news

Dirt Crits start Monday

The 2016/2017 Dirt Crits season gets underway for Adults this coming Monday 3 October.
Registration will open at 5.30 with racing starting at 6.00pm. First up it’s a Reverse Time Trial format race… whatever that is!
Kids Dirt Crits start the following week, Monday 10 October.
The full calendar will be published on the website soon.
Please make sure your MTBA membership is valid. The Join Now page has all the membership information you need (some of the pricing information might need updating but we promise we’ll get to it soon) so have a read and renew your membership before it expires.

New number plates

With thanks to All Terrain Cycles and Bike Buller, we have new number plates for Dirt Crits this season. Please take good care of them!

Road racing starts this Thursday 6 October

Just a reminder that road racing starts this coming week with a Handicap Race along the Whitfield Road to Sawpit Gully Road and back. Registration will be open at the Botanic Park at 5.30 with racing starting at 6pm.
Please remember that you’ll need to enter by 8pm Wednesday with our Handicapper, John Eisner, via SMS on 0428 503 437. No entry, no race.
(Apparently there is no truth to the rumour that calling in to see John at the pharmacy this week, complaining of various maladies and contagious diseases, will make the slightest bit of different to your handicap.)
Please also remember that you need to have a valid Cycling Australia RACE membership of the MMBCC to enter. Details can be found here.
We're always after volunteers too! If you have some spare time and would like to be involved, we'd love to see you.

Bunch rides change time

With the calendar changing to October tomorrow, it's time to change the weekend road rides. They'll now all start at 8am from the Botanic Park.
If you're thinking of coming racing, we recommend starting with a few bunch rides first.


Go Doggies!