Saturday Update

The weekly round-up of all things MMBCC including:
- A few words about the Mansfield Tour;
- Thursday evening's ITT;
- Monday's Dirt Crits;
- A blast from the past; and
- A little motivation to get out and ride if you think you're getting too old.

The Mansfield Tour

It's only a week away!
A mountain of work has been done in the previous few months to make this weekend run smoothly:
- the VicRoads and Police permits have been approved;
- the flags in the middle of town have been produced and installed;
- the new inflatable arch has arrived and been tested;
- the prize jerseys have arrived;
- the warning signs around the courses have been installed;
- the signage for the lead car for each grade produced;
- the Technical Manual, including the Course Mocka, has been produced and distributed to entrants;
- the TT start ramp is being modified; and
- the roster is almost finalised.

Have you volunteered your time yet? We need your help. Please email Race Director Di Condie and let her know when (not if) you're available to help out.

One final thing... after the presentations have finished at the Delatite Hotel on Sunday afternoon, there'll be a bunch road ride leaving the Botanic Park at 4pm. (This is to make up for us all missing out on the 8am bunch ride due to running the Tour.)

The inaugural Peacock Cup

by David Jagger

A new course was set for the second time trial of the season racing from Piries to Gough Bay and back.
First off the start was the youngest rider, Will Grundy who displays good perseverance and managed to arrive at the finish still leading.
Josh Hopwood was not far off his tail just 30 seconds behind after making up 9 minutes in a half an hour race. Josh set the fastest time for the inaugural race at 20.13 and was conspicuous in his matching attire and time trial bike.
Riders crossed the finish line in quick succession with all 20 odd riders finishing within 5 minutes. Di Condie was the first female home (5th overall) shortly followed by Jodie Batchelor, Janine Appleton, Mel Green and Gretchen Nadenbousch. Gretchen sustained a puncture just before the start but with a little help was still able to make the start line and finish in fourth place.
The weather for the evening ride was perfect. The sting had gone from the sun and the breeze was quite gentle, although Mel was heard to say that she had a head wind the whole way.
Craig Wilson rode a powerful race to finish in a credible position despite a hard handicap; it could also have been his new white Italian bike.
Steve Flew rode a strong race finishing in second place. Displaying a determined ride on top of a disrupted season David Jagger completed the podium with third place.
All riders were keen to ride their best so that they could compare themselves to other riders. This extra effort at a time trial was evident in the exhaustion at the finish with many of the riders unable to communicate as they crossed the line. Well done to all competitors.
Thanks to the marshals and volunteers for organising the race.
The evening was finished with presentations at the Delatite Hotel followed by a trivia night in support of Bella MacMunn and her trip to Venilale (which was won by Team Velo!)
Here are the results of the ITT, which this week include the whole lot... so everyone can see their time.
Next Thursday's road race is the famed Howes Creek Road course, with its finishing hills. Entries to John via SMS by 8pm Wednesday please.
Next weekend is the Mansfield tour and consists of a time trial Saturday morning and a return race to Jamison in the afternoon. Sunday is the race up to Mt Buller. Good luck to Josh Hopwood and Dan Purcell who are competing in this elite amateur cycling event. (And as the rest of the club will be helping out organising and running the Tour, Josh and Dan have kindly volunteered to do all the packing up!)

Dirt Crits, Monday 6 March

A great night of racing... so close that the first 6 placings were within 11 seconds of the winner. That's what you call great handicapping!
- Seeing James Griffin get up and ride through to the finish after a spectacular crash right in front of everyone at the finish line. Bad luck James but great work for getting back up and finishing so well!
- The look on Matt Empey's face when he found out next Tuesday (not Monday due to the public holiday) will be a Gravity Enduro and he won't be here for it!
Here are the results with everyones' times.

The overall podium: 2. Bella Green; 1. Rachel Grundy; 3. Alex Green (yes, taking a selfie!)

The overall podium: 2. Bella Green; 1. Rachel Grundy; 3. Alex Green (yes, taking a selfie!)

The under 15s podium: 2. Elise Empey; 1. James Griffin; 3. Ruby Dobson.

The under 15s podium: 2. Elise Empey; 1. James Griffin; 3. Ruby Dobson.

The Ladies' podium: 2. Bella Green; 1. Rachel Grundy; 3. Elise Empey.

The Ladies' podium: 2. Bella Green; 1. Rachel Grundy; 3. Elise Empey.


Here's a little something from the archives which shows a prominent club and Executive member in younger, skinnier, more colourful times.

And here's an article worth reading if you find it difficult to get motivated to get out and ride. Shame on you!