Sunday Evening Update

A lot to get through again this update:
- Dirt Crits from last week;
- Dirt Crits points scores;
- A "visitor's" perspective on local road races;
- Sunday's recreational road ride; and
- a bit on disc brakes.

Dirt Crits, Monday 27 Feb

by Jason Parker

Damian Grundy set a longer course than the previous week with 18 riders entering the event.
Mark Raymond was first to ride off from the start line on Monday night, beginning his journey of 8 laps in warm and dusty conditions. Matt Empey and Bruce Halket followed seven and a half minutes later (6 laps). Damian Grundy started on 13 minutes (5 laps) and Jason Parker 90 seconds later (4 laps). A further 6 minutes passed by until Rachael Grundy headed off. At the 24 minute mark Cam Dobson (the dark horse) and Dave Bock started their 3 lap journey, followed by Mike Davies, Peter Coffey and Alex Green 15 seconds adrift. A further 15 seconds and James Griffin and Bella Green left the start line. At the 26 minute mark Elise Empey and Will Grundy set off for 3 laps. Ruby Dobson started 6 minutes later, followed by Dan Friday (Jnr) 2 minutes later, both completing 2 laps. Finn Baker had to wait the longest, seeing many riders come through the start/finish lines a number of times before he headed off at the 40 minute mark to ride his lap.
It quickly became apparent that Ruby’s dad, Cam, had some good form and was making his way through the field strongly. Bruce Halkett was also pulling away from Matty Empey.
At the end of the race Cam Dobson left the field in his dust, recording a time of 47.21 to take out the win. Jason Parker was in second place a further 72 seconds back, with James Griffin (First U15) rounding out the top three in a time of 49.35. (Rachael Grundy had chosen to complete an extra lap so didn’t figure in the placings). Peter Coffey, making a return to Dirt Crits, showed good form with 4th in 49.52, followed by Mike Davies in 50.26 and Damian Grundy 50.53. Five riders finished in the next minute - Dave Bock 51.09, William Grundy 51.11, Dan Friday (Jnr) (2nd U15) 51.24, Finn Baker 51.34 (3rd U15) and Ruby Dobson 51.58 (1st Female). Elise Empey finished in 52.35 (2nd Female) with a gap to Bruce Halket 54.14 and Matt Empey 54.58. Bella Green (3rd Female) led her dad, Alex, over the line with times of 56.21 and 56.22 respectively. All this time Mark Raymond had been lapping consistently, 7.09 minutes per lap (the fastest rider in the field) and came home in 57.19, a long and hard effort!
Thanks to Damian for the course setting and marking. He has also been busy over the weekend fashioning some rustic podiums which members of his family tested out.
Damian has also instituted a 1st - 3rd place in the following categories: Overall, U15s and Female.
Here are the results.
This week the event will be held over the same course with adjusted handicaps, with an Enduro to be held on Tuesday 22nd.

And here are the cumulative point scores from Dirt Crits so far this season:

First up, here’s the Dirt Crits Points Scores.
1.   Daniel Friday (Snr)         287
2.   Mike Davies                    275
3.   James Griffin                  269
4.   Dave Bock                      266
5.   Bruce Halket                   204
6.   Matty Empey                  203
7.   Daniel Friday (Jnr)          186
8.   Bella Green                     185
9.   Elise Empey                    165
10. Jem Davies                     130
11. David Jagger                   127
12. Rachael Grundy              126
13. Damian Grundy               117
14. Brett Stevens                   115
15. Jason Parker                   106
16. Anthony Plummer            97
17. Ollie MacDonald                90
18. Zach Empey                      89
19. Cameron Dobson              85
20. Will MacDonald                75
21. William Grundy                 72
22. Ruby Dobson                    68
23. Mike Fischer                     50
24. Adam Baker                      47
25. Mark Raymond                 42
26. Kevin Gannon                   40
26. Jarrod Appleton               40
28. Warwick Bottrall               39
29. Finn Baker                         33
30. Peter Coffey                      31
31. Tom MacMunn                    28
31. Charlie Jones                     28
33. Ethan Lee                          22
33. Lee Noble                          22
35. Alex Green                         11

And here are the ‘combined’ scores.

1.   Dave Bock              105
2.   Bruce Halket            74
3.   David Jagger           68
4.   Damian Grundy       51
5.   Jason Parker            47
6.   Anthony Plummer   38
7.   Will MacDonald        27
8.   William Grundy        25
9.   Jarrod Appleton       13
10. Alex Green                 6
These are calculated using the same points system as the road races and will be added to the road scores for the ‘Crossover’ Trophy.

Visiting Spaniard Reviews Mansfield Racing

by Protra Pedina (guest Spanish cycling enthusiast from Club Rocacorba, Girona)

Thursday 2 February - 22km Handicap
During my time in Mansfield I have been impressed with the quality of riding, racing and socialising of the Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club. Last Thursday was again no exception as part of the continuing race series.  Riders were looking fit and ready to ride after 5 months of racing.
Riders were welcomed with a review of the basics of safe road racing - decisive, focussed, smooth, alert and polite. Will MacDonald was singled out for not being as 'smooth' as he could have been at the start and committed to coming to future races looking that little bit sharper and wearing his very best kit for the remainder of the season.
There were 26 starters on the Barwite Loop Handicap of 22km. Tony Morris was off at limit with a 13 minute advantage of the Scratch riders of Josh Hopweed and Dan Purcell. When reviewing the handicapping Hopweed realised he was in with a good chance and lightened his bike by taking off all unnecessary weight including front light, extra bottles and spokey-dokies (much to the relief of those who normally ride with him).
The trip out to the turn at Long Lane for all groups was assisted by a stiff southerly wind which allowed groups to settle in to a rhythm and communicate clearly and politely. At the turn however the full effect of the wind and seemingly furnace-like afternoon conditions put pressure on all to remain polite to each other. Several riders were heard to repeat words unsuitable for publication and the real race got underway.
The group of Di Condie, Craig Wilson, David Jagger, David Bock and Steve Curnow decided to work together pulling time trail turns and soon settled into a smooth rotation. This paid dividends and set them up to be part of the run to the finish. This was despite Craig Wilson being on a new bike, having received it the day before and hadn't really had a chance to ride it at all prior.
The group of Janine Appleton, Tim Hall, Dan Hall, Alex Green and Mel Green were being closely shadowed by Kat McKean, Anthony Plummer and Dave Moore. Working together they held the chasers off into the headwind through sheer decisive, focussed, alert riding.
The faster groups had their own challenges, with several of them coming together along Barwite Road. This was where the headwind turned into a (polite) cross-wind forcing riders to echelon and making it critical to remain focussed and alert. Aaron Peterson and Darren Bakker came together with the group of Bruce Halket, Mauro Brega, Tom MacMunn, Ross Hopkins and Luke Olver, ready for the climb to the finish up the Coombesberg Hill.
The race to the finish line came down to a race against the fastest riders of Hopweed, Purcell and Halket and the slower riders of Condie, Jagger all finishing within a minute of each other. These were the respective placings for the top five.
A big thanks to all volunteer and marshalls, with Margaretanne Hood taking out Best on Ground for her work in the lead car.

Many thanks to Tony Copland for the pics and here are the results.

Sunday 5 February - Summer Sunday Series Race 3 - 44km Handicap
Sunday morning greeted 11 riders to take on one of the longest Handicap races presented by the club. Starting from Mansfield it makes its way along Graves Road, and the up Old Tolmie Road where riders were required to show considerable focus if they were to remain competitive. The climb featured a large and diverse crowd cheering the riders on and playing music comparable to the atmosphere that can be found at many European Club races of a similar size.
Josh Hopwood set an almost personal record of 22 minutes up the climb after again lightening his bike of all extra weight, but in the finish it was Dan Purcell who was too strong and rode away from the bunch in a sprint finish. Special mention to Emily Dirksen who chose one of the hardest courses to make her return to racing after a long spell.
The three race Sunday Hill Climb series was concluded with Luke Olver taking out the Series on 31 points. Janine Appleton took second on 28 ahead of Mel Green on 25. In what appeared to be genuine surprise Luke said "I never expected to do so well and want to thank the club for organising the event and Mansfield Coffee Merchant for sponsoring the series". 
Results here.

Sunday in the King Valley

15 riders headed to the King Valley for a ride and lunch at Gracebrook Winery; 6 leaving from Mansfield while the remainder started at the winery and headed out to Lake William Hovell and back.
A few extra hangers-on joined them for lunch, which was terrific, and a very pleasant day was had by all.
There's a rumour that another similar ride might be held at Ruffy next month. Stay tuned!


A little something for the disc brakes on road bike sceptics.