Racing starts next week!

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The magpies have been swooping for weeks, the wattle is flowering, hay fever has eyes and noses irritated… so it must be time to start racing bikes again!

The calendars have been published; here is the Dirt Crits calendar and here is the Road Racing calendar.

Roadies, please check the duty roster to see when it’s your turn to help out. (For information on what to do when you’re on duty, please read this!)

Membership renewal reminder

The start of racing for 2019/2020 is a timely reminder about your membership. Please make sure you’ve renewed and have a valid race membership, whether you’re racing Dirt Crits or Road… or both.

Go to the Join Now page to join for the first time or renew.

MTBA memberships of the MMBCC are a 12-month membership. Cycling Australia memberships of the MMBCC are a calendar year membership but as a bonus they include Oct-Dec 2019 in your 2020 membership.

In particular, this is a shout out to roadies… we’ve downloaded a member list from Cycling Australia this week and, for some unknown reason, not all of you are listed. (If you remember, we had this problem in January too.) So, to confirm that everyone has insurance cover, please bring your membership card along to your first race; or at least the receipt from your payment if your card hasn’t arrived yet. No card - no start!

This summer should be the last time we need to buy separate CA and MTBA memberships… hopefully we’ll be buying a single AusCycle membership next summer.