Dirt Crits Race 11 - 11th February 2014

Bright 12hr

Matt Young reported on the results of the Bright 12hr held on the weekend.

The bright 12hr was muddy and loose then the rain stopped and the lap times got faster and faster.

The juniors with Foley, Mathew, April and Tom took out 4th in the Schools category, with Foley dotting down some insane lap times!

Dave, Kian, Cam and Matt pushed hard all day and came in with 2nd in the team of 4 male and 2nd overall.

Anthony Plummer competed in the solo category and over 6hrs30mins completed over 80km- great work!

Junior Event

We hope to see you at Riflebutts Reserve at 5:15pm on Tuesday.

Senior Event

We tried something different at Dirt Crits with some laps over the back of the hill. Shannon and Rod organised the event, beginning with a mass start.

I wasn’t able to attend, however Shannon said that the general consensus was that it was good to do something a little different.

1st Mike Davies- 28.36 (3 laps)
2nd Aaron Sargeant- 28.29 (3 laps)
3rd Nick Howland- 29.29 (2 laps)

The current points standing to date is-

1st place-    Mike Davies-     234 points
2nd place-    Anthony Plummer-    183 points
3rd place-    Aaron Sargeant-    163 points

Thanks to Cam for bunting the course this week.

Thanks to Kate for bringing along the watermelon as a post-race snack!

Duty Roster
Senior event- Mike Davies and Aaron Sargeant.

Next Week’s Ride
This will be held on Course 3.

CLICK HERE for report and all currnet standings.